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A couple of very cool RC cars have been announced recently, and one of those is a 1/10th scale RC of the well-known Sumo Power GT-R. This 4WD RC will be produced by Tamiya…

…While those of you on the Speedhunters Facebook page will have seen us announce that HPI Racing have produced a 1/10th scale version of Vaughn Gittin JR's Mustang.

And the best part about these two RC cars? They both have Speedhunters on the sides!

- Charles Kha



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I love the SUMO POWER NISSAN SKYLINE is beautiful and furious wing corore now in the FIA GT1 sumo respects to the power that an done a good job with this car.


Sumo Power GT-R!!!


In addition HPI is producing a Mustang for JTP as well. Sadly the chassis they use isn't my favorite and kinda fragile.

Nice to see drifting still making progress in RC.

Tandem of Die to lyfe.



dammmmn! the gtr is sick. i hope there have the shell for it. gonna fit it to my drift RC.


Sweeet, just one problem. Where do you get these??


Nuggetyorkshire...your a dick.


both look very good - i'll try and get my hands on both.


I want a Fredric Aasbø RC Supra :(


Not a fan of Vaughn Gittin but definitely love speedhunters! like it when you post something on smaller scales. Visit my blog yo!

P/S: In June 2011, HPI racing will come out with new drift chassis TC-FD. Should be exiting to drive those!


Nice , i might get that , I also have speedhunter on my RC car Replica of AASBOs SUPRA ;)




Coool! What's the price on these?


The HPI drifters will be about $198 ready to run from online spots such as Tower Hobby and Hobby People.

Hopefully the painted bodies will also be available separate for replacement or use of another chassis.


HPI is a well known brand but recently the parts is so hard to come by here in Malaysia. For occasional drifting it is ok to purchase RTR (ready to run) kit. But for serious competitions involving many aspects of it (Speed, Angle, Agility, Steering works etc) it is better to drive the current kit namely HPI TC-D or TC-FD or other brands. The current kit refers to the design of the front motor and horizontal/rear battery location. It will help the consistent countersteering handling without any corrections. Another essential mods is the gear ratio setup which enable different rotations on the car to imitate the RWD car even with RC 4WD. Example 2.0 ratio means the front wheels will rotate 2 times and the rear wheels 1 times for real countersteering driving. Since then, RC Drifting had becoming realistic with the car movements, setup, the track details, videos, some had sounds and smokes! I can't affort the tires cost for my A31 for 1:1 drifting, RC drifting enables me to further my interest on drifting even with 1:10 scales! Cheers! Azwan