Car Spotlight>>the Wagon From Hell

In stark contrast to the immaculately detailed Chevrolet Wagon I spotlighted yesterday, here's another station wagon find from the 2011 Cruisin' Nationals.

Back in 1950 when Ford built this car, I don't think anyone could imagine it looking as sinister as this.

From the front, this car looks like your typical custom Shoebox Ford. From the rear though, it doesn't look like anything I've seen before. Obviously there was a significant roof chop here.

I'm not going to tell you what that sticker says, but let's just say the owner of this car isn't too fond of trailer queens.

Inside you can see that a Caddy steering wheel has been fitted, and a check out the controller for the airbags. Hard as nails.

Steelies with trim rings complete the bare bones look nicely.

So, which would you rather take a ride down the 101 in? The wild Chevy from yesterday, or this bad boy Ford?

-Mike Garrett



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oh.. i think i'd plump for the the other Chevy, although this is not without its charms.


This though I wouldn't ge anywhere as i'd be checking out my reflection in every store window at 15mph...


Bad boy ford, for shure.


Would definitely prefer the ford, the chevy is a bit too south of the border for me. This ford is killer.


looks like a scary type of Hearse, liking the Airbaag controller, cool. - i can guess what the sticker on the tailgate says.. just about. very rude LOL!


The Ford , no f***in doubt about it :) Sorry for swearing


Fantastic car! Is is missing a wheel nut or is one of them just painted black? Oh yeah, the airbag control is very cool!


Significant roof chop? Um, yeah. That's a '53(?) station wagon roof grafted onto a '49 or '50 sedan, plus a helluva lot of other custom touches. Nice ride.


Yuck. What's with all this crappy domestic coverage?


This ford, without a doubt.

fuck trailer queens.


censorship is lame. if you cant handle a "bad" word get off the internet


@Krock: Yuck. What's with all these gay little ricer boys who only want to see poofter Silvias and Supras?


Oh you tossers, quit with the Foreign vs. Domestics. Me being a huge fan of Japanese Nostalgics, an owner of a Honda Civic, and hating pretty much everything about American cars, I say well done. This is one badass car. The only thing that's make it scarier is pitch black tinted windows. Sleds like these are like street driven drift cars; Lots of character, large quantities of them, and all unique in their own way. You can't put your finger on what it is, but it's impossible not to like them. Mad respect to the owner!



The reason why I follow Speedhunters is because the diversity of automotive coverage. Learn to appreciate all types of cars otherwise stop coming to this website.

Anyways I like this, the car looks 'seamless' and I would take this over the Chevy for sure. I love 50's sleds with a mixture of different manufacture cues.


Ford FTW (and I'm a Holden/Chev man)

I can appreciate cars from all over the spectrum, I like reading this just after checking out the Ilder Games Coverage. Just as much effort, just as much passion.

@ Krock: Not everyone who reads this blog lives in the US, I don't get to see cars like that very often here in Australia, though there are plenty of Skylines, Silvias, Supras, Chasers, RX7s not to mention loads of Aussie muscle and thats just this suburb. Lets share the love of cars, if you don't want to see the article, don't click it.

Props to Speedhunters for bringing me to events and seeing cars I can't have dreamed of!


Bloody hell... that's beautiful! Pleeeease give us larger pictures though


nice trailer you fuckin pussy!