Roadways>> Davos – Flüela – Stelvio Part Iii

After our dash from Sent to Stelvio, it was time to head back for a night’s rest. Have a look the glorious road that took us there.

We woke up to the crisp morning alpine air at the apartment overlooking the Engadin valley

We decided to check out the local towns in the morning, so we headed to Sur En. The little stream that flows beneath comes directly from a glacier with literally ice cold water.

I remembered Martin telling me about a little town across the Swiss border in Italy called Livigno and a narrow tunnel connecting Switzerland and Italy. Since we had time to kill, we headed for it.

At the tunnel, called Munt la Schera, there were already cars waiting in line. This is a one way tunnel with traffic lights regulating traffic in either direction which is necessary because two cars wouldn’t physically fit side by side in the tunnel.

Quite different from the ziptied and rally-bred JDM toy we brought along…

Green lights and we are off! The sense of speed is indescribable with walls so ridiculously close on either sides.

On the Italian side, we took a small break by a little stream. I can imagine the stream being not at all little during spring.

The sheer scale of things is mindboggling, especially with the glaciers and gorges so close to the road

One of the cool things about Livigno is that everything is tax-free there. Fuel, for example, costs almost half as much as it does in Germany.

Right in front of the gas station is the lake Lago di Livigno, sitting 1805m or 5922 feet above sea level. After some persuasion, I convinced Martin to drive down the dirt/gravel path all the way to the water.

Some rally action? Sure why not :) He still hasn’t cleaned the car BTW

Not sure if the track suspension loved it though… In the back you see the one sided tunnel which runs past the lake.

Since Livigno was tax free, Martin grabbed a nice Sigma ultrawide lens and was knocking himself out trying to get as close to the subject as possible while keeping the entire car in frame, like in this shot.

I wanted to have a look at Flüela at sunset, so we quickly headed back down Engadin direction Flüela.

The roads sometimes make you seem like they are headed for the skies…

A short time later, we reached the top of Flüela, just as the sun was going down. Our last stop.

It’s funny considering how this car is constantly thrashed on racetracks as a camera tracking car for my Chase Files series of videos and used as a daily driver, it still bore the entire trip, clocking several thousand miles within a matter of days without skipping a beat.

This makes me wonder, where to go next? Drive the Mille Miglia original course? Perhaps…


Davos – Flüela – Stelvio

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This was some lovely reading. Me and my best friend planning on doing the same, can't wait for it!