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Another one of my finds from the 2011 Cruisin' Nationals was this wild looking 1960 Chevrolet Station Wagon.

Wagons are universally cool, and for a cruiser with loads of style – this is as good as it gets.

After finding the car, the first thing that caught my eye was the air bagged stance. The slammed look always looks good on an old longroof like this.

Then there's the paint work. It's not subtle in the least, yet it manages to avoid looking tacky.

Scallops, flames, pinstriping. The car has it all, from tail…

…to nose.

Tail view showing the signature rear fins of the '59 and '60 Chevys.

The incredible paintwork extends to the interior as well.

Same for the engine bay. Everything is spotless under here!

Hecho en Kalifas. In other words, "Made in California".

The only question left is, who wants to go cruising?

-Mike Garrett



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i'll def.go crusin' in this one, love the flakes in the paint, must look stunning in the sunshine! we don't have anything in the UK that long.. awesome!


that's Edog's car if I'm not mistaken, his work is second to none


Reading the "Loco Banditos" on the tailgate, and the style of the paint, I would say that car was painted by K-Daddy, out at Bakersfield. Man that guy is nuts with colours!!!!


Fantastic...This is art on wheels. Takes a acquired taste however.


gotta love wagons! nice pictures. awesome ride


Over the top in such a good way.


As much as I admire the effort gone into that car, I can't help but feel sick just looking at it. 10/10 for effort, 1/10 for execution, it makes a carnival float look tasteful.




i was at the event myself here,s a video for everyone


Thumbs up for Loco Banditos


In stark contrast to the immaculately detailed Chevrolet Wagon I spotlighted yesterday, here's another station wagon find from the 2011 Cruisin' Nationals. Back in 1950 when Ford built this car, I don't think anyone could imagine it looking


Now on to the third part of our 2011 Long Beach Motorama coverage. No matter what your automotive preferences are, I always say that everyone owes it to themselves to get out to events like this to see the roots of our car hobby.