Talk about the end of an era! It's a real pity that Best Motoring and Hot Version are no more, but at least they went out with this great final battle that is part of the June 2011 DVD. Lexus LF-A vs. Nissan GT-R vs. F430 GT3 vs. 911 GT2RS vs Corvette ZR1. Hit that play button, turn up your speakers and enjoy. 

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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lauch control a bit jerky on the Lex. loved this Video Roll tho', they drove fast but very sedate, didn't pick up on any agressive driving at all, but hey there's a lot of money on that track - thanks for an awesome Video Roll.


The sound of the revving of the Lexus engine is something out of the universe... very VTEC like! :-)


R35 all day long! GT2RS and ZR1 have some ballistic outright pace ont he straights though!


How is it that there is an LFA & no 458. I'm juss sayin'


So sad that its the end....


I got the video in the mail last month, and I'm gonna hold it tight.


How come is Best Motoring and Hot Version is no more?


why no more?


I suppose it's ironic that ppl like us, which are responsible for BM's demise (watching BM on Youtube instead of buying the DVD)


That was fantastic. I couldn't BELIEVE how the GTR went past the Ferrari - which isn't a slow car.

Was it just me, or did that LFA have some serious understeer? The driver was winding on huge amounts of steering lock going into some corners.


Can't help but think this is the exact reason that they aren't doing it any more. It's only just out and already on youtube and all over the blogs.



i can't help but feel best motoring is intentionally bias to their japanese cars. the ferrari let the gt-r have the lead that the start, the zr1 wasn't being driven as hard as the others.


that Lexus LFA sounds monstrous! just goes to show those Ferrari's still leave a lot to be desired in the Money to Speed Ratio.


^ Fail on my part. The Ferrari was a 430 not a 458. I still think they should have brought the 599 GTO to this fight though.


Great video! Fast driving while avoiding the risk of wrecking some expensive ass machinery haha what a way to go out with a band. Some great drivers and some great cars.... Why is best motoring gone now anywyas


fail shifting in the gt2rs! lol


AAAHH why did they stop? I always loved these vids.


@Lampuhkap... because we are watching this on Youtube instead of buying a DVD or paying for a download


does anyone know what track this is?


lol that lfa is more than all those car combined n yet its 2 seconds slower than the gtr. come on toyota engineers!


Fuji Raceway is the track. So sad, such a childhood iconic show and my favorite all time. There really isn't anything out there similar to BM and Hot Version ... so very sad.


Great, hope the return !


Wish they could've got a hold of an R8 GT. Might as well have brought out an NSX-R to end with what BMI started, a Type R legend. Really wished BMI kept subbing episodes but just watching it is good enough


i agree with Babalouie.


wow. zr-1 and f430 are two of my favorite cars but they get blown away. im not surprised that keiichi beat everyone again but it proves that the gt-r is just that dominant over every production sports car.



Great video when an awesome machine like the 458 comes in last though I'm sure it is for political reasons the R35 finished first in the last ever Best Motoring Video. Not to take anything away from the R35 GTR because that thing is a marvelous machine (And the awesome launch control reminded me of the Audi RS6s in World Challenge back in 2004) but it is also by FAR the easiest of all those cars to drive. In my opinion the GT2 RS would have been the victor in more capable hands and Best Motoring's drivers in the past have never been able to drive the C6 ZO6 to its capability so I was expecting even worse results in a more potent beast like the ZR1. If each car had factory drivers like say Jorg Bergmeister (Porsche works driver) in the GT2 RS, Jan Magnussen (Factory Corvette Driver) in the ZR1 and Jaime Melo in the Ferrari then that would have been more of a fair race instead of sticking Japanese drivers in unfamiliar cars. But I guess we'll never know though it was still an entertaining video. If it was a fair fight where the drivers were not such a factor my best guess would have been this: 1) GT2 RS 2) R35 3) ZR1 4) LF-A 5) 458 (still a very new car and can't wait for the lightweight version but I think they should have used the 599 GTO instead in this fast company).


Gt2rs driver looks like it's his first time in a 997 based car. He's not using the car at all just cruising and missing shifts. I only wish Gan San would drive it.


damn. unreal. that has been on for so long..i hope they come up with a reiteration of the show. it was just as good as top gear


Wow! Thats some pathetic driving for being the final Best Motoring battle.

And huge surprise seeing that they put the two retarded apes in the ZR1 and Ferrari while seeing that they put the only guy that doesn't know how to use a proper manual gearbox in the GT2RS (with a proper manual gearbox, ofcourse). But hey a Japanese show has'd to have the Japanese car win, right? Seeing the final Best Motoring race and many races before it, I personally can't say that I care if Best Motoring goes away at all because I'm tired of watching these bullshit and bias races where the cars are great but the drivers deliberately sandbag when they're in anything American or European just to make sure the Japanese cars always seem faster. Its either that or the translation to this video is "Ooooh! American car and European car too fast for Japanese driver to handle!"

I'm not trying be biased myself because I do understand that the GTR and LF-A are both great cars but having them race a car that is really on a hole other level in speed and cornering capability (the GT2RS) then the LF-A and GTR and yet still win by 2 seconds (in the slower of the two; the GTR) is honestly ridiculous bullshit that can be seen from space. I need a show from Japan that drives every car farely that isn't biased... to take over for Best Motoring.


No surprise the GTR wins, being the last BMI and all. Not sure why they would run a standard F430 with a wing (and call it a GT3) against top marks of the other makes. Shouldnt they have run an Italia 458 or the 599 GTO? Oh wait it might have beaten the GTR.


I really hope they come back with a subbed online version of this, there are enough people in the world who would pay for Best Motoring and Hot Version.

Can't you guys at Speedhunters do anything about it? You should at least try imo ;)


Best Motoring is ridiculously biased. The NSX or GTR almost never loses. Somehow, they managed to make the Corvette C6 Z06 to do a high 13 second 1/4 mile, when every other magazine/test does 11s in the 1/4 mile.


apsect ratio? why doesn't anyone understand aspect ratio?


I loved best motoring, it's sad to see it go


Haha r35 beats gt2rs... Suuuure bmi. But farewell to an awesome series and I guess no other car could have won the final battle.


Carlos81: You do realise BM can't just pick whatever cars they want from dealerships? Most of the supercars in these battles are owned by private shops. The F430 is owned by RSD who have installed the wing and some other small mods.

VMT: ehh? In the BM 2007 quarter mile challenge the Z06 did a 12.1 at an airstrip (i.e. not a prepped drag strip) only beaten by a 997 Turbo.


Was this sponsored by Lexus? Why didn't they get a 458 italia? Cause it would whoop everything there.


This video just serves as evidence why this series is over. As people become more educated about race/performance driving, they will better understand how to evaluate what fast driving looks like irrespective of what the vehicle is. The premise is pretty cool though, just bad execution. On with the Drift Muscle.


Need to post more best motoring videos, i enjoyed the LF-A vs GT2 battle


Well that was a very Bias Batter But W/E

May as well go out with a bang.