Random Snap>> Fireball At V8 Supercars

Those of you who tune in to our Facebook page would have seen the video we posted from the recent round of V8 Supercars at Barbagallo Raceway in Australia. Driver Karl Reindler, having stalled on the grid, was hit by Steve Owen resulting in a fiery explosion. Luckily both drivers escaped with only minor injuries. David Turk snapped this stunning photo as the crash happened.

If you missed the video, you can check it out here.

- Charles Kha

Photo by David Turk PixelCulture.com



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maybe theyll finally start to look into the safety of those fuel cells.

ive seen a few ex-V8 supercars Commodores up close and the fuel cell didnt even have a bladder inside it, just an aluminum box full of fuel.



yeah they do have a blader but it burst on impact


He also didn't stall, the clutch failed - really bad time for a clutch to fail!!!


whoa! very dangerous situation to be in! - hope that both drivers are well..


ONBOARD view of the massive (37G) crash: http://youtu.be/XjIEjBOf1bU


Weasel I think those cars you have seen would have had the bladders taken out for some reason. Never ever have V8 Supercars been allowed to run without a bladder tank since about the mid 90s and probably before that to some extent.


Thanks Charles. I'll put an effort in to get my other V8 photos up on PixelCulture.com asap.


next gen fuel cells are going to be further forward. Scary crash though.


next gen fuel cells are going to be further forward. Scary crash though.


yeah they do have a blader but it burst on impact


37g rear impact .

They have had bladder in the for a while now .

from next season it is goin to be alot harder for this to happen as the fuel cell in the COTF will be placed in front of the rear trans axel assemberly .



With the Car of the Future Due in a couple of years, the fuel cell has been repositioned so its not at the rear of the car but central behind the driver and infront of the rear axel.


As i live in Perth, Western Australia, i attended Barbagallo Raceway in Wanneroo for the 3 50-lap races of the V8 Supercars round. The accident and explosion was absolutely massive. Great to see both drivers a relatively un-harmed.


@Weasel The commentators were saying that the plan is for the next generation of the V8 Supercars they plan on putting th fuel cell further forward in the car to atleast reduce the risk of things like this happening.




Charizard I choose you!


the fuel cells do have bladders and the new car of the future will have the fuel cell located further forward, in front of the rear axle, but never in my 10 years of following V8 Supercars have I seen a crash like this; this might even be bigger than the Mark Larkham/Paul Morris crash at Oran Park, but certainly just as dangerous.


Yay fuel cell closer to the driver =\

just what they want..


Yeah i desktop would be great!


just goes to show Holden got the fuel tank positioning on the road car right, then V8 Supercars stuffed it up! i always thought it'd be better for weight distribution anyway.

the only reason he got minor burns was due to the rear firewall being punctured, allowing fuel through. they do have bladders, i guess they just don't normally get slammed into from behind while stationary and the other car is at the top of 3rd gear!!


oh noh... erkss


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@Aero P, I don't mind putting together a desktop if Charles and the team are keen.


That crash was wicked.