News>>next Gen Honda Beat Still On The Way

We've reported on the reincarnation of the Honda Beat before, but new word out of Japan says that the project might be inching closer to reality. Auto Express reports that the new Beat will feature either a 1.3 or 1.5 liter VTEC engine mated to a dual-clutch transmission. Styling is said to take inspiration from the Honda OSM Concept car from a few years ago (pictured above).

Anyone else excited to see Honda's new take on open-top motoring? It will be interesting to see how this car stacks up against the next-generation Mazda Roadster.

-Mike Garrett

Source: Auto Express



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if its gonna compete against the mazda roadster then i sure hope its not some underpowered p.o.s.


I just hope it's light and rear wheel drive!




Sorry to disappoint guys but this is predicted to be FWD, based on a shortened CRZ platform but without the Hybrid power train...More of a cruiser than a sports car. Still....with light weight and a K20A heart transplant it could still be fun, Beat Mugen RR anyone?


It'll be good to see another Honda RWD besides their lawnmowers.


Midship amusement - bring it on!


Another girly gay car like the CR-Z? Why not a new S2K instead :(??


Honda needs to realise that RWD = Cool.


It will come down to fwd/rwd preference (presuming it's actually capable).


hmmmm better than the old one!!! Hope they make it FR...


id prefer an original beat with a b series swap


just put a k20 in there and it will sell.


If its RWD its gonna be awesome! But another FWD micro dookie no se !

But besides the drivetrain layout, the looks are pure sexy.


It looks like the new Peugeot design ...


woohoo a del sol that does 9.2 seconds to 60 weeeeee look mah they took the roof off my golf cart.


Looks alright in this angle but seeing it from the side and rear... horrible. It does seem to be set up for fwd even though the original was middle engined. Honestly the more I look at it.. the more it looks like a rip-off of those new Lotus concepts.


Looks more like a convertible version of the CR-Z than anything else. But since it's just a rumour let's wait and see... will it be any good? or another step towards lameness by Honda?


Make it RWD and light, please! Something similar to the S2K. I love my S2K, and I'm still eagerly awaiting the day that Honda will announce that they have a successor to either the S2K or the NSX. Come on, Honda!


It looks like the ft-86 but without the top


Sounds good to me! The Beat Rocks! If its something to take on thr latest MX5 It sounds good to me! Something fun light and cool sporty! Bring it on Honda!


very interesting ... hopefully it will be an MR


Obviously.. what a bunch of more modern deadborn crap. 1.3-1.5 l? You freaking kidding me? Are they trying to beat SMART? FWD? no thanks. And it does look like FT 86, which I first thought it was when noticed the picture. Clone attack, next.


Looks awesome and sexy but FWD would just ruin it, as it is with the auto-makers trend latelly... kill the fun part of cars. They even forgot what fun means, too busy with numbers...

Oh, well... at least the rest of us got brains and tools so that we can MAKE it RWD or 4WD if the Honda goes stupid with it...

And indeed looks like a convertible version of the CRZ


There is just no reason not to make it a midship K20 rocket, at least in one trim level. I'm sure smarter people than I are in charge of things like that, and maybe that's why I think this way, but I really can't fathom the thought process that compels them to revive what was a peppy, tossable kei sports roadtster, into some loathsome FWD crap chassis. They have Civics and Fits for the people who just want to go A-to-B. A new Beat ought to be pure fun. That's why the S2000 is such a popular car- they didn't hold back, they just made it a great sports car.


FWD is fine, but the origional beats were mid engine, rear wheel drive, now that would be cool


Honda’s new mid-engine, turbocharged two-door (not this one) was given the green light for 2015 production last year, and a finalized version has just been photographed in Japan. Yes, the Honda S660 ‘baby roadster’ has been spotted in the wild.