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The rain is still hitting us hard here at the Nurburgring, making the already difficult course even worse. The cars and drivers who are taking part in the Classic race this weekend have just wrapped up their qualifying session a few minutes ago.

I read (somewhere) that one of you asked us to try and accurately portray just how extreme the Nordschleife is. Pictured above is the run down towards the infamous jump at Pflanzgarten.

While this is the run out of it. It's my first time at this part of the track and I have been really awe struck by just how steep some of the elevation changes are.

Uphill and extremely wet conditions equalled only one possible outcome. All of the above are available as desktops in the usual array of resolutions. It's time for me to gather my things and head out and catch the first practice session for the 24HR race.


Paddy McGrath



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That Mk2 Escort is the sh**. Love the retro action. Sweet.


nice to see some of the older cars still alive and kicking.. from an era where 'you' had to drive these cars without the assistance of DSC, DTC, ASC+ and DSG 'boxes and sometimes not even ABS!


Nice shot of the 911 Paddy!


Those pictures are AWESOME! That track looks absolutely gnarly!!!


Pflanzgarten II is really extreme when it comes to elevation changes. You can get to Pflanzgarten II by following the path from Pflanzgarten I where you took these pics.


Nice shots Paddy, good to see an Opel in there!!


Pretty photos! Wet Nürburgring with lots of green and cool cars on it.