Event>>toyotafest 2011 Pt.3

Welcome to third and final part of my coverage from Toyotafest 2011.

With its huge turnout of both classic and modern Toyota vehicles, it was one of my favorite events of the year so far, and a must-see show for the future.

Hey look, someone's rolling around SoCal with a JZX100 Chaser.

Wait a minute, that's actually an MX83 Cressida with a front end conversion. Amazing to see what people are doing with the Cressida these days.

One of the most outrageous vehicles of the day was this mega-slammed and chopped '70 Toyota Hilux pickup.

The bed portion of the truck had also been shortened by 23 inches for a very unique look.

This AE86 was another parking lot find. Still sporting original paint by the looks of it.

I'd say that the third gen Supra is another one of those cars moving closer and closer to having that "classic" status. Agree?

Love this xB on Work Goocars wheels. My personal Scion pick of the day.

Would a show like this be complete without a 2000GT? Absolutely not.

Gorgeous AE86 coupe here. Nothing crazy, just clean and original.

Subcompact cars are awesome. This supercharged Yaris looks like it would be a blast on a tight canyon road

You rarely see this body style of the Corolla liftback in the US (or in Japan for that matter). You can definitely see where the AE86 got it looks from.

This sexy black SW20 was another parking lot find.

As was this Celica, which is packing F20C power if I remember.

This Corolla wagon almost has a muscle car look to with staggered white letter rubber.

Check out this impressive selection of miniature Toyotas for sale at the show.

Most of us probably can't afford to have a 2000GT sitting in our garage, but a diecast version should suffice. Yeah?

The Cabe Toyota delivery truck is too cool.

OK, pardon me for posting a Nissan during Toyotafest coverage, but it was pretty unusual to see a stock, street-driven S15 in the parking lot.

This old Crown was also for sale in the parking lot. Another great project car candidate!

Here's one more Scion for you guys. There sure were a lot of them out there.

Can't recall seeing this S2000-powered Levin coupe anywhere before. Very well done.

One more shot of the incredible Celica that I posted in part one. When it comes to vintage Toyotas, it really gets no better than this.

That will do it for my Toyotafest show coverage. I do have a couple Car Spotlights from the event coming though, so keep an eye out for those soon.

-Mike Garrett

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No RA Celica coverage?!

No worries; ToyotaFest & SH always bring out the J-TIN Nostalgic Love!


You fooled me with the JZX100 Chaser. I wondered how was it possible to drive that in California? I still want one, but I'd settle for that MX83 Cressida. I was able to pick up a 1/64 Tomy Ueo Katsuhiro Trueno and also a 1/64 "Granchan Collection" Celica LB at the diecast vendor :)


The MKIII Supra needs a lot more love.


So awesome cant wait for PART 4 AND 5!


No Sports 800's? :(


Baby blue celica at the end, on red wheels....eff me thats sweet.


any aw11s?


no pics of blue flared RA21 celica at the show. -_- guess it being in the last pic counts =)


Great coverage! Always love to see what going on at these car shows.

Note- That S15 is just begging for a set of 18s and a drop.... Just sayin!


that cressida is cool! i always wanted to fit that front end on a later model toyota... now i wonder if it fits the lexus gs... hmn.... and that s15 is still bearing the motorex license plate frame! i didn't know they imported s15!


Where are the ALTEZZAS??????


Thats my jzx100 fronted mx83. Half a car i'd like to own. haha

That front end came with a front clip i got as part of a trade for a 2rz powered '80 celica i used to have. Im still trying to see if theres a local shop that can get this knockoff BN Sports bumper for a jzx100 chaser and hopefully later this year i'll get to score a bn sports type 2 kit off somene in canada. Swapping in a single turbo vvti 2jzgte in it this year.

Toyotafest was fun as usual, many faces i havent seen and i keep running into alot of people i know.

That light powder blue celica was my favorite along with that ratrod on the floor LoLux pickup!


shoulda taken some picture of my blue flared ra21 celica =( in the last pic ppl are standing in front of it -_-


a lot of great cars and trucks were over looked in all the coverage i've seen online. pretty disappointed.


nice to see other pictures too. check japanese nostalgic car


That red levin coupe is dope.


daymn that celica at the end is tidy as hell!


you seemed to have saved the best 'til last. - what are those wheels on the GT in the 1st photo? the slam/chop Hilux Pickup looks wicked as is! the 3rd Gen Supra's are definate classics, the white one loos good on those rims. i'd love a pop at some of those collectibles too. always nice to see the AE86's out & about in any of their usual guises. - the Corolla wagon looks cool yet beefed up with the wheel set-up and retro (original) colour. i'm not sure about these Scion's, i've never seen one in the flesh or even an interior shot, they look toyish.. i think they're too futuristicly modern for me, but looks like they have a decent size following. wicked coverage all the way through this one Mike - i'll stop now, 'cos i think i've over-blogged. Thanks.


Thank you for yet another great Event posting. Keep it coming!


That last Celica did it for me! SOOOOO nice!


Where are all my fellow ST205 GT-FOUR owners?...even a GT4 replica would have made me smile. Why dont GT4's get more coverage?


That Hilux is awesome.


No Altezza's at toyota fest? odd.


dont really like modern toyotas hopefully they make the frs or ft86. but luv the supras and mr2s , older celicas, levins and corollas mainly ae86s and the 2000gt


@Nugget I believe those wheels are Hayashi Racing not sure on model but it's what it looks like to me.


i think you has to created more events like this in another country, like in centroamerica to see cars from salvador and guate.


I'm a fan of Cressida's.....