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I love motorsports. In particular, I love motorsport photography. I’ve loved it since I was young. I’ve only started to shoot motorsports at the end of 2007. Mainly because of the region of Portugal I live in. The people of Portugal mainly care about Soccer and Motocross (things I don’t particularly care about).

I am now living in the west cost of Portugal, in Leiria, and I’ve discovered that Leiria is full of classic cars enthusiasts! I am such a huge fan classic cars.

In the in the beginning of 2008, I‘ve went to Estoril Circuit, the oldest circuit in Portugal and the most important, to shoot my very first track day. It came out to be a great learning experience and helped me grow as an motorsport photographer. This Honda Integra Type R is one of the best prepared track cars in Portugal.

In Motorsport photography, I just love the details in a race day…

…its small characteristics and its intricacies.

I try to look for what other photographers don’t see.

As I mentioned earlier, I love classic and vintage cars. In the 2010 Portuguese Hill Climb, I discovery this fantastic Ford Escort. Loved the livery and the wide body.

Last year, I was in attendence at the Caramulo Motorfestival, think of it as a “Goodwood Revival” but smaller. It was the most important classic event of the year. Lots of historic cars leave the Caramulo Museum and particular owners bring their classic cars out as well. In this particular photo is the most famous Portuguese rally car ever, it was driven by Joaquim Santos.

The Portuguese Classic Championship is also one of my favorite events to attend every year. I first attended it in 2009, which was my first visit to Estoril Circuit. This circuit has the distinction of being the circuit where Ayrton Senna won is first F1 race in 1985. However, this circuit is no longer part of the F1 calendar. The last time Formula 1 came to Estoril Circuit was in 1996.

2011 marks the 2nd year of the Portuguese Drift Championship. Is a new championship but now has professional drivers. Hugo Fernandes is the proud owner of this Toyota Soarer. It has is known has the best prepped drift car in Portugal.

In photography, there is always time for photo sessions. Nuno Sousa has one fantastic Ford Escort Mk I RS 1600 México which is very well equipped and restored.

Last year, I had the opportunity to visit, for the 1st time, the Autodromo Internacional Algarve, the newes Circuit of Portugal. I was just amazed with it’s size and its a truly amazing track with all of the corners, elevation changes and that fantastic bridge to take photos. It was also the very 1st time I shot at night.

The Iberian Gentlemen Drivers is a new championship with lots of classic cars in a endurance race. They do with pit stops as well. It was a fantastic race to watch and shoot. The atmosphere couldn’t have been any better.

This year, I finally had the opportunity to attend the FIA GT event at Algarve. Fantastic races.

The cars have an amazing sense of speed and the event had full race day fever. I just love it.

Unfortunately for the Team Need For Speed…

…race 2 didn’t go well.

I’ll end this brief introduction of myself and my photos with one of my newest photos from the 2011 Portuguese Classic Championship. This fantastic Porsche 930 Turbo full of goodies.

“A good photograph is knowing where to stand” -Ansel Andams


Speedhunters FIA GT3 Championship coverage



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wonderful photography, you didn't mention what kit you use tho'.. - oh yes.. so thats where all the Escorts have ended up, i wondered where they all went - keep up the excellent work Telmo.


Nice to see you here Telmo, great blog and some fantastic images.


A lot of wonderful images there. I love the night pic of the LMP2 Lola coupe lit up at night.That is a fantastic photo!

Thanks for sharing with us


Brilliant post dude! It's easy to see that you've got alot better as time has moved on. :)

May I ask what kit you use?


Great work Telmo...

So you like cars and photography... :) Same here... Just a little bit up north (Porto).

Continuação de bom trabalho! ;)




This is why i visit Speedhunters. Thanks.


Thank you Nugget. I 'll

You can continue do follow my work in





Grandes fotos, parabéns!!


Great Pictures Telmo, keep up the great work!


Last car is 930 based, 934 Group 4 Race Car. ;)


Great stuff, nice to see a few Escorts cropping up on SH.


Excellent.. Some Racing Content!!


Portugal ftw!!!!


i love Bruno's ITR!


Hi there Telmo!

Fantastic stuff!! Love the details of a Race day to!! :) And also like classics (more rally cars, I admit!!)...

Keep the (amazing!!) work and keep represent Portugal in this wonderfull site!!

(Continua a retratar o mundo automóvel tão bem como até agora!!)


PS: Do you have a site where we can see your work?!


Boas fotos e e blog completo com uma historia, gostei. ;)


Hi, or should I say Boas!!

I'm from algarve too and i was in that Fia GT race in Portimão!

Didn't knew about the drifting scene in Portugal...

Anyway... great pics...

Keep up the good work!



Sweet blog entry mate ... as I have always said, you are a damn good photographer and glad that speedhunters have recognised this and let you have a blog spot ;)

My turn next :D


finally man! thanks for all the comments on my photos.


Some great shots there, especially of the Escorts and the night shot at the Algarve. Would love to see some wallpapers if possible?


wow nice shots!! i love Portugal...been there twice both of which we for the FOOD!!!!! LOL maybe next time it would be for the cars but Japan would come first for that!!!


I really like the picture of the restored Ford Escort.

It's really bright and the color of the wheels seem to stand out very well.


Thank you all for the comments and support, in special to the Portuguese SH fans.

For those that didn't saw the link to my photo gallery, I leave once again



Good work Telmo!

Regards from Portugal


OMG! Lister Storm!!! That's a great piece of motorsport history! Great shots man! Never saw some of them on Flickr!



gostei que falassem das maquinas que ja fizeram e ainda fazem as delicias dos potugueses como o escrt da diabolique que vai ficar pra sempre na historia dos portugeses


Great pics, but you talk like motorsports only came to Portugal 10years ago. Obviously your not very knowlegable about the car scene in Portugal, especially when you say that Integra is the best prepared trackcar in Portugal, thats a piece of junk compared to some of the cars around here. Man, crawl out of the rock you´ve been living, Portugal especially up north is full of world class cars, great drivers and a racing history going back to the early 20th century.

Summing-up: get some auto education, boy!


Great article, awesome to see such love for motorsport as I also share! Very nice pics Telmo. Hope you won't miss out on the rampa da falperra on sunday, if you want to take a few closer pics of some cars give me a shout, I know quite a few drivers, I'll be wearing the Ducati shirt I bought just today at the International Autodromo de Algarve ;)


mm love the shots of the racing slicks... and the rest as well!


si si portugal racing for years, y españa mas calidad iberica arriba


Nice photos! Props from a fellow compatriot, that also lives in leiria.



Nice shots, great cars, excelent scenarios.

Keep up the good work.