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Following Mike's announcement hinting that we might very well see production versions of the FT-86 at the Tokyo Motorshow this year, what better way to celebrate this great bit of news than with some hachiroku goodness from this past weekend's meeting at Tsuzuki PA. It's been well over a year since I've stopped by this little parking area on the Daisan-Keihin stretch of highway, in fact the last time was for this exact same meet back in March last year. Tsuzuki is a great little spot to gather but it's probably the most difficult to shoot at as there is virtually little or no light to play with. But nothing high ISO settings and a sturdy tripod won't solve!

I got there nice and early and there were 25 or so cars there already, with more rolling in by the minute.

As ever the organizers got there before everyone in order to "reserve" this part of the PA right in front pretty much the only illumination there is.

Looks like this owner is torn between running oldschool wheels and more modern ones like the TE37Vs fitted up front. I quite like the mix myself!

Hachiroku's as far as the eye can see from wildly tuned ones…

…to ones with a more stock feel about them.

Damn that M35 Stagea ruins what could have been the perfect line up!

The classic "panda" look is one that I always like, simplicity is best as they say.  

The question is which one of these Truenos would you choose, the coupe or hatchback? Definitely a tough one!

Like any car meet checking out each ride that shows up is the most fun bit, see what parts individual owners have gone for or what custom made modifications some come up with.

It's all about individuality and AE86 owners are very good at knowing how to make their cars stand out.

Advan three-spokes are very hard to pull off, but sometimes they almost look right!

Can anyone guess the wheels…

…on this Levin?

What was I saying about simplicity?

How wide can you go on overfenders!

With the meeting in full bloom…

…and after everyone had arrived it was time for a group picture with all the owners, family and friends. Not a bad turn out!

Check out this cool KE70 Corolla Wagon, might not be an AE86 but my lord did it stand out in that dark parking area!

There is more to see from Tsuzuki PA including a few muscle cars that rolled in later in the night. Don't miss the second part of the coverage.

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Cool, get them all on the track!

Wheels might be Linear Sports? Never seen hubcaps for them tho.


Wow, that Dart that finishes up the series has some seriously stealthy rear flares over the tire...awesome.


Wheels are ssr super fins?


I'd choose the hatchback. I think... ;)


Nice coverage! I totally love that KE70 wagon on Enkei Bajas! :)

The wheels on the Levin? I'd say they are SSR EX-C Reverse without the disks mounted. ;)


The gray AE56 in the sixth pic is a sleeper!!!


the wheels on the red Levin appear to be SSR EX-C


Love the blurple hatch........



I would like to guess that red levin has SSR EX-C wheels, or atleast thats what I believe those are named. I know they are anolder SSR wheel, not very common or popular here in the states.



ssr super fins on that levin?


love it. that all black levin with the panasports?(i think) is my favorite. and the wagon


ssr ex-c mesh. the wheels on the red levin.


ssr super fins?


'tis not simplicity, it's simply good. Dang whoever thought of the looks of the Initial D AE86 must be some cool and awesome guy.


Wheels are SSR Super Fins?


i think i'd have the hatchback version not the 'booted' one, the Levin version without pop up headlamps, fitted with bulgy over-fenders and some old school deep-dish rims just to buck the trend. - i like the wheels on the KE70 Wagon, very old school. - at least i know where i have to go to get a half decent one.


[via NuggetG60YorkshireUK's computer]

i love the look of these cars so much. - Hachiroku, Trueno, Levin, Sprinter, Apex?? its all a bit confusing for a novice like me - keep it coming with Part 2 please! Thanks for the post.


I think the red panda Levin is on Defi Fins because of the turbine like spokes. I believe it's the same Defi that makes the guages. I really like the purple/blue Levin hatch with the TE37Vs and SSR MKIIs wheels.


SSR defi fin


LOL @ the guy sleeping in his car in the 7th pic.

the wheels are...Jacnifes? shit idk I might just be a vintage wheel noob, can't get too many of them in 5x114!


I'll take the hatchback hands down


Wheels are heroes racing???


Its Dom Torreto that rolled up in the muscle car. This inspires me to build mine again


Wheels on that red Levin are definitely Defi fins.


Lovin the green hatch!


Cool meeting! Must have been really fun.

Even if the AE86 chassis is not what you would call an sports car, I still like them a lot... it's Shuichi Shigeno's fault.


ssr defi fins... i have a set :D


Wheels are Work E Wing fins !


wheels on the red levin are very rare trd's they pretty much look like ssr's but they are not.i have one set seating in my garage.


the rims on the red levin are very rare trd's they look like ssr fins but they are not.cheers :D


One thing I missabout living in Japan is the diverse car culture...everything to even low riders