Event>>toyotafest 2011 Pt.2

There's a lot more to show from last weekend's Toyotafest event in Long Beach, so let's jump right back into it with part two.

The Tokico Levin you see above was another one of my personal highlights of the show, looking like it just came from one of the AE86 meets at Tsukuba Circuit.

Deep R-Type Watanabes and racing rubber. A match made in heaven.

This drag-spec SW20 MR2 was a bit unusual. Not one of the typical platforms you associate with drag racing.

A beautiful Celica, unburdened by the US-market crash bumpers that would become mandatory by the mid '70s.

The MS75 Crown Coupe was a pretty handsome car by 1970's standards, no?

There were several non-US market in attendance, including this EP91 Starlet Turbo.

I can't help but feel that the early Coronas are a little under-appreciated as far as vintage Japanese cars go.

Before heading home I took a few minutes to walk around the parking lot on the hunt for cool cars. That's where I spotted this trio of AE86s.

Also this beautiful MA70 Supra.

Came across this scraping Lexus GS as well.

Another one of the many dressed up xB's of the day. Look at the how the front fender sits right on the lip of the wheel!

The US boso movement just got real.

The old 5Zigen JGTC Supra was out on display, looking awesome in all of its 1990s glory.

Right now it's just a rolling chassis, but imagine how cool it would be if someone built a time attack car, or even a street car out of this?

You don't see many AE86s rolling around on 13" wheels, but this Zenki hatchback pulls it off nicely. The fact that the wheels are super rare TRD pieces doesn't hurt either.

A newer Corolla done up with all the modern touches.

When Toyota brought its van to the US in the 1980s, it was given the very creative "Toyota Van" name. This one might be the cleanest example you'll ever see.

1JZ-swapped Cressida. Simple and to the point.

A fun-loving AE86 complete with a woodgrain hood.

Does anyone not like station wagons? Really.

Perhaps I'm strange, but I thought this Prius on TE's was pretty damn cool.

A very clean AW11. If I was driving this and someone on the street asked me what kind of car it is, I'd probably tell them it's a Ferrari.

A '74 Corolla with a 20-valve 4AGE swap. I can dig it.

Here's a Lexus IS representing the plusher side of Toyotafest.

I'll wrap up part two with this tasty AE86 Levin in Cusco livery.

More from Toyotafest tomorrow!

-Mike Garrett



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Staggared starks on the MR2 look awesome!!


Tons of legendary Toyotas from all eras, but no one ever seems to remember the Celica Alltrac Turbo (aka, the Celica GT-Four. An awesome car in both ST165 and ST185 guises, but it seems to have been completely forgotten as enthusiasts seek out the much more popular MR2 and Supra made at the same time.

Any love at all for the rally bred, 3SGTE powered, four wheel drive Celica?


those are some rare & beautiful rims on that wagon ya go there!


Great pictures and awesome cars. There are many MR2s set up for drag racing, by the way. Not uncommon.


that newer Corolla is a Xrs with the 2ZZ-GE from the Celica GT-S... These cars don't get the attention they deserve!!! Great show... I should go one time before I die hehe...


cool corolla with the wood hood

anymore pix??


whats with americans and wrecking ae86s by doing stupid mods like roof racks and wood grain hoods , im all for having fun when it comes to modifying your car but it just looks stupid alomost as if yogi bear was a drifter


You don't see Toyota vans from that generation that nice because almost all of them have been crashed. They had a reputation for terrible handing and brakes.


The green wagon is awesome. Would love to drive something like that.


no mkII supra's?!??!?!!?


Shout out to Brian and Marc. Y'alls cars looked beautiful. Cressida luv, y'all; even though I let mine go.



I want that mint van and the Tokico's Levin!


That MA70 Supra looks immaculate.


anymore pictures of the AE86 wit the woodgrain hood??

great pictures by the way Mike!!


so awesome, cant wait til part 3!!!



Overlove that Corolla '74 and Cusco AE86!


...and "never" see AE111's :(


plenty to like here.. i'll let the pictures do the talking for once - love that Tokico AE86 the most tho', although the 1974 Corolla isn't without its charms - remember the Hi-Ace vans Curtis? - respect is due - thanks for a wicked trip down memory lane


i love the red ra21 celica with riverge wheels. looks like theres a blue celica behind it. would love to see a pic of that one on here. it had louvers on it which are super rare on these 1stgen celica coupes


great post! please tell me you got a shot of the blue ra29 on hayashi's!


Are the Cusco and Tokico 86s LHD or RHD?


anymore info on that ae86 with the wood grain hood??


Nice post here. I own a 71' Corona right now that I am trying to get on the road. Maybe one day I'll be at one of these events.


That Prius is tastefully done.


Hey thats me in the middle and my homie on the left in the trio of ae86's in the parking lot!


MOAR MK3 SUPRAS!!!!!!!!!!!!


A Glanza V in the US? Awesome!


This is a very nice show with lots of original and well-kept old-school Toyotas. But, don't get carried-away with all modified cars you see on this show. Seeing the pictures, it reminded me of the Red '74 Corolla with a 20-valve 4AGE swap - engine sounds nice, paint is shiny, but lets talk about keeping the car original. Fact is, original cars with original engines (even if it is only 90HP) are more desirable and has more market value, than a car with all those ITBs engines, etc, and unecessary bling-blings around the body. I've seen soo many 70s corollas in this show with simple but clean and impressive upgrades. CLEANLINESS is a big factor.

1st, this car looks like there's a lot of fabrication done on the body. The car's flares are fabricated just to make it look like a mango (SR5 to be specific). Is there even a Peanut model that has an original fender flares? - I don't think so. I will even make a wild guess that this car is filled with dynamat on its floor, panes, and thrunk space.

Another, why would the owner even bother to put that big front chin? It just made the car look cheap. The size of that front chin is just soo unproportional it made his car look like a lawn-mower. Look at the Red Celica and notice how nice and proportional the chin is. So, the owner wants to make his car look like a Mango SR5, and also look like a Celica.

Next,why put a 15-inch rims on a Nostalgia Corolla? Yeah, its a TOM's, but why not get a size 13inch TOM's? Or TRD Toscos? - That would look really cool on his car. But unfortunately, he opted for a size 15" which I dont even understand why. I think this car is the only 70s corolla there with a 15-inch wheels. Well, I think he wants to be unique.

I'm really sorry for critisizing this car but I don't think the owner did a good job.The mods done in this car is a combination of soo many conflicting ideas, making the car look like a ricer.

Yes, the engine is outstanding and I think that's the only ++ for this car. And the owner is so proud of this, he brags about it. But,how challenging is it to make an engine swap?--easy if you have the money. There's even corollas with s2000 engines --- impressive? --- no.

Check out japanese nostaligic car website and you will see a lot of cleaner and nicer-looking nostalgic corollas in there.

For the owner of this Red KE25 - I hope you'll have a better taste of cleaner upgrades for your car. I'll see you next year. Sorry for the critique.


That green station wagon is a Toyota Corona Mark II. My parents bought one in 1972, we owen it for 15yr. Wish we never sold it!


that station wagon is on green hayashi yayoi/sakuras! <3


No ST205 GT-FOURs!? I'm disappointed...


Noooooo!!!!! Don't hint at ruining the JGTC Supra!!! Complete it, get it running and track ready, and take it to vintage race weekends throughout the country!!!


Man, the Toyota guys are KILLING IT! I'm loving these cars, everything from the AE86's, the newer Corolla, to the badass Zokushas. U.S. Bosozoku represent! Haha!


Welcome to third and final part of my coverage from Toyotafest 2011. With its huge turnout of both classic and modern Toyota vehicles, it was one of my favorite events of the year so far, and a must-see show for the future.


waw ! nice !


"can't help but feel that the early Coronas are a little under-appreciated as far as vintage Japanese cars go."

Umm... maybe they're underappreciated because they look terrible!


The thought of turning the 5Zigen Supra into a street car made me pass out! Best idea ever!!!


that wagon was sick but those wheels were not hayashis

they were the OG wheel copy of the actual sakuras

sorry fellas


Naiveness with the drag MR2. there are plenty out there, they have great launches compared to a lot of vehicles.


i love the old mr2 and that corolla


I can't believe that jgtc supra doesnt run yet. Lazy super street douche...


The wagon is mine, and thank you for the kind words on it. Cory if you look at the axis copy you will see a very noticeable difference in the spokes and lip design on the wheel. Just FYI...

Either way thanks for posting the pics Mike. You guys are still the best!!!


By far the biggest star at Toyotafest 2011: a MX61 Cressida with a huge star-shaped exhaust! Cressida MX61 with a huge star-shaped exhaust
Great to see the bosozoku style catching on in the US! Photo taken by Mike Garret/Speedhunters. Found at [Speedhu


what happened to part 1??


what happened to part 1??


what happened to part 1??


what happened to part 1??