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After I got an email from ‘Maus' the head honcho at the Streetgasm club in Holland I arranged a meeting to see what they had to offer. Maus now drives a EVO X after he sold this EVO VI to a good friend of his. I'll have a feature on the X later on but first I'll feature this EVO VI that belongs to Tom.

While searching for a cool spot to shoot the car we started in an underground parking garage, but the lighting was terrible so we quickly went looking for another spot. In the end we found this place at the end of a small industrial park.

The EVO VI is a timeless piece of automotive history. I really love this car for its rawness and uncompromising looks.

The car looks surprisingly fresh after all these years. It is apparent that the owner has taken good care of the car and still is for that matter.

The front bumper received a new splitter to accentuate the aggressive lines.

These wheels, in a nice bronze finish, are made by Ultralite and come in 18". Behind them are the standard red Brembo calipers but they are fitted with newer carbon brake pads.

To get the car a bit stiffer and better handling a the owner called upon Proflex and had them deliver their Rally Suspension System. Other handling items include the Summit strut bar and Powerflex urethane bushings.

The hood of the car got a nice little extra in the form of the Ralliart air scoop.

One of the most famous engines in the world besides the 2JZ and the RB26 is this 4G63 found in many versions of the Lancer EVO. The engine has been upgraded with parts from HKS, GReddy and Invidia. It might not be the cleanest of bays but it gets used on a daily basis. 

While shooting the car I tried several angles. When shooting this photo I was almost blown away by the heavy wind while standing on a ridge.

Inside the interior we can find all the creature comforts and some extras like the wheel and gauges. 

The iconic Tommi Makinen Edition seats by Recaro. The rest of the interior has been color matched with red fabric.

Now I'm off to get ready for the 24hrs Nürburgring race. I just heard from the Speedhunters team that it's pretty wet, so I'll be definitely bringing my raincoat with me! 

-Ralliart Extreme Splitter
-Ralliart Extreme Sideskirts
-Ralliart airscoop
-Custom made One piece headlights (with xenon )
-Ganador mirrors

-Original Recaro Tommi Makinen interior
-SLM turbo pressure meter
-SLM oil pressure meter
-SLM oil temperature meter
-Pioneer Headunit
-Rockford Fosgate audio system
-QSP Deep dish steering wheel
-Carbon shift knob

-Ralliart Package
-Ralliart fuel pump
-Ralliart ECU
-Ralliart Clutch Kit
-HKS Hi-Power RS Suction Kit
-HKS SSQV Blow-off valve
-HKS Type 1 turbo-Timer
-Invidia manifold
-Invidia o2 Housing
-DC Sports open exhaust system
-Magnecore Spark plug cable set
-Greddy intercooler
-Greddy Piping

Proflex Rally suspension system
High Performance Carbon brake pads
Summit strutbar front & back
Powerflex urethane bushings
Ultralite Atec Bronze 18'' wheels
Blue light weight lug nuts

-Jeroen Willemsen




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Hey Jeroen! Je moet interieur nog ff vertalen naar interior ;)!

Nice ride! Like the bronze paint on the wheels.


Great post Jeroen!

Although, I thought Maurice had an VII or VIII after his VI??

He sold that one for the gold-colored Supra and now he's driving an Evo X?

Gosh, I've missed a lot...


Sreetgasm?? haha. what teenager thought THAT name up?


L.H.D Evo VI is very rare !!!! wow so nice


Maus, isnt that the guy who reported his supra stolen to get insurance money?


Really cool Jeroen.

Thanks for the oool day and the really nice feature(s)


Nice to know blogs these days write something about the older evo's. Id love to see some older impreza's / evo's get featured or talked about.

my 2 cents


Nice car, but fugly red interior.


that car is like : you can make it only when you're really tough guy and you know what you want. If you're not, I'll kill you drivin'.



Desktops please!


Where did they sell EVO 6's in LHD?


Nice evo!


ey jonge! vet auto... LHD evo VI?


I thought the Evo V had the brake lights on the boot not the Evo VI?


Everyone can drive an EVO X with stolen insurance money :)

...not to talk about scamming people with 'Ralliart'-parts that ain't.

Good luck living your dream xD


@ Rocky: Holland and other lhd countrys.......... it's for sale if you like it : 18.500 euro askigprice on


As you all can see! this car is a real trailerqueen! it's on more shows then it is on the track! what a shame...


I know the guy a litle an can say that is not a trailerQueen!!!!!

he drives it a lot!


Nice car, but that is truly a god awful interior!


nice evo like the look of it with splitter


It is supposed to be summer in Holland right now but when I look out of my window all I see is rain.