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When I got a message through Facebook from somebody who I have met a few times before in the Dutch show scene saying he had some new material, I was curious. Then my mailbox got flooded with a bunch of pictures from a event in Denmark called DHB. After seeing all the photos I’m convinced that the guys in Denmark invented the word ‘Hooning’.

You could witness some high powered Toyotas doing a quarter mile run.

See some interesting show cars. Like this Golf equipped with an airbag system and Rotiform wheels.

Or witness some old school American muscle with this Camaro SS.

But I think that the majority of the people came to witness the drifting and burnout competitions.

This Supra did his best to hide itself but Jordy, the photographer, was able to catch a glimpse of it.

When doing a burnout you have two choices 1 – Go all the way or 2 – Chicken out before it gets too hot. Judging by this picture this owner went with option number 1.

Never thought to see an MR2 on drag slicks.

I have two favorite American cars. One of them is the Lincoln Continental as used in ‘Entourage’ and the other one is this Dodge Charger.

Would be cool to see some of these blue smoking tires at a Formula D event.

I have seen some crazy cars at the recent Wörthersee event but this one takes the cake.

Not only cars can do great burnouts but motorcycles are just as capable. And yes that is a women in a bikini on that bike.

A BMW E30 with a slightly bigger engine than there is room.

I think this is one of a few Top Secret ‘Final Evolution’ bodykits outside Japan.

This crazy looking Porsche 944 looks more like a kit car than a genuine 944.

This looks pretty impressive minus the hoodbra.

A carwash never looked better.

According to the license plate this car was pushing 1000bhp thanks to a massive turbo mounted on the 2JZ.

The black and white livery really works instead of the green and teal color scheme we are used to.

In the end it is all about having fun in your car.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Thanks to Jordy de Droog for providing the photos



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Nice pics! What is that bmw wagon!!? :DD


looks like this is supra country, at least they know powah!


damn no picture of my supra :( but if a speedhunter whants to come at tjek i out i glady show him around ;)


i want that red dodge charger wallpaper where can iget one ?


whats wrong with the nose of that 67 camaro!?!?!lol


pretty sure us aussies invented hooning.


there's one supra with the top secret body in finland too


I love the front bar on that 370Z!

What was in that black hatch? It looked like some sort of mutant. If you told me he'd put a LS2 or something in there I'd believe you


more pictures form the burn out area.. on www.Teamman.dk



I got some more pictures of the Top Secret Supra from a photoshoot last year done by me:



Don't let the bitch scratch the paint!!!


Nice picture at me:) IT is my on the bike in BIKINI:)!!!


good intro tosomething 'new'.. love the shortened BMW 3 Touring, some quite extreme cars here.. Bonnet bra's have their purpose LOL. - plenty of Supra's present too!


Dammit I'll never let anyone wash my car under the sun! The boo... I mean dust will scratch up the paint work!


hahahahhaahahhaahahhahaahhaahahah that bmw wagon is soooooo great


man, that first white supra brings me way back to 2001 when fast and the furious came out and rice was cool


Apparently Toyota is king on Denmark... Life is good lol...


"I think this is one of a few Top Secret ‘Final Evolution' bodykits outside Japan."

There's one in Finland too :)


The orange Bimmer looks pretty stuffed lol - love the cars, especially the Top Secret kitted Supra :)


Which hoodbra?


argh that 'BMW wagon' thing is messing my eyes up!!!


woow my WHITE supra on the first page.

check the project on my page



Hahah omg what is the go with that wagon?

Any more info?


The black short bmw is a 525i 24v 191hk ( cut out 85 cm )