Things To Do Before You Die>>become A Regular At Meets

Of all the automotive activities we've added to our Speedhunters Things To do Before You Die list, this one might just be the easiest to check off. Becoming a regular at your local car meets requires little to no monetary investment,  and very little travel. It's something that anyone can do.

Yet, it's also one of the most rewarding things on this list. While a lot of the items on our list are about witnessing automotive spectacle or doing something special with your car, this one is about the relationships and camaraderie of being a car enthusiast.

Chances are there are car meets being held in your area monthly or even weekly. Whether these are open events like Cars & Coffee and the nightly Daikoku gatherings in Japan, or brand-specific meets – there's no reason not to take part. The more you get out there, the better.

For about a decade now, the internet has been the primary meeting spot for car enthusiasts. Although a great resource, those computer screens can't be compared to genuine face to face, or metal to metal car meets.

Oftentimes these gatherings are organized online, and they provide a great place to put a face to an internet name, or to lay eyes on a car that you've only seen in .jpg form.

It also happens that you won't find a lot of the negativity that pops up on websites at these meets. If someone doesn't like a particular style of car they will generally keep it to themselves instead of posting their thoughts for all the world to see. Overall it's a very positive, fun atmosphere.

Meets also give you the chance to meet new people who share a common love for cars. Whether you are looking for technical advice or just a friendly chat, there are always plenty of like-minded folks about.

There's no better way to plan your modifications than by talking with fellow owners and comparing different setups. This is commonplace at local meets.

Want to hear how that new exhaust sounds or see what that racing seat feels like it? Most people will be glad to show you. Again, these are interactions that you just can't get in an online environment.

Thinking about a buying a new car? What better way to get advice than from talking to current owners and checking out their cars.

Some people may even be nice enough to take you for a ride around the block!

At the same time, it's also highly rewarding to answer questions and talk to people who might be interested in your car.

Wide open meets like Cars & Coffee also give you a chance to see cars and meet people from scenes that you might not be so familiar with.

As with any hobby, learning from others is a huge part of being a car enthusiast. A car meet is one of the best places to do this.

The informal car gathering have been commonplace from the earliest days of the car hobby. It's car life in one of its most pure and basic forms.

Even now with the dominance of the internet, these meets are more popular and better organized than ever.

Growing up in a medium-sized town in California, many of my weekend nights were spent cruising around and hanging out in parking lots talking cars.

I've owned countless cars since those days, but the friendships I made back then will last for life.

So, what are you waiting for?

There's probably something going down in your area this weekend, so dust off the machine and get out there!

It may just change your life

-Mike Garrett.



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i agree whole heartedly.. although with all the projects & spanner work going on - its not easy!


And then you'll walk away depressed knowing you can't afford a car for every scene you enjoy, and want it ALL!! lol No really, I agree with everything you said. 99% of the time, the drama just isn't there. And even a simple modified car can make a big difference in person, cause it's just different to what you normally see in every day cars. Good read!


great write up


Great article. A good read for sure!


This just might be my favorite article on speedhunters.


It´s kinda sad that we don´t have any good meets here in Finland. I´d be glad to show off my Golf V there and share my interests. But only meets here are usually really small club meets, which are usually held only once by year.

But at least we have rally of finland, which is still good place to spot those dirt-eating rally monsters though.


Cant wait to get to a few meets. Awesome post, glad to see that small things like this are apreciated in these "hings to do befor you die"


this is one that im trying to do!! just that my life keeps throwing things in the way exams...birthdays...weddings....GOSHHH! one meet that i want to attend yearly is the 'Jap show' held at Santa Pod raceway and SuperCar Sunday...two excellent car shows that are a really great day out! altough im yet to attend a Japshow meet....hopefully ill be at one this summer!!!


But what if your vehicle sucks?


Definately a true article! There need to be more open minded people at car meets. To-the-core Car enthusiasts who can appreciate the work involved it any style project. its that barrier-crossing atmosphere that will keep the scene(s) alive.


*waits for some stupid bandwagoner saying about "hardparking"*


110% agree to this post


If your in Edmonton Alberta Canada this week come to united cycle, will be the biggest car meet of the year, over 300+ cars, bring yours out. starts at 8pm may 7


Not EVERYONE can go to meets. Here, there isn't anything within 100 miles, other than the old guys with their old muscle cars that only take them out twice a year for charity car shows.

Those are the only cars shows we have.

I want to move to somewhere with great car culture, and not-so-strict laws considering cars (E.G. emissions).

Any suggestions?

P.S. Missouri is awful if you like cars.


ugh... missed my first chance to go to a meet organised by here in sydney thanks to exams... my brother went and he had an awesome time and saw some amazing cars.. hopefully next time i can see more than just photos~


Great, shame that practically no car meets like the ones in America & Japan happen in the UK.


@Mr. Moon, who cares if your car sucks. Like the article said, and through my own experience, most people will keep their comments to themselves. But if you are looking at ways to improve your car, what better place to get ideas than with a local crowd?


Yehhh cuz done


Italy sucks...I wanna move to a great band says...


Don't go to Milwaukee,Wi either. Muscle cars a plenty, but there is a scarce amount of S-chassis, FC's, or FD's, or anything else that would be found on tis website.


Don't go to Milwaukee,Wi either. Muscle cars a plenty, but there is a scarce amount of S-chassis, FC's, or FD's, or anything else that would be found on this website.


Nice read. When I bought my current car I was sceptical to the idea of a car meet. I thought it must be really dull, to hang around in a car park arguing if a D16Z6 is better than a D16A9 and how good is the new R18A2. But I'm happy to say, that I did go to one, and since then I'm a regular :) And although my car is 99%stock (only aftermarket rims, and cheap ones too), I didn't experience negative attitude.


That means you need to organize a meet, my friend.

Many people will go to a meet, but rarely will they stick their neck out, and organize one. Name it something fun, donate proceeds to a worthy charity. Get a small raffle going- who knows!?

I'd bet money that If you build it, they will come.


odd timing, I'm going to my first meet on saturday . . .

I couldnt attend earlier meets cause I could never find anyone to go with me. I never wanted to show up anywhere alone.



In fact I am in one of the shots from Cars and Coffee.


but first thing first u need 2 have a car rite? =(


Last week I wrote about the virtues of the local car meet as part of our Speedhunters Things to Do Before You Die list. What better way to follow that up than with a trip to Southern California's world famous Cars & Coffee meet?


The month of May is drawing to a close, and that means that our "Things to Do Before You Die"