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At times it pays to be a little nosey. If it wasn't for my usual curiosity whenever I visit tuning shops, I would have probably never spotted the Z33 350Z you see here. Built by Garage Mak in Nagano for one of their demanding customers this is one Z that I instantly knew I had to grab a few shots of. It was sitting in the far corner of the workshop, slammed low on its 19-inch TE37s looking ready to hit the track then and there.

I did feel a little bad for requesting the car be moved outside into what little light there was at such a late hour, but the Miyagawa brothers, the owners of Garage Mak, kindly obliged despite needing to move half a dozen cars around to do so! The owner of this Z obviously enjoys driving hard and to satisfy his needs had it prepared with some choice parts.

First up is the HKS GTS7040 Supercharger kit. This is one of the easiest and most reliable ways to get decent power out of the VQ35DE, requiring little or no additional parts as what is already included in the kit. However, the owner did want more. Boost is run at a reasonably mild 0.5 bar…

…but thanks to custom ECU tuning and special parts like a full Garage Mak…

…exhaust system, the VQ develops 450HP. Hiding the not so aesthetically pleasing stock VQ35DE intake plenum is a Garage Mak Revolution carbon engine cover. Although the 150 or so additional horses the engine now develops weren't going to be a problem for the stock 6-speeder, the owner decided to get rid of the long-geared transmission altogether and fit an HKS 6-speed sequential. This is a pretty rare modification to for a Z33 and it's the first car I've come across with one fitted. Badass-level +10 points right there!

The 19×9.5 Volk Racing TE37s are a perfect match to the exterior, which has benefitted from a few choice parts like the Nismo front bumper, the black side and rear skirts and of course the rather large Garage Mak rear carbon GT wing.

The fade-prone stock Brembo brakes were just not going to cut it with the upgraded performance so were replaced with a complete HKS system. This is made up of 6-pot front calipers and ø355 mm front 2-piece slotted discs and slightly smaller 4-pots for the rear along with ø322 mm rotors. This kit is made for HKS by Endless, so you know it's going to perform well!

Obligatory Bride racing seats have found their way into the interior, carbon-Kevlar lightweight GIAS2 items to be precise.

Set in front of the stock instrument binnacle is a Racepack IQ3 digital dash and data logger…

…while the center console has been converted to house a multitude of additional gadgets like the HKS boost controller, A/F meter and Defi gauges. Above the controls for the A/C is a custom switch panel and you can just about see the Nismo titanium shift knob, one quick and decisive yank bank on that lever and you will engage gears in the blink of an eye!

Subtle exterior modifications will always be an instant win in my book; add a few well-executed mechanical upgrades and you have yourself one hell of a car.

Garage Mak

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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I am not a fan of either stickers and superchargers, but hot diggity damn I like the this car.


Love the B&W pictures Dino.


man this thing is sweet.


love the look of that 'Charger, i'd like to hear it even more. - some very sensible mods in general - all in all very sweet. i'd love to know what times it puts down..


... very good , i love this black and white story ! ... bye Toni


This whole car is instant win.




Finally, Garage Mak! Man I hope you got some pictures of their timeless S Chassis :)


The car is fantastic but the wing has to go. I'd stick with a Porsche-style wing, body colored.


^ or in this sintax is more pleasing. I do not like stickers or superchargers.....The statement it self is not really fitting for a speedhunter.

I love superchargers and stickers if repped correctly as in this case, but I am not a fan of the platform, I like the z33 but I like other cars more. Looks clean, simple and fast though.


While usually i think that selective coloring is a bit emm tacky , i think you've nailed it there with the two shots . Fair play in exercising restraint and not doing the LCD displays ,

Any more would have been overkill




Sequential tranny + 450hp SC'ed ponnies to throw around...sounds like a heck of a track car


Why in the world is this only in black and white?


Love the supercharged setup! What is the displacement on the charger? Is it available in Cali?


Super pimp!


amazing Z33 but black and white pics are dumb just leave it color and dont try to get all artsy


First 350z I actually like probably... serious mods going on in here!


Really liked the car! Well done! Thanks Dino..

Just a question, anyone know which steering wheel is that?

Thanks in advance.


I like the car, it's something special for sure... but what's up with the black and white pictures? I think the photos would look a lot better in their original colours.


Anyone that likes this sucks man dick


"you dawg, I dropped insane money on an HKS sequential gearbox, but I couldn't afford monobloc brake calipers"


form and function in one!


This is the first article i see on SH that is worthy of being printed and sold, the quality of the pictures and the B&W theme it look so professional. Keep up the good work


This is just sooo RIGHT. Must sound really good with that supercharger and exhaust. Looks great and goes great what more could you want? :)


Most Z33's end up either slammed or as drift cars. I enjoy stanced cars and drifting both, but seeing something different definitely makes me more happy :) Kudos to the owner!


"you dawg, I dropped insane money on an HKS sequential gearbox, but I couldn't afford monobloc brake calipers"


Please give us some desktops of the first and 6th pictures!!

this car is absolutely nuts... just perfect in every way, has the looks, has the power to back it all up as well.. what more could one want?

and Dino don't listen to all the hateful comments on the black and white theme.. i think it looks amazing.. Kudos.. :D

but please give us some more desktops... we don't get nearly enough decent desktops of cars like this.. they usually are race cars... I dont mind those.. but would love more spotlights like this and with every spot light we should get a desktop or two.. if it is not too much to ask for..

thanks in advance Dino and speed hunters... Keep it up guys, you are killing the competition.. :)


It's funny how people are always willing to tell what they'd do other peoples cars to make it look better. The reason the car doesn't look the way you want it to is because... IT'S NOT YOUR CAR.