Behind The Scenes>> Setup Day At Fd New Jersey

It seems like we just left Florida and have gone straight into New Jersey. 

But after Florida's unknowns, it was nice to get back to a bit of familiarity. Wall Speedway is a track that a good portion of the drivers know and also a track that Larry and I are very fond of shooting. 

Thursdays have always been known as set up day for Formula D. If you walk around on set up day, you'd find a lot of these crates littering the paddock. 

In the grand scheme of an FD weekend, Thursdays are always the most relaxing for teams and competitors.

There's even time for a nap, as demonstrated by Matt Powers' spotter – Tommy Roberts.

The downtime during the setup day also gave teams and drivers something they usually do not do on Friday and Saturday: eat.

Here's ASD's general manager, David Gibson, chowing down hard on some McDonalds. Formula D can't be glamorous all the time!

Ross Petty on the other hand, preferred to eat cones.

While snapping away in the Nitto pit area, I noticed Mike Essa's BMW Z4 now has emblems that match his livery.

Another new change on the grid at Jersey was that Larry Chen showed up with a haircut!

Before the practice session started, Matt and Tommy walked the track together (quite literally) studying its surface, each corner and the overall feeling of the track.

Walking the track seemed to work as Matt was looking real solid during the practice session.

Joon Maeng was up to his usual "I'm killing it" self.

Luke Lonberger looks on as Charles finishes up his practice run.

As was Vaughn Gittin Jr.

Larry was also up to his usual self and demonstrated his drive to get "the shot" on multiple occasions.

Before heading out to practice, Walker Wilkerson, who has never been to or drifted at Wall Speedway, expressed his liking for the track.

Heading into practice, he put his game face on. Intense. 

Otto Graven might not win awards for the styling of his 350z, but he is one hell of a driver. Solid runs all day long.

Luke Lonberger looked like he was having a hard time with his car…

…which resulted in him crashing into the railing. He became the first crash of the weekend.

Ryan Tuerck definitely had something to smile about.

His car looked dialed in…

…and was pouring out tons tire smoke as he was breaking in his new LS7.

On Monday, I will be making a trip to Gardella Racing to take a closer look at the Camaro.

This is Caeser. Chris Forsberg's dog. As you can see, he has nothing to worry about all weekend long and will be enjoying FD's festivities from this very position.

Must be nice, no?

Seeing how this was Fredric Aasbo's first visit to Wall Speedway, he did a drive through the course on his first practice run.

But in the last corner, he kicked it out and landed a solid drift.

Wall Speedway also welcomed first time visitor: British filmmaker, Stephen Brooks.

Ever wonder why Tyler McQuarrie's 350z has a hole cut out of his rear window? The quick dissipation of tire smoke is the reason. Those ASD guys are definitely smart when it comes to building drift cars.

After a few practice runs, Fredric sat on the 
grandstands with his crew chief, Stephen Papadakis, and learned whatever guru wisdom Stephen had to offer to him. 

Matt Powers also sat on the grandstands and watched his competitors run.

Tomorrow, is qualifying day. It should be a good one.


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Goddamn hipsters.


always like to some drift action, especially practice runs and learning the track - some great photo's. Otto Graven's 350Z looks ok to me and also Ryan Tuerck Camaro does look awesome. - Thanks.


As always, a great report, fun to read and awesome shots to go with it!


Gr8 atmosphere, love the small details of this setup day. Can't wait for the qualifying



Desktop of the NOS dog needs to be had.


The Litto Doggies Name is Ceaserrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


Hey whats all over Larry's camera, looks like insulation tape.


hey, whats all over Larry's camera, looks like insulation tape


LOL @ the Tommy/Matt totem pole


i like you technique and skill taking photograph. the way your soul influence the audience made the car more faster. and i don't know what I'm talking about.hahaha.


i love it how people hate on matt. watch him win it in NJ not giving a shit about anyone


hey, whats with Larry's camera. it looks like it's covered in insulation tape.


Ok No offense. But you seriously had to explain why he cut a hole in the back of the 350z.

And then to label those guys as being geniuses for doing that?

Jeez Luis...


FD needs to ban that Otto Graven body kit fo real. Thing is hideous. Good driver tho!




Are FD people always starving like that?! Looks like Dai was really the most desperate about it! He was bitting it with anger! :)))) Nice post.

The comment on the ASD 350Z was necessary, because, some people don't know their own names (not due to medical reasons) and just can't understand certain aspects of life :| I don't know where that came from, I swear to God! :)) Cheers


hey! don't forget about the city tire guys out there provided their best with getting those molting hot, burnt up tires replaced in a jiffy!