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Global Auto is probably one of the biggest Skyline GT-R workshops throughout Japan. The dealership itself is located in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture which is part of the Kansai region (south-central region of Japan).

Global Auto is located amongst a number of other car tuning companies, and K-Tours' Shane and Erin arranged for Tsukasa Matsumoto-san to show us his facilities. 

Enough talk though; let's take a look at some of the impressive street cars that Global Auto had. The yard was not only filled with GT-Rs but other cars such as this gunmetal grey Impreza.

Alongside the Subaru was this aggressive looking Honda S2000 with an aftermarket front bar, carbon hood and RE30s. 

A huge carbon fibre read diffuser has been fitted underneath the standard bumper, and let's not forget that spoiler. The car looked like it was almost track ready.

Over to one side I spotted a line of several Skyline R34 GT-Rs all in spectacular condition, and were displayed according to their colour. 

This one in particular was probably my personal favourite. It certainly looked very aggressive with those BBS wheels.

The line of black GT-Rs ranging from blue, silver and white led to this black on black V-Spec II…

…With CE28Ns. Which one would you pick? No doubt it would be hard to decide!

Tucked away in the corner was this EVO, quite a nice contrast with the GT-R I thought.

Turning my back I was faced with yet another R34 GT-R, this time with a different appeal to it.

It was nice to see a clean R32 GT-R amongst all its younger brothers.

There was also another S2000 in the car yard. This white example looked a little more serious with its wide body.

This Mercedes C63 AMG was probably one of the newest cars in the yard and looked unbelievably glamorous… 

…Both from the front and rear.

As we left I spotted this serious FD3S RX-7 which once again looked track ready. The huge rear spoiler, rear diffuser and the large exhaust hanging out just screams out time attack.

I'd personally like to thank Matsumoto-san for allowing us to look around the car yard; it was pretty exciting visiting one of the largest GT-R dealerships in Japan.

As we left I couldn't resist shooting a photo of this gorgeous Dashound, formerly known as sausage dogs.

- Casey

Gobal Auto

K-Tours 2011



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looks like yellow m3 was the most interesting car there. but not a single pic of it on speedhunters


gunmetal grey Impreza. i want one so bad!!


i'd take that black on black 34 hands gorgeous or the RX7


Correction: Dachshund.

Phoenix Yellow E46 M3 on stock wheels the most interesting car there? I think not. Type "Phoenix Yellow" into Google if you want to see more pictures.


If a stock M3 E46 excites you then i think you will find enough of them on the web. No reason for speedhunters to whaste there time on it when there more interesting and rare cars!


Black R34 on CE28N's please and thank you! All cars are stunning, I gotta take a trip to Japan.


oh my god, this is so sick. thank you thank you thank you!


Heaven on much many great cars.....


you can go and tickle the chassis on these cars.


are you going to do a car feature of one of those GT-R's as well?


The one R34 Skyline has a sticker price of "398". what would that translate into $ / €


Beautiful shots, I wish i could find a lot like that to shot for my site. I would pick the V-spec 2, looks sick.


it looked like an r31 slept around!


heaven on earth!


wiener dog FTW!


1 Black V-Spec II please or the Mines GTR with Gold wheels!! i would love to have a car like that!



I want wallpapers of those R34's, especially of the black one!


All the GT-Rs you can stand. Lol, wow, so much awesomeness in one little area.


Karkls if u really look at the pictures instead of glance over bullshit. U can tell that m3 is bone stock and it looks like it's for sale for idiots like u


Have you got more pictures of the R33 GT-R with the black rims beside the S2K?


Ugh, So many sexy cars!! What kind of fog cover/Air ducts are on that Impreza?! I must have them!


The STI and Evo were my favorite.


That Impreza is no ordinary Subaru! It's an STi S203 special edition. Has every STi part thrown at it and has over 300ps


The gunmetal GTR with BBS is forsale on yahoojp, pretty impressive setup,


looks like that bmw has a roll cage?? or r those seat belts??


competley agree, why waste time on the stock BMW which is on every street corner.


HEY-ZEUS-CHRIST! My lower jaw now hurts...


ha at the dude goin on about the m3, looks completely standard as well as sporting possibly the worst colour BMW have ever come out with, when I see m3s in that awful goldy yellow on road I almost throw up.


Anyone know what type of diffuser is on the black S2K?


I'll take the white R34 please :)


If that M3 is so stock and boring why are there heaps of people around it in every pic? I think something is up with it...


@ AlexQ It's the same 3 dudes standing around it in every pic...


Thank you so much for this atricle, it saved me time!


BMW aside R32 for the win...the picture would be better if the BMW wasnt in it...


dont you mean "dachshund" ?


dont you mean "dachshund" ?