Event>> Eibach Honda Meet 2011 – Pt.2

Hope you guys are ready for some more Honda material, because here comes the next part of my coverage from Sunday's all-Honda meet at Eibach Springs in Corona.

On with the Honda loving then.

As I mentioned in yesterday's post, there was no shortage of bike racks at this year's meet. Such as the one affixed to the roof of this DA Integra.

Another DC5 RSX on Regamasters. Most DC5's are given the Type R treatment, but this one looks sharp with the low profile rear spoiler.

The fine rear profile of the AP2 S2000, enhanced by a Mugen hard top.

This stripped out and caged Civic sedan was one of my favorites of the day. Who says Honda guys don't care about function?

Another great looking Accord Wagon. Boy do I miss my old one when I see cars like this.

This four-door Si was another car I spotted in the streets outside the Eibach HQ.

You might remember this TSX from my coverage of last year's Autofashion VIP festival. Worth another post for sure.

Love this black DC2 Integra. No gimmicks here.

Hey, what are all those guys looking at?

Oh I see. Gimme da gold, I want da gold.

One of the nicest EP3 Civics I've seen in a long time.

You don't see Advan Model 5's on S2000's too often. What do you think?

Clean and simple, just a Honda should be. This coupe will look just as good 20 years from now as it does today.

Accord sedan taking a bath in the rain.

This late model Accord ventured to Eibach all the way from the state of Colorado. Gives you an idea of just how big this event is.

This year there was an indoor area with vendors and aftermarket companies displaying Honda products.

Anyone looking for a set of Spring Harts?

This CRX looks ready for battle thanks to its olive green body.

A Civic sitting alongside an NSX. Yes this Honda country.

Work Meisters do in fact look good on everything, including this yellow EG.

A Civic sedan with a Domani front end conversion. There are actually quite a few cars with this conversion rolling around California.

Here's a view of the traffic jam outside the meet with Corona PD directing traffic. Nuts.

Well, that will do it for part two.

I'll be back tomorrow to wrap things up from Eibach 2011.

-Mike Garrett



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You know you're in Southern California when:

It rains and a lot of folks don't have wipers because it almost never rains in Southern California.


Nice coverage. Thanks for the opening picture with my car!!


That four-door Si is HOT. I reckon that model is heaps underrepresented, I <3 them.


You gotta love Honda's.


I love the Domokun in the background of the photo of the Prelude indoors!!!


the 4 door Si looks cool, thats the kind of look i like. the black EP3 Civic does look nice, nobody really seems to do much to these, in the UK they are popular as a purchase but i think they lack that "hey it's a Honda" spark! i saw my first late model Accord in the flesh and it looked gangster, very angular. the rear bumper is huge and must cost a fortune to replace, just for its sheer size. the white one does looks 'the biz' on those rims. the CRX in green looks just like my old Twin-Carb ride from back in the day, need to get me another one of them soon - i've enjoyed this coverage so much.. thanks!


dude i love the coverage but where is the love for the accord coupes?


Another Honda post, nothing but civic civic civic civic accord S2000 civic civic civic civic integra

Big Mike's Prelude is nice but I KNOW there were other amazing samples there, wish you woulda snapped a few. The stock shape alone is mad gators over any honda except the NSX.


Thanks Mike G for another awesome pic of my red tsx!


The Black Si 4 door<3

Am i the only one that thinks that Late model Accord looks like a Scion TC/ Honda Element bastard?


Amen. Prelude doesn't get anywhere near the love it deserves (even from the Honda crowd).


4-Door EK's give me hope. Please tell me there's a D-series in there!


second to last pic was exactly where me n my boy parked right on the corner..... we were the only! clean s13 there (white carbon hood).. we arrived very early with a couple buddies n their rhd eg's damn looks like tht pic was taken right after we left .. cool meet id love to see if anyone has more info on the rhd itb integra tht got towed .. poor fellow


Whoa. Mexicans roll like that in Cali huh? Lol


spotlight on the civic in the last picture. saw it in modified mag and thought it was awesome. that thing needs a spotlight!!!!!