Car Spotlight>> Audi’s A1 Clubsport Quattro

Earlier today, Audi took the covers off a special car at this year's Worthersee event in Austria.

Dubbed the A1 clubsport quattro, it's a 500hp AWD hot hatch monster.

Although Audi have stated there are no plans to produce the A1 clubsport quattro, it's remarkably complete for a concept car. Beneath the hood is a turbocharged 2.5l 5 cylinder motor producing 500bhp and 487ft-lb of torque.

The clubsport quattro weighs 1390kg yet it's capable of completing 0-100km/h in 3.7 seconds.

To put the power to the ground, this A1 has been fitted with the 6-speed transmission and quattro AWD system from the Audi TT RS.

Jeroen was given some private time to shoot this one-off creation, which has some amazingly detailed touches, like the relocated fuel filler.

The A1 clubsport quattro is all about performance, and the interior styling gives the clearest indication of this. Here you'll spot the carbon fibre door cards along with straps to replace the door and glove compartment handles.

The centre console is also filled with gauges rather than a fancy aftermarket head unit.

I'm loving the contrasting tachometer!

Literally everywhere you look there's exposed carbon weave.

The A1 has been converted into a two seater, and behind the driver's seat you'll see a glimpse of the dry carbon trim that replaces the rear seats.

A flocked dash reduces windscreen glare, and the vents benefit from some carbon trim.

The rear seat delete panel extends into the trunk. Take note of the straps to hold your helmets in place and the brace between the B and C pillars.

The A1 is also fitted with a side exhaust that exits before the rear axle.

The one-off 19-inch wheels were influenced by the design of a turbine, and the little hatch has a large footprint thanks to 255/30 rubber. That glimpse of red you see behind the wheel vanes are 6-piston calipers.

The clubsport quattro's body has been painted in a clinical satin Glacier White.

Before the paint was applied, extensive modifications were done to the body. Although it looks subtle, the wide-body has increased the A1's width by 60mm on each side.

The rear quarter panel is moulded with the skirting, with a thin carbon lip beneath.

This photo gives you a good sense of the new body lines that Audi have incorporated into this concept car. You'll also spot the louvres in the hood.

New aluminum handles have also been added…

…Along with a rear diffuser – in carbon of course.

A red 'leaf' accent has also been incorporated into the headlights.

And yes, there's even more carbon. 

Along with a carbon roof, Audi has fitted a two-tier rear wing to increase downforce.

Early in the car's conception, Audi partnered up with Need for Speed World to give players the opportunity to experience the A1 clubsport quattro in the game. 

Check out the link here for more info on how to test drive it in NFS World for free.

So what are your thoughts on Audi's latest concept creation?

- Charles Kha

Photos by Jeroen Willemsen

Test drive it for free in Need for Speed World




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Wow...this redefines the term "hot hatch". Lovin all the little carbon details. Lovin the subtle design cues such as the "red leaf" and wing. So awesome!


So that little hideous thing weighs almost 1400kg? Do not want, at all.


If this came out. I would BUY it. Love that it's lightweight! Room for track wheels and tools n the back. Red tachometer that is a nice reminder that every stab of the gas peddle affects your wallet!


Love it !!!


love it, kinda brings back the raw ur-quattro style,a litte heavy though, but im sure its incredible to ride und i'm actually in love with that rim design,beautiful good job audi!


i like it. wheels look killer, reminds me of some of the SSR and BBS designs back in the day


love the wheels design. It has the looks; assuming functional as well..


Pretty damn cool, but 1390kg's is heavy for something dubbed 'Clubsport', espcially with all the carbon. Needs more hardcore for me.


I'm sure there's hint of Fiat 500 in the rear 3/4 and the proportions a similar to the C3, but it seems to work :)


So, ot's lighter than the BMW 1M Coupe, has way more power, is all wheel driven and available as a hot hatch... What's not to love?

I think it looks great! Audi should really think about producing it. Te production version would probably weigh more, have less carbon and less power, but 375HP and 1450kg still sound good enough to me. S1 anyone?

I'd definitely love to see a proper hot hatch that's not front wheel driven...


hot hatch? Extream hot Kei car!!!

Love the turbine wheels, this shoud create more downforce right (sucking the air form under the car)?

500hp in a kei car. if they produce this... I would love to buy one -in 20 years- if it will ever come in budged-.


Oh god, I hate that they put all those ridiculous straps for door handles and stuff, while the car still weighs 1400 kg. But I definitely can't hate on the power though!


Put this into production! PLEASE!


New dream car, seriously why wouldnt they put this into production, its wayyy cooler than any other hatch they make.


omg...The amount of drool. 3000lbs, 500bhp..awd...6 speed...side exit exhaust..carbon fiber...The list goes on. These are the cars companies need to actually take to production. These are the things dreams are made of. It truly earns the title 'hot hatch'. More than any car before it? I Think so.


That looks awesome. Audi need to join WRC


Be swell if Audi was entering the rally world again.


x-box steering wheel??????


pure audi sex


The ultimate sleeper?

0-100 in 3.7 can easily compete with exotics!

Just imagine a rich cocky guy in his brand new ferrari getting overtaken by this!


New dream car, seriously why wouldnt they put this into production, its wayyy cooler than any other hatch they make.


Oh man I want one of these in the garage...what an unreal little machine!


its hardly heavy considering it has all the 4wd gear on it .

excellent job Audi a true BMW M1 competitor !


It really would be a one off car to drive, That much Horsepower! That much Grip! and NO Weight! ..........wishlist?


uhhhggg! you are a foooool. i'm sorry but this thing leaks sex juice. I WANT... NOWWWWW


Would rock real hard.


Pretty damn cool, but 1390kg's is heavy for something dubbed 'Clubsport', espcially with all the carbon. Needs more hardcore for me.


so many little touches, qua;ity attention to deatil.. if they brought this out it would be historic.. love the steering wheel, the wheels and the interior - in fact whats not to like @ 500bhp?? i love it.. put me down for one! - in this small package there is something for everyone.


Uhh yeah minus the wheels that thing is hot!


Do wan't :). Will we see this car in WRC?


AWD Hothatch? Hell yeaaaha!

Love the rims and headlights.

Audi should try to make it into production


I just don't see it I don't like it at all,,,the more I see the lines the least I like it,,,,don't get me wrong the quality is there, the horse power,the carbon fiber is awesome,,,but it just reminds me of the Fiat 500 or the Mini Cooper,the lines are just to similar,,,This car needs to be wider in the rear kind like the Renault 5 turbo from the 80s,,the wheels are very similar to the ones in older bmws 5 series,,,it needs a set of 3 piece sttagered wheels with fat lips in the rear,,,the front facia is plain boring just like bigger audis they just need to redesign that big Bentley like grill,,,I understand is built that way for more cooling to go in the engine yet don't like at least not in this small package,it also needs a front splitter,,,well this is just my humble opinion I just don't see it don't see it at all......


Totally wicked creation, they really need to push this to market, there is no question it would be a good seller and a great marketing platform for the brand! Amazing details and so nice to see a small car get some big power and a widebody done so well.


All that "weight shedding" and still manages to be a pig! That aside, I love this little thing, especially with all that power it doesn't look like a teenage girl's car anymore... It'd be cool if Audi puts it into production, even just as a limited edition - it would sell like cookies. The car could be a bit less powerful, but ABSOLUTELY had to be lighter!


the roof line is strikingly similar to the Fiat 500.


They managed to remove any and all possible cue to the real Quatro shape.

Hint of Fiat? It looks as if someone beat the clay model with a Fiat 500 until it looked exactly like what it was being hammered with.

How is it that Porsche and Aston always manage to take a good shape and evolve it into the next, without ever creating something that you have to read the name off the fender to figure out what it is? And other companies continue turning their back on respected and hard earned heritage by constantly moving sideways and often down with gimmick and fad styling.


It's weird, but i kinda like it.




Dear Audi, please make this, even with a smaller engine putting out ~250hp,

I'll never complain about your big stupid 4x4s again.


HOT. Seriously, Seriously HOT!!! Pure Sex on Wheels.


those fins on the wheels should have been facing the other way,.....and they'd actually be functional too


this is an Citroen DS3 with an Audi logo, love the intirior and the specs. but they need to go back and make it an Audi.....not a DS3 clone.... it looks like Audi is thinking WRC


this car is astoundingly heavy for having all the carbon fiber and little door handle really wants you to think its lightweight....but its a pig in wolf's clothing or something


you all crying and *ullshit..of course it will be 1400kg. 2.5L engine and AWD what do you want? And don't image carbon drive axles + prop shaft. It's just a concept. I put the engine on a go-kart and it will pass the exotics...but what about track? steer this think and u will get so much understeer that you never thought that you steered. I am doing Meng, and as engineers we like to build. It's just a concept, don't expect audi or any other mass-produce company to build such a thing. What about the FS-86...If this car is put for real into production it will not be as near the concept. Do you know how much loss in profit will Toyota make? Still it's a brave move for us:) Still, i love my 180SX with the 19-year old ca18det:)


HEYY Audi... WRC called, they want you back, with this car, now!!


500hp in a car that small? Fantastic...


Only thing I don't like about this car is the fact it's not in production! Absolutely love it, from the headlights to the carbon accents. Form within function.


Hmm. On paper this is amazing and some of the details are great, but it is hard to look past the awkward A1 roof line. The A3 is a better resolution, this is a bit too fiat 500 for me to be as enthusiastic as I want to be!


1400 kg VW Polo. Dangerously obese.


The should sell, cuz I would buy! I know atleast 8 people off hand that would.


I love it. all the details that you would never think of doing on your own. The budget to replicate this car would be 6 figures.


Heavier than an Evolution VII. (Sorry I couldn't resist)


Can they really not put this into production? If it can take corners at all it would humiliate a Golf GTi, or just about anything else this side of $200,000 (except possibly a R35 GTR).

That side exhaust makes me feel all funny inside.

Those wheels make me feel funny too - but not in a good way.


This car is great!! Looks good, powerful, small and... HEAVY! Where \have all the lightweight cars gone? This thing is heavier than an '02 Honda Accord.


epic win


Seriously, you lot need to have a word with yourselves

A 996 GT3 is a similar weight (you can ignore Porsches numbers, they're VERY generous!) and this has 4wd and 500bhp. Grow some and stop complaining...


Very Nice..! I likey.


Looks amazing. Specs sound good, if they'd add some lightness. 1400kg? How about sub-900kg, audi? If you're going to make a hardcore hot hatch, it's got to be hardcore. BMW want to emulate the E30 M3, how about you go and show them how to emulate an '80s hero properly with an ultra light Audi Quattro homage?


WRC displacement limit is 1.6 liters.

No, this car will not be in WRC.


This is the most amazing concept Audi has built in the last couple of years. Sounds promising, the facts speak for themselves. Unfortunately it will most likely never see production.

Check out the Audi A1 Clubsport Concept, inspired by the historic HB livery of the 1985 quattro rallye car:




" the brace between the B and C pillars" really have no idea what you're talking about do you?


1390kg is not overly heavy


worst rims ever !!


Finally something from Audi itself that shows some kind of character. It looks quite epic (besides the Ferrari style failed turn signals ofcourse) but I can already tell you that it will never reach the market. Just like alot of other awsome concepts... this is only to show what the company CAN do and not what it WILL do. Its much too fast for its pricier big brothers to keep up with and the company isn't going to release a vehicle that is alot cheaper yet faster then their R8. The only vehicles that I can picture Audi releasing in this "Clubsport" variant is either the RS5, RS6, or R8... They don't care to waste the money on one of their cheaper models to upgrade it to be faster then their faster models... just with a smaller pricetag. Companies like Audi try to keep their lower priced car models from being competitors with their pricier car models. To Audi, something like this just means that they lose money in the long run.


what chassis is that under the a1 body?


Absolutly love the attention to detail: the turbine-dseigned rims, the red leaf in the head lights and ...

It sure seems very "complete" for a concept car.

I agree with what RobbyLotusV8 says. It won't likely reach any public roads im afraid.

But it shure nice to know what Audi is capable of when they go beserk..


Do want. But maybe on 18".

68 the helmet.. Mr. Dick.. ? LOL


The Le Mans 24 Hours is about so much more than the 56 cars on track. 24 hours applies to the racecars


The Le Mans 24 Hours is about so much more than the 56 cars on track. 24 hours applies to the racecars


Regardless of whether you prefer the term Sleeper or Q-car, the meaning is the same: a car that hides