In The Moment>> Audi: And Then There Were Two

Disaster for the number 3 Audi R18 TDi at Le Mans at the end of just the first hour of the race: Allan McNish was tagged by a GTE Ferrari 458 as he dove past to overtake it on the drop down to the Esses. Check out a video of the incident here. The R18 scythed through the gravel trap and self-destructed against the Armco barrier: the photographers and marshals behind were incredibly lucky not to be hit by debris as the car thankfully came to a halt without going over the barrier. Miraculously, McNish climbed out unharmed – but Audi now have just two cars remaining against the Peugeot quartet. 

Jonathan Moore

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SCARY, indeed!


Just watched this as part of eurosport coverage. Unbelievable that mcnish walked away from it. Glad all media and marshals managed to escape relatively unscathed. Strength of that audi driver cell is immense. Shows how useless gravel is at slowing a car when it just skates across the top.


And then there was one..


that was really bad, thought a photographer or two were about to bite the dust


wow thats an incredible crash, thanks so much for posting this. alaska fails at publisizing anything that isnt fishing right now.


Just goes to show the construction of these cars. The driver walked away unhurt, its ok, live to race another day.


oooh its all to play for now.. there's going to be some hard driving in this one!


Hello,Le Mans is Business and this business is a war without guns.


This article should read " GTE Ferrari 458 crashes after Audi R18 TDi takes huge dive up the inside and fails"


...and then there was ONE!

Mike Rockenfeller's #1 Audi TDI in another massive crash! Clipped by the GT class Ferrari and plows front first into the armco in an explosion of debris. Reports are that "Rocky" climbed out of the car and is ok.


Glad everyone was OK but especially McNish. That is the scary thing about a closed top prototype- getting out when it flips over is tough when the doors swing upward. Lucky there was no fire (like the Lamborghini Countach's of the 80s would catch fire when they flipped over and there was no way out with those scissor doors and tiny windows). Racing safety has sure come a long way.


And then there was one...


That crash was violent, how can these cars continue to race at the same time when the closing speeds are so big


Audi's rival isn't Peugot anymore, it's Ferrari 458 Italias because they're taking the R18s out one by one... stay safe #2


And then there was one. Rockenfeller's crash will leave you with a knot in your stomach. Very bad accident.


They say it was a 40G deceleration. What was more amazing to me was that the tire barrier stopped the car and none of the people immediately situated behind the barrier were hurt by the flying debris. I also agree with Dave Adams about the gravel, I feel the run off area solution consisting of high traction areas at Paul Ricard is more effective at stopping cars and helping them regain control, although it is not as picturesque as the gravel and grass.


Wow, I'm amazed none of the press or marshals were injured, especially as that tire ricocheted perfectly around the one videographer. Although, it was kind of funny seeing the tire trail the photographer in the orange vest. Looked a lot like the boulder scene from Indiana Jones.


Get Fucked!!!


Terrible crash, absolute miracle noone was hurt! One thing though.. the article and some of the comments mention the "audi being tagged by the ferrari" when really it was completely the opposite. McNish made the mistake of shooting a gap that was never there, the gap was closing and he should have backed off.


Ticker tape, the streets lined with people cheering and shouting, drivers running down the sides of the