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Life has pretty much returned to normality in Tokyo after the earthquake, but it's still hard to believe what the north of the country was put through on March 11th. This morning I received this series of pictures from Ichishima-san at Spoon Sports…

…pictures that were sent to him from a race team up in Sendai that races one of his DC5 Integra Type-Rs. When the powerful tsunami hit the shop the Integra, along with the rest of the town and unfortunately a lot of people,…

…tumbled inland under the towering force of the wave.

The car was found 5 km from the shop. Incredible stuff. Our thoughts are still with those that lost so much on March 11th.

Spoon Sports

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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did someone jack the wheels?!


Did someone loot the wheels or did the team take them off?


sad sight


i must say, its really annoying reading your posts with the way you make captions



cmon do you guys really think in a time like this people are looting uber cool JDM wheelz? Show some respect




good bye car !


Yes, i would actually think some people would jack wheels off a car even though after a disaster like that... There are some fked up people in this world


Oh god, I cringe...


people learn how precious life is when your country has two giant nuclear bombs dropped on it and a good chunk of its population killed and/or sick from radiation.

people dont loot in japan because they understand the importance of trust and respect.

i would bet money that the wheels were safely secured by their rightful owners.

people only loot when they lead digressive wasteful lifestyles


Dude, with lugs that size and the precision Spoon applies to their cars, it's highly unlikely that they would be washed away. If spoon wanted to salvage them, they might as well just take the entire car and tow it to a wrecking yard because it's THEIR car. They may be fined for not moving it.


"Destino" in spanish means Destination/Destiny...


The world has been mislead by alot of biased journalism. The media wants to make a story, even if that means only giving partial facts to make it prettier and more believable. I'm Japanese and there was looting; ATMs and vending machines gouged and personal belongings stolen from wrecked homes. Even on the day of the quake/tsunami, in far away Tokyo, there were sickos faking gas or building safety inspectors and trying to get into apartments of women living alone. Unfortunately, I think those wheels were stolen (it's conveniently sitting on blocks!). What may be different from disasters in other areas of the world, is the patience and lack of chaos among the majority of normal people. One thing that amazed me in Tokyo was when supermarkets were flooded with people, the lines to the cash register went way out and around the building. People would pick up the goods they wanted, exit the store to get to the end of the line in the parking lot, and wait patiently (sometimes over an hour) to pay. In the disaster areas, you see people waiting calmly in line as the US armed forces helicopters land, rather than frenzied hands reaching for whatever is thrown off the aircraft. Just my opinion, but I guess Japan is a pretty fair society, so people figure if you wait, eventually your turn will come around. Also, Japanese don't expect much from the government, so they don't complain much in that aspect and try to get things back together on their own first, through cooperation in the community. This is especially true for rural areas like Tohoku (the area struken).


Absolutley heartbreaking- my thoughts are with everyone over there as well....


Yeah it looks like someone took the wheels


Ahhhhhh Heeeeeeeeeeell noooooooooooooooooo! :'( RIP


That's some f*cked up sh*t man...


Major props to the cage builder, passenger compartment is still intact after tons of water slammed into it.


Unreal, I'm glad to see things are beginning to return to normal. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Japan.


Can express how sad that is.

The society/culture of japan is very far ahead of what it will ever be here in america.


this is a very sad site to see. RIP dc5 and i hope spoon sports is doing ok. heart breaking to view pics like these


Pure sadness


heart rending - not too much i can say.. as much i love cars.. human life is top of the list - very hard to come to terms with so much loss.. thanks for the insight!


Oh come on petey, its a HONDA of course someone jacked the wheels!!! shame about the car and the sad reminder of the lost lives from the tsunami, wow, 5km away, thats unreal, what power.


I smell a part out. . .

dibs on the brakes and suspension!


i think someone got a new set of wheels.


strucken is a word?


never mind the flippin wheels!!!! this is painfull to look at......


Omg, even the rollcage is completely bended :(


@hanakuso-yeah when katrina happend here people were looting for anything plasma tv cell phones cars anything really why not sumwhere else?


it`s a sad picture because this car means a lot of work from this people , sad


Looks like a wrecking yard. Sad sight!


My heart goes out to the people of Japan and especially all the Japanese tuners that lost their cars. Sad shit =[


that motor might be salvageable along with the brake calibers but its sad to see a car this way =/


A roll cage that holds up against a Tsunami, I'd call that a success.


That will buff out.


seams weird that the car is neatly put on cinder blocks and wood blocks and the wheels removed. doesnt looks like they ripped offf. Most likely there are looters in times of disaster. Look at katrina, and the1989 sf earthquake. opportunist at work.

sad to see that we are so weak in the presence of mother nature.


The car is smashed, the area's devastated. countless people are dead, and you have the gall to ask, out of EVERYTHING else around the goddamn car if someone jacked the wheels? Classy. Really classy.


Wrong time? It's quite clear it's on wood and concrete slabs, all lug's are still fully intact and the wood has neatly stacked 2 high underneath it, at all 4 corners of the car?

Probably the wheels were salvaged for what ever reason, maybe to set up a memorial or maybe they was whole - spoon wheels are pretty damn strong, but i very much doubt they was looted.


Look at the rest of the car guys, the wheels were probably destroyed.


That is U.S.A. is #1!


What a lost... Sorry for Spoon Sports


damn i wish i found that lying around. Id be on it like white on rice salvaging parts. I cud use some new coilovers and a type r brake set up


So sad =( The people, cars, landscape. I hope that all of Japan can make a safe and grand recovery. This is the greatest disaster for Japan since WW2. Blessings to them all. As well as the people still recovering in Haite!


it sure looks like the car had been left on blocks.. theres one on each corner. you think the wave just set it down like that? sad.


who cares about rims when the entire shop is devastated with all the other buildings!


I'm still amazed how water can do such damage.

As is says in the Spoon website : Hope. Unite. Rise.


Geez! Look at all the people making a big deal about the wheels like they've never seen a car on blocks at a wrecking yard. Spoon probably did salvage the wheels. Hm I personally would've salvaged the engine too though.


Sad but that's just metal...


I wonder why they took the wheels off the completely stock car beside it?


Just came to read about this, and I ended up spending 20 minutes reading your other stuff too, great stuff dude


Thank you for the great post – I had fun reading it! I always enjoy this blog.


hahahahahahahahahahhaha best honda ever got what it deserved.....


I am a owner of a DC5 and worked to the days and just reading this and looking at those photos, alot of hard works was gone into this, makes me sad to see this and make me value my car even more. My thought are with everyone in japan hope they can come back from this.


Well at least the cage held up.


At times like these, a rare spoon race car wreckage is the least of Japan's problem. Sad to see it like this but hopefully japan will recover soon get back on it's feet quickly!


I remember this car from gran tourismo, thats horrible.


Dont get me started on Katrina, i was there with my family, protecting my mom's home with my shotgun on the porch from stupid looters. People WILL wait for an opportunity to get whatever they can, sad to say that 6 people were shot in my hood for looting and they got what they deserved. I can see supplies to survive but tv's, watches,cars seriously.



lol. You're right, "strucken" felt weird typing it. Should have done a quick check before posting.


Pretty clear they were stolen, but seeing the damage on the car as a whole, i highly doubt the wheels were in that good of a condition.

If you notice, the other can in the back also lost it's wheels.


the roll cage is doing its job?


yes, yes i do think that in a time like this people are looting wheels. why wouldnt they? they just had everything tooken from them, im sure they are willing to take something back.


More than anything, I'm surprised that Versa's window stayed intact. Unless that's post-tsunami damage.


DIBBS ON THE ENGINE!!!!! fatal sight but umm yall still ship?? lol jkjk ...Seriously i love that car and im mad at what happened to it.


i want to take the engine!!! well it is a sad site and all i really love this car. And apparently someone took the wheels captin obvious!


Thank You for posting this Dino, these are the type of pictures that change a persons way of looking at things. (Life is short, and anything can happen ).


Would have taken the engine tough.. see if there is anything to do with that :D


I don't know why it's so surprising that people would jack things off of this car. There's people on here posting they would, so why is it so hard to believe? It really doesn't matter. True colors are shown... my prayers are for the PEOPLE in Japan... still. If this car looks this bad, imagine how the people who died look. Thoughts and prayers to EVERYone in Japan.


Think twice about that "JDM K20" you see on ebay...


I live in Japan and haven't heard any news about looters. I don't know the story here but I am sure that spoon will NOT get a fine for not moving the car as "JP" said. The area is pretty much inaccessable and giving people fines for their tsunami wrecked cars are not high priority problems. Hell, many of the vehicle owners are probably dead. Those wheels were probably in bad shape after this and may or may not have taken by looters but I'd like to think that someone took the usable wheels/tyres to put on another nearby damaged car so that car could be moved. Looking at the car behind the Integra that car is stock and if those missing wheels were stock too they would be near worthless.


like someone else said, major props to the guy that fabricated the cage, the cockpit of the car is still recognizable even after a 5k thrashing.


Looting does not occur in Japan


Have any of you guys considered the fact that this race car could have been sitting on a hoist or jack stands at the stop when it was swept away? Meaning that the wheels could have potentially not been on the car?!

I bet some of the parts on this car will end up in the US as most of the good JDM stuff finds it way over to our shores.


what??? so that aint blocks and chocks of wood under the car then??????


So whatever happened to this car?