It's mid afternoon Monday on the US West Coast as I post this, and if you need something to help get you through the rest of the day (or night depending on where you live in the world), you might be interested in this.

"Against all Odds" was produced by Datsun and covers Pete Brock, John Morton, and the famous BRE team racing their 510's in the 1971 season of the SCCA Trans Am 2.5 Challenge. It's a great piece of vintage racing film and the action is timeless.

It's nearly 30 minutes long, but well worth the watch if you are a Nissan fan or a fan of vintage motorsports in general. A great look at SCCA Trans Am "as it was".

It also has a sweet music score.

-Mike Garrett



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After watching this a while back, its makes me proud to drive my datsun around my town of el segundo =)


these old ones still whipped up a storm.. way-back when!


Truly inspiring.. This is going on the blog :)

Thanks Mike for posting this


love this one, never seen it before, but i have a scale model of number 46 - thanks.

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What a gem of vintage racing history,,,,how cool was that?? Morton having a smoke right before race time,,,something to keep the butterflies calm...and the battles during the race,,just great, not to mention the great cars,,,alfas,scorts,bimmers, volvos,saabs,and the awesome team BRE,,,,just great little film...I've own my 240z for more than 10 years now,,,and in the past I had 2 bmw's 2002,,,but I'm waiting for the precise moment to pick me a 510,,,after this short film....I will visualize miself driving one,,,and from that point on is piece of cake,,,thank you for sharing the short film,,,,One last thing how about a 5 star rating for this one?? I think is due,,,,


Awesome video, wish i had that workshop to work on my Datsun 1600 club car. 170Hp on dirt would be awesome.


these were cars!

thanks 4 posting, really enjoyed it


The sound of these old cars never gets old. I've owned two Datsun 510's and am always looking for a third one because they are magnificent vehicles and never ending fun to drive. Thanks for posting this.


Wow, great film ! ! !


This is the greatest video i have ever seen


A very interesting story. I had 2 Datsun 510's, one of which I used to get to and from college for 5 years. It was a very reliable car and I was very rough on it. The car went every where, including off-roading many times. It was great at climbing hills and a lot of fun to drift in the snow. The biggest aadventurer was a road trip across country from NJ to CA with my best friend. It took 4 weeks and some 8000 miles. I am partial to this car and watching the video was very enjoyable.