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It's been a few months since I bought my E30 sedan. Since then, I have to admit that I have not participated in any of the usual automotive socializing. I'm a member, but do not frequent the forums, e30tech & r3vlimited and I have not gone to any E30 meets in Southern California.

So, when I heard about a car show and BBQ at E30 Motor Werks, in Huntington Beach, CA, the shop where my E30 gets its maintenance work done, I knew I had to go.

With previous knowledge on how meets usually work, I arrived fashionably late thinking the meet would be just starting.

But I was wrong. The parking lot of E30 Motor Werks was almost completely full.

There were even cars parked on long the shop.

I was surprised to see just how varied the E30 crowd was. 

Even dogs love E30s. 

There was a good showing of the street tuned E30s…

…to a spattering of convertibles…

…and to full fledged spec E30 race cars.

It was definitely a treat to see these spec E30s up close.

Their interiors featured the usual racecar-ness. 

BMW M division influences were found everywhere. From this valve cap…

…to these seats…

…and of course, to a full fledged M car, the E30 M3.

There were quite a few E30 M3s strewn about the parking lot. Each one was drool worthy in their own way. 

This E30 convertible on Alpina wheels caught my eye because of its extremely clean exterior…

…and also its extremely clean interior.

The car even had the original BMW phone! If Zach Morris saw this, he would die from jealousy.

The interior really did look like it came straight off the factory floor…

…and that no one has ever set their bums on any of these seats! 

Another super clean convertible…

…and an equally clean two door.

This is Mr. E30 Motor Werks himself, Robert Calhoun. He owns, operates, and masters his BMW discipline from his shop. 

This interior is exactly what I want my E30 to be. It features reupholstered E30 Sport front and back seats.

I spotted this man sporting a Le Mans shirt. The 2011 24 hours of Le Mans was actually going on as this meet was happening so it was only fitting that he wore that shirt.

What's a car meet with BBQ without some automotive inspired party trays? Check out this transmission potato chip bowl!

This is Thuy Dang, from Live Sockets Entertainment. He's the one that informed me about this meet.

Inside the actual shop sat Thuy's E30 M3.

The engine is currently being rebuilt as it blew a while back. The bottom end is just about finished…

…but the head still has a bit of work to do.

Outside the shop, the crowd gathered for a good ol' fashion raffle.

Of course, not everyone that attended had a fixed up a E30…

…nor was every car an E30!

At least the mark 3 Supra's intentions were correct. 

The highlight of the meet was this BMW 2002, which owned by Ray Chau, dropped on a set of gold BBS RS and features an E30 M3 S14 motor swap!

I will be meeting up with Ray and this car later this week for a full feature.

Ray makes and sells these amazing skateboards with BMW art on the back. 

This man bought the last of Ray's E30 M3 skateboards!

This E30 was another highlight from the meet. It was simply modded, has a decent drop…

…stuffed in a nice set of sticky tires under the wheel wells…

…and packed a new S50 power plant which originally came from an E36 M3.

After spending so much time at big race events as of late, it was a treat to finally be able to spend an afternoon with a small group of like minded folks, check out a wide variety of E30s, learned a bit of more about the car I known, and garnered a lot of inspiration for my own build. It was a Saturday well spent in my book.


E30 Motor Werks



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E30 never die..


so fuckin cool! E30 for life!


All of them are beautiful, I'd rock any one of them... but that 2002 is majestic. When you thought the E30 was a classic, that thing kills it.


Looks like a great meet :D - Makes me want an E30 again :(

Didn't the US get the E30 before '84? And not in '82 like we here in Europe?

Also Linhbergh, E30's never came as Coupés, but as 2 and 4 door sedans. The 2 doors are NOT coupés.


[quote]But I was wrong. The parking lot of E30 Motor Werks was almost completely full.[/quote]

Typical Germans :P

Wallpaper of 6 please?


Where can we order one of those skateboards ?


lol i wish i was an E30!!


Man, I just moved down here, and I can't wait to bring my e30 down to go to some of these shows.


lovely meetup. looks chilled out and with pretty cool ppl.


that's NOT an S50 but an M50 so it's an 2.0i or an 2.5i whit Vanos from a E36 or a E32

it runs good but it is quite a difference if you got 190hp or 290hp ;)


Could also be m50b28, =2,8litres. easily tuned to ~250hp




lots of E30 love!


Ok now i kinda wish i lived in SoCal.

I wish Aus had a place like this, but i really don't know of any, imma still rock my 325e hard though.

Long live the E30..


this was a VERY cool and friendly event. I loved the variety of e30's ect... thanks for hosting such a great event!


when will your e30 look like this? =P feature of the white one should have some eye candy


I love the E30. I never get tired of seeing them and I can't wait to get mine soon. :D


that guy is crazy why would you want a brick like the e30, when you have supra!!!


Love the E30, had 3 of them, but my current one never made it to the US shores, the E30 Touring :D


I know HB is a bit of a trek, but i just moved to LA and have nothing to do, how do I find out about events like this in Southern CA?


@Van Deelen Motorsport:

Not quite true. You're right that it's not what we europeans would call an S50. But it's not a 2.0 or 2.5.

For the E36 M3 the US got a modified version of the M50 at 3L and some cam work. Putting out 240hp,

So it looks exactly like an M50, but comes in an M vehicle. And just to confuse everyone, called it S50B30.

It's nowhere near what we know as an S50B30, with ITB's and everything.


E30s are awesome!


I wanted to thank Lindburg for coming to the show and taking so many great photographs and sharing them here. I also want to thank everyone who attended and am proud I could provide the venue for so many of the E30 community to come together and have a great day of fun under the sun.

Take Care, and Thanks!

Robert Calhoun

E30 Motor Werks


Lots of ebay acessories. Typical E30 crowd.


S14 rebuild. Lucky him.(sarcasm)


haha stoked to see my 84' 325e (6th pic down) on speedhunters!! loved this meet.. cool event and cool people especially! can't wait for the next one!


Good to meet you Linhberg and thanks for the pics!


plenty of E30 love here..


hola muchachos... hace un monton esperaba algun encuentro de BMW !!!!

Un abrazo..




So glad to see another feature on E30's on SPEEDHUNTERS!

I've been waiting for another for a while

this makes me love my 1985 325e so more than I do already, thanks for attending this meet and taking the always awesome photos


...but no tourings! would be nice to see ones. E30 = classic.


At any given weekend in Southern California, there's plethora of automotive related events to attend



Getting a E30 touring/wagon legalized for the US, let alone California is about as much fun as legalizing an older NIssan GTR. My mechannic imported one in from Canada, and immediately sent it to Maine for federalzation. He hopes to have it back in the near future(whenever that is).

Oh DOT, you SOB.


Not an E30, but Who's black E46 Coupe? Dropped on Style 162s, very clean!


BMW guys are so boring, so something different....


Enthusists BMW guys and gals are the shit, while the rest are snobs.


I fucking LOVE e30' to e28's lol That white e30 with the style 5 V2 looks clean as hell


thinknin bout gettin a e30 instead of s13 as my first ride...just to a bit different aye! =P


I've been a BMW owner for a very short while now --9 months to be exact. And in that short amount


I have a BMW 2006 /325I whose internal handset was stolen in transit from the UK.
Can I have this replaced?