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Here we go with part two of my coverage of the Japanese Car Festival at Circuit Park Zandvoort. The R33 Skyline owners were out in full force. The cars ranged from the GTS version to the top of the line GT-R model.

This very wide 350Z belonged to Tim Coronel, the twin brother of Tom Coronel who races in the WTCC. Tim used the car later in the day for a drift demonstration.

A completely different 350Z was this version built by Fullcartuning.

To fill the grid of the Time Attack, the organizers invited SVA Imports with their Evo. I’ll have a closer look in a spotlight later on. When they fired up the car, I was right next to it and my whole body began to vibrate. It’s a real beast.

Outside the paddock and the track was a large parking area where I found these two beauties.

The Honda Civic hatchback is a favorite amongst the Dutch tuners. It looked like this EK had an older brother …

… because this EG had the exact same style.

This Lexus IS350 is one of the democars from Showoff Imports. I really like the clean lines of the IS and they are only improved with the carbon extra’s.

This RX7 really grabbed my attention. Never knew we had a car like this on Dutch roads. I saw it on the Wangan Warriors stand and it really ticked all the right boxes.

The only Hachiroku I saw was this Panda version on mismatched wheels.

I also spotted this wingless R34, although I’m not sure if it is a legit GT-R. I’ll have to take a closer look in the during a next event.

A proud owner stands next to his Honda Civic Coupe. The car reminds me of my first Civic Coupe that I had ten years ago.

You don’t see these Volk GT-C rims very often, but they are a perfect match on this midnight purple Skyline R33.

One of the few VIP inspired car I saw at the show. The entire VIP scene is unfortunately non-existent in Holland. Maybe in a few years when the cars become cheaper I’ll see some more of these cars at events.

This Honda Legend was another VIP inspired ride.

In the next coming days I will have a few spotlights off some of the cars that really stood out to me.

-Jeroen Willemsen

Japanese Car Festival



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Thanks again for the email on the Cressida featured in the previous posting!

Too bad you didn't spot the other two hachis on the parking area: they both were fabulous! The red one featured a set of stretched tires around white doridoris while the purple featured a just finished 3SGE Beams blacktop swap! The purple featured on my blog earlier this week. :)


that legend coupe is so rare to see in the tunning scene (or the road these days)

but that rims gotta go...


That R34 is an GT-T, RWD and RB25DET. It's Olaf Commijs' drift car ;)


Damn ! This Legend is legit ! If you have more info/pictures of it...


Very nice event with fantastic weather and a lot of track action :-)

Nice report Jeroen.


did that blue Z have a Porsche wing?!?!?!!?


Those Volks are so NFS Underground 2!


That legend reminds me of my old one... ;( 1990 light gold 5 speed coupe... gotta love the legends!


The Rx7 is owned by Jeff from Purple Monkey Engineering. stay on the look out for that dude, because this is just the beginning!


The Honda Legend on the left on the last pic is mine:



the panda hachi is from japser, sr20det powered, you should do a spotlight on it!


Damn that RX7 looks so good.


props to the fellow Volk GTC Face 2 owner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Face 2 for life!



I noticed that purple AE86 as well, walked past it, walked back, checked engine bay...AWESOME!


no vip scene in Holland? Sounds like they dont like vandalizing perfectly good cars, that's a good thing actually.


I love that FD3S!


The, r34 is a GTT. With wide rear fenders.