Editorial>> Things To Do Before You Die

"One day, I'm going to…"

I've lost count of how many times I've heard – or said – this during a conversation with a fellow car nut. And almost every dinner conversation I've had with the Speedhunters team eventually becomes a discussion of the events we dream of one day going to, or the ones that left a lasting impression on us. While cars are the material centrepiece, I think it's the experiences that they bring that are most valuable. 

With this in mind, Speedhunters will be unveiling a mini-series on the Things to Do Before You Die…

…A check-list of things to do, places to see and cars to drive that every Speedhunter out there needs to do in their lifetime. You won't need to win the lottery either. Although some might not be the easiest to accomplish, we've tried to keep our hand-picked list realistic, and within the grasp of anyone who is committed to their automotive addiction.

Our Things to Do Before You Die isn't just a list of places to visit. While being a tourist and seeing the globe's car culture is certainly important, more so is your involvement in the scene. On the list you can expect to see some things to do behind the wheel… 

…And others that require you to get down and dirty. While working on your own car can be a painful, exhausting experience that you hate at the time, it is often these moments that enthusiasts forever cherish.   

To people like you and I, cars are our passion. And hopefully our mini-series will inspire you to explore what's out there in the automotive world.

And trust us, some of the things out there are truly life changing.

As I mentioned briefly a few weeks ago, our Honda month was our last full-on theme. We will still have mini-themes and specials like this month's Things to Do Before You Die. However, what you can expect to see from day to day is a broad spectrum of differently flavoured articles. We're keeping some of our cards close to our chest, but here are some hints of what will be coming your way.

[Photo by Easton Chang]

Each month we'll be showcasing the work of automotive photographers – both the established and the emerging – from around the world. We know a bunch of our readers are talented photographers too, so we'll be looking to give some of you the spotlight as well!  

We'll be providing insights into our favourite ribbons of asphalt, along with a look at famous race tracks and what makes them so special.

A regular for each month will be our popular Car Life posts.

We'll also be taking you behind the closed doors of various tuners and car builders. This month, we'll take a peek into Roger Clark Motorsport, the folk behind that killer 850hp Gobstopper STi.

And if you're anything like us, you'll love seeing some builds. Each month, we'll be scouring the Earth for some of the coolest cars in the making, such as this truly insane AE86. Can you pick the motor?

We'll be bringing you meatier articles as well. We hoped you guys liked our West Coast Honda discussion last week, and we have a huge list of tasty – and some controversial – discussions coming your way. You can also expect to see interviews with car builders, drivers and key people in our scene each and every month.

We'll also be attending meets each month to discover what's going on at street level. In Long Beach we'll be at Toyotafest…

…And we'll be snapping away at Eibach's famous meet as well.

The Eibach Meet is an enormous gathering of SoCal Hondas, and we'll be bringing you our picks from the day.

Meanwhile on the other side of the Pacific we'll be covering the Tsuzuki AE86 Meet in Japan.

Mike will be at Santa Maria for Cruisin' Nationals.

Having run for nearly 30 years, the Cruisin' Nationals has a truly unique vibe without any pretense. I don't know about you, but I can't wait to see the cars and atmosphere at this event.

[Image from Google Maps]

In a couple of weeks, Linhbergh will be heading out into the Mojave Desert to the dry lakes of El Mirage. 

Speedhunters will also be in Texas again for three days of non-stop Texas Mile action. Why are we heading back so soon?

…Because a certain V12 Supra, along with its smoking owner, are currently on their way to Houston. That's right folks, Top Secret's Supra is currently in a container on its way to U.S. shores.

I only recently returned from NYC, and to be honest I haven't bothered to really unpack, as I'm heading straight back out the door. In a couple of days, Speedhunters and Team Need for Speed will be trekking to Atlanta for Formula DRIFT.

This is my first visit to FD Atlanta, and I can't wait to smell burnt rubber again!

May sees action on all fronts for Team Need for Speed. 

Chris Rado will be out in the Scion for the Global Time Attack…

…While our new GT3 cars will be heading to the season opener at Algarve, Portugal. Both Rod and Jonathan will be bringing you daily updates from the track.

Fellow Aussie Casey Dhnaram has been counting down the days until he could return to Japan. And this month, he's back in the Land of the Rising Sun. 

As drifting fans will know, Daijiro Inada and Keiichi Tsuchiya parted ways with D1GP to form their own breakaway series. 'Drift Muscle' as it's known, kicks off this month and Speedhunters will have Dino on hand to give his observations on the event.

May also means the Old/Now Car Festival is on again at Tsukuba.

Old/Now is an event of truly staggering proportions… 

…And has become a fantastic gathering of open wheelers, exotics, classics and race cars.

Ross will also be heading to Norfolk Arena for the second round of BDC.

Drift Allstars is headed to Sunderland, and so are we.

The BHP Performance Show is about to get under way and Ross will be heading down to the Lydden Race Circuit to capture all of the action.

And judging by previous years, 2011's BHP should be a cracker!

We've been covering Martin Ffrench's Altezza since its build, and this month Martin will be discussing what it's like to finally compete in his creation.

We also have an eclectic range of car features from around the world. Ross will be doing a spotlight on this G35 drifter…

…While Mike will be taking a closer look at this 5.0 Ford Fairmont…

…Along with this NASCAR-spec Dodge Daytona.

Over in the UK, Paddy's snapped the pro class time attack BC Racing Impreza.

Along with this cool Ford Escort.

And, some 12,000 miles away in New Zealand, is this Honda F20C-powered AE86.

Of course, we haven't revealed everything; this is just a taste of what's to come. You'll just have to wait and see what else May has in store for Speedhunters!

- Charles Kha



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I really can't wait. It seems to be an interesting months.


wicked - i think thats goona be grrreat!! roll on May..


i think he meant its gonna be great, which i'm sure it will be.

[via NuggetG60YorkshireUK's computer]


Things to do before I die - visit motorsports holy grails.

Indianaplolis for the 500

Monaco for the Grand Prix

Bathurst for touring cars (done)

Daytona for Stockcars

Le Mans for sportscars

Not sure yet for Rally


Article on the gobstopper. An absolute must-read when it is finished:) Can't wait. Throttle activated NOS-injection FTW


more info on the k20 powered 86 with all the crazy fab work please


can't wait...

let 'em rip!


Very much looking forward to this! Keep up the amazing work! :)


this is so coo....i cant wait to see what's instore


Rad. I'm feelin what's in store for this month


Loving the variation in articles set for this month, can't wait!


Loving the variation in articles set for this month, can't wait!


Goodbye Honda month, and good riddance!

I think it's a good idea to get rid of these month-long themes. I can only read so much about an automotive sub-culture I am only mildly interested in.


Awesome! Really looking forward to the photographer features and other photo based stuff. Not to mention the GT3/(GT1?) coverage!


Great article, thank's ;)


Things to do before I die...

*Rob a bank and ecape in a Brabus Bullit


*Reach 250mph on city streets


this a great month u should do this every month to get us exited


How the hell do all those cars fit on little Tsukuba??? Looks like it's going to be a great feature!


is the motor in the ae86 s k20 or k24? probably got a custom bell housing with a s2 tranny?

correct me if im wrong........


My head asplode!


The greatest automotive websie <3


The greatest automotive websie <3


Charles Kha, this is why I have a man crush on you...


mazdaspeeder86 and Jody Forte:

he said its an s2k motor so its an f20c or an f22c but seeing as only the f20 was available down under (and therefore most likely for nz as well), its probs an f20c.


Things to do before you die, AKA The Bucket List, Speedhunters Edition:

1. Drive a car past 200 MPH.

2. Witness F1 racing.

3. Do a wheelie in an all-American muscle car.

4. Drift on the infamous Ebisu Circuits.

5. Build a car from the ground up.

6. Pay $30 for one lap around the Nurburgring Nordschliefe.

7. Drive a car with over 1000 hp.

8. Put on a helmet.

9. Take your car to the track and HAVE FUN.

10. Have your car break down but fix it and be happy about it.

11. Witness the FIA GT series.

12. Watch a NASCAR race from start to finish.

13. Have pictures of all those events and place them in a scrapbook.

14. Go to a really big car meet.

15. Watch a rally car get some insane air time.

16. Get at least one picture with a booth babe at an auto show or at a motorsports event.

The Bucket List:Speedhunters Edition...........Complete

Total cost to complete list= $100000

Total cost of the big smile on your face= priceless

For everything else, there's Speedhunters.com


Hope you guys come and cover East Coast Honda Meet 2011! Richmond VA / Fredericksburg VA! Going to be a good time. Fast Go-Karts and good people!


love the fact that you guys gonna have that section on automotive photography. being an avid car photographer it'll be great to see what other like minded people are up to around the world!!


K20! I thought Honda FWD motors spun in the opposite rotation to normal RWD cars - rendering them inappropriate for a RWD conversion? Wouldn't you have 5 reverse gears and one foward? Unless something tricky is done with the diff...



Unless the K series motor in the bay is for a late april fools joke, then that looks like a k20/24 swap to me, seen dozens of f20/22 swaps thats no F motor, looks like a type S k20, note the i-vtec bulge on front of head, the real question is how long before we see the whole build,, I'm seeing lots of work done to this car

1. raised strut towers in front

2. altered front suspension with reinforcement (no tension rod brackets, no room for conventional sway bar)

3. front roll center height adjustable via lower control arm position on crossmember (ala v8 touring cars)

4. car had a trd n2 paint scheme

5. no visible engine mounts

6. obvious fabricated front arches (beautiful work)

7. engine appears like it will be dry sumped (no visible pan, and the x bracing going from front to Xmember leaves no room for a sump pan)

8. thats a k series motor, (any one who knows their engines can see this)



I'm excited to see all the new Speedhunting.


My speed fix should be well taken care of...


luckily i've already beated my bucket list..

1. drive on the nordschleife

2. jump out of an airplane

3. have s.. with a brunette



This website is truly amazing, inspirational and directly communicating with the reader with refreshing

themes and topics every month or so! You speedhunters are just too awesome to be complimented enough




As far as i know the kseries motors spin the right way just like the f20/22, its the Bseries and older gen that have this issue

also rich_hobo94

that car at bottom from New Zealand is a different ae86 to the engine bay shot above, so that is the f20c powered one that car looks kinda setup for drift with that "loud" rear bumper and the jblood type flares, other car screams n2 from paint scheme alone, would be sad if it wasnt a purpose built track car and just another well built drift car


I am so proud to have been born in such an exciting month! Speedhunters is now offically my homepage!


I'll be in the Toyotafest car show, I have a 88 Mr2 supercharged, I hope I can catch and meet you guys. Where can I get a speedhunters decal quick? lol or will you guys be handing some out?




I'll be at Santa Maria! WCK represent!


Being that you guys are insanely connected with what goes on in the car world.. Could you please let us in on where you'll be? and when? A calendar with all these meets, races, and events would be greatly beneficial for each and every one of the events you attend.


May sounds like a bomb!


According to the organiser's website, the Coca-Cola Old/Now Car Festival due to take place at Tsukuba on 5th May has been postponed. This is due to the 11th March Tohoku earthquake and tsunami. They have yet to announce the revised date. http://www.oldnow.net/ns20110324.html


Awesome work Charles ... can't wait for this! Hopefully get to see more of your editorial style articles from your ASM days too! Always was great reading! Keep up the good work guys!!!


things 2 do be4 i die:

1. get n S13