As our F1 fans will no doubt be aware, the prestigious Monaco Grand Prix is on this weekend. While there's always the debate on whether the track is suitable for modern day F1 cars, no one can deny that this is the crown jewel of the Formula 1 calendar. With that in mind, we'll be bringing you a series of Video Rolls of the various F1 eras that raced around the super tight streets of Monte Carlo.

To kick off, here's a fantastic sample from John Frankenheimer's 1966 movie, Grand Prix. Back then the film was shot primarily on Super Panavision 70s, and was also one of the first experimentations with onboard cameras. Grand Prix picked up three Academy Awards and was played in Cinerama at select locations (kind of like the 60s equivalent of IMAX). Although this film only partly used actual race footage, in my opinion it's still an amazing representation of how different – and dangerous – F1 used to be back then.

I highly recommend going out and adding Grand Prix to your DVD collection!

- Charles Kha



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.......And this brilliant piece of work from Roman Polanski also needs a mention, or even its own feature. Please try find us the full film online !!


ok.. cool! - i like the first tunnel they exit, epic. the commentator sounds like Brough Scott. i know it isn't him - thanks


this is amazing, you look at it and you wouldnt believe this was made in 1966.


These cars were pretty much moving fuel tanks waiting to explode. Formula One drivers especially around this era (and into the 70's), have the biggest balls known to man, because relative to the speed and safety regulations it was the most dangerous. Drivers like Niki Lauda, and Jackie Stewart in my book at walking legends. They probably have balls around the size of a large to medium sized gas planet. How they managed to fit those huge balls in that small cockpit we will never know, but what we do know is, F1 drivers are the definition of Speedhunting. In my book, Ayrton Senna being the greatest of all time. :D

Can't wait for Monaco this weekend! Be sure to watch! Sunday! Check for timing in your area, I live in Cali and its on Speed starting at 4:30PM!


Classic! I would love to drive one of those old F1 cars. Incredible sound coming from those machines.


Would love to give an old open wheeler a go! I reckon it'd be mad insane!


Go James!!!!.....when men were really men.sad it'll never be like that again.


BRM H16 sounds FTW..


Its crazy, you see people standing on the track all over the place, policeman and photograph ...


Love "Grand Prix" !!!