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Has there ever been a more anticipated car than the FR coupe on the way from Toyota and Subaru? Whether its referred to as the FT-86, the Scion FR-S, or yet to be named Subaru version, excitement over this is higher than ever.

The latest news is that the final production versions of both the Toyota and Subaru models will be shown at the 2011 Tokyo Motorshow in December, with production and sales to begin in the spring of 2012.

After all the rumors and waiting, it's strange to think that these cars should actually be out on the street in less than a year from now.

So, who's ready to order one?

-Mike Garrett

Source: Inside Line



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sign me up!


I just hope the production version looks just as good, but they never are. I'd almost bet that at least the wheels won't be.


the upcomming tuner mod for all Import junkies!


The car is going to be a huge it. I really want to see suspesion specs and engine specs before I make up my mind.


the camo'd version spied last week didin't look like it had all the curves this one does, but i really hope they keep the wheel design as extreme even if they have to make them a bit smaller


Im totally ready to buy one as long as its decently priced.


Has there ever been a more anticipated car than the FR coupe on the way from Toyota and Subaru? Yes the Nissan GTR.


It better not be F***ING Scion!!!


it better not be BLAH BLAH BLAH...shut it. who cares, it could be an Oldsmobile if the price and performance are right.


I'll buy one if its as cheap as a fiesta or something here in Aus.. Somehow i think they'd try to price it closer to 45k.. just no value, hopefully we can import one from Japan brand spanking new before it gets released here in Aus.




its like waiting for babies i mean..


Sheat.. imma get one, and beat the hell out of it. Will se how it holds up.


Sign me up. I'm employed by toyota so hopefully I'll get dibs. J/K! But seriously, finally a car that fills my needs.


I can't wait to see one built for formula drift!!!


I was so excited about the car until I heard it was Subaru powered. I can only imagine how much better, and in the original spirit it would be if it had a 2ZZ. So close Toyota.


wow... let's see how it comes out... Maybe I'll buy one the day I finish College!!!!!


Hopefully Nissan will follow the same thing and make a silvia s16 instead of Nismo Leaf *hit;p


This is sort of becoming the Duke Nukem Forever of cars lol, but I still like it. I'm looking forward to seeing it drive on the roads in 2012.


Luckily it's a Toyota in the rest of the world.


Who cares. This has been going on for 3 years already. When Toyota will finally make it - it will suck.


@worker bee: FR stands for front engine rear wheel drive... the GTR is FA front engine all wheel drive


Price and curb weight are going to decide the fate of this car. If Toyota gets those wrong, I dunno how many people will be "ready to order one".


What's the roman numeral on this one?

We'll believe it when it has a price sticker on the side window and it is parked in a dealership. Until then, it's just more wolf-wolf-wolf.


if it has the boxer engine that would be cool but it would be just too sick if toyota came back with another high revving i6.


I am! 1st-gen tC to an FR-S.


And these are supposed to be a step up from the AE86? Not sure i see the resemblance, but i definetly wouldn't call it ugly.


Please don't screw it up, please don't screw it up, please don't screw it up.......


the "rumors and insights" went from cool (toyota, turbo boxer, etc) to really lame (scion, n/a boxer, etc). this thing better be really damn awesome, but i have little faith. i don't see how its n/a 2L will hold a candle to the 370z, Genesis Coupe, and WRX competitors...


i will wait until they are used and beat up then swap a sr20det or 3sgte in there...once you get rid of that lame subaru engine it will be awesome .sad that toyota cant build a engine.....but does look like a good chassis to modify


Following Mike's announcement hinting that we might very well see production versions of the FT-86


I just hope they keep the car as simple as possible, like the Mazda MX5


i too want to see some specs. i hope it lives up to all the hype. does anyone know the ball parts for the power and weight? ft86 vs Z cars vs genesis should be fun =]


Im hoping it comes in world rally blue w/ gold wheels. It'll match one of my sti's! S(????)?




I just want to go on a limb and say that all of those who are talking about being lame because it's not the next supra, or because it has a "lame" Subaru motor, you have to remember that this car isn't marketed to be the next Supra, it's the next Lightweight, fun-to-drive sportscar like the AE86 was! it didn't have a million horsepower and ran on diced-lions, no it was a light, cheap, rear-wheel-drive masterpiece you STILL see today and being desired greatly. Besides, Subaru motor = bulletproof!


if it doesn't come as a toyota im getting the subaru vesion


Watching the motorshow before buying anything, would be a better thing to do. Certainly this one looks good on the road, but may not be the only choice.

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really thinking about buying one.. best car concept / Idea since a long time. simple and fun cars have been missed in theh catalogues for long time..


btw... I want!!


I'm stoked on this for sure.


Some of Toyota's best engines were actually built by Yamaha.

Having owned and beaten on an EJ20 for a decade without breaking it, I'm stoked to see Subaru power.

But I can already smell the feature creep, and the $33k pricetag they'll stick on it. It'll become another over-priced sports car.


If the euro version will look as good as the Scion FR-S concept, I don't care if it would be powered by 1.5 litre engine...


Mr. Moons is completely right: "Price and curb weight are going to decide the fate of this car."


Man its finally time for that car to come out and I've been saving for one so far


i just can't bring myself to accept spending that kind of $ for a scion... the brand has no sporting credentials whatsoever. it might as well be a kia. but brand it as a toyota and you might really have something there...


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