Car Spotlight>>v8 Cressida Pair

As I mentioned during my Toyotafest event coverage last week, there was a huge Cressida turnout at the show. The popularity of this rear-drive sedan has skyrocketed in the last few years and there are some very serious Cressida builds in the United States these days.

At Toyotafest I came across a pair of MX83 Cressidas that both had LSX swaps, but otherwise couldn't be more different from each other.

One of them was stock on the outside. And I mean stock. The paint, the body, the wheels and tires, and the suspension were all factory-spec.

As was the interior, complete in its original navy blue hue. How about those automatic seatbelts?

Ah yes, but the GM V8 under hood is most certainly not stock. As you can see, the car was done by Daft Innovations out of Modesto, California.

Can you say sleeper? I can only imagine how it fun it'd be to sneak up on unsuspecting cars at stoplights in this thing.

The other V8-swapped Cressida is much more aggressive in appearance.

For starters, its sitting a few inches lower than the sleeper machine.

The SSR D5R wheels are tucked nicely into the fenders.

Quite a contrast from the other interior isn't ? Here we have a stripped out cockpit with a bucket seat, a roll cage, and of course that awesome chain steering wheel.

The heart of the operation. I like how the Corvette engine covers have been retained.

So, which one of these two once-mundane family sedans do you prefer? The unassuming sleeper, or the in your face drift car?

-Mike Garrett



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I'd take the sleeper any time, that would never get old!


umm...the sleeper for sure. while i respect the other one, i'm really not into the all the fancy stuff.


Ah, always a fan of the unassuming sleeper. I wonder if this is a "One Tire Fire" or if they have addressed that issue.


Sleeper for sure. might put some wider tires on the rear though


when you put a ls motor in a 1980 somethin cressida, im pretty sure you change the fucking diff


I'd take the sleeper, but I would get some aftermarket suspension. Lowering a car a bit makes it look better without making it look obviously modified.


the non-sleeper needs a set of oldskool barrels.


The only way you would know something is up on the sleeper would be the fact that it's 5 speed which was never a factory model on that body style. Other than that 90% of car guys would be dumbstruck.


@ZZ...both on stock 8" rear end,that's toyota build quality for y'alls

@ChrisOFNA...both are 6spd(T56)


How fuckin awful.....seriously,WTF is wrong with a 1 or 2JZ swap anymore?...if your so incensed on a V8 swap.rock a 1UZ.........these last cuppl feature cars make me want to puke.....knockoffs galore and stock cars with LS swaps...what great content.....come to me if you want something original .I've got a totally built t130 w a 1JZ or a jzz30 that I did a 1UZ wR154 swap with a Tilton pedal set with remote MCs... ..NOT ONE KNOCKOFF!!....I'm here when ya want real cars to cover


Cop that Sleeper.


Sweet tach in the second one.




Considering even the modded one looks dorky, I'd take the complete sleeper. These cars will never actually look GOOD, IMHO, so you might as well go the subtle sleeper route.


the drifter for dope looks and such but you gotta admit how many bottom lips would fall when they see a stock looking cressida sitting on there bumper and no matter what they do they cant get away, until it just shoosh pass you. priceless!!


+1 for the sleeper. That would be so fun. My fried has a P71 crown victoria police interceptor with the chipped 4.6 ad it is a blast. Complete grandma car on the outside, but it goes and sounds like a mustang gt


Sleeper for sure. might put some wider tires on the rear though


I'd take the more radical one. I'd put some smaller deeper wheels on it though.


That black Cressida is so great. It takes so much restraint to keep a car of that caliber that clean and stock. It really makes a statement to all these guys out there that have their priorities all wrong. It seems these days that all people think about is lowering their cars and putting on bling wheels and they often do it all wrong! Stock is better than poorly done!


both have good points.. i'd plump for the unassuming sleeper!


ahahaha ZZ fun stuff



the sleeper for sure! All i'd do is put some 265's on the rear (standard rims)!


Wow another LSX Swap....

All aboard!!!


Sleeper without a doubt!


Can u imagine parking out in the sun for a few hours and then jumping in and grabbing that chain steering wheel? AAAARGH!!!


Is speedhunters now a site where comments are censored?

just a little suspicious when it says there's 16 comments but only 9 are showing ..I know I posted one that isn't there .

.funny I didn't think I was in Stalin era Soviet Union


Not 1UZs, find myself not caring. Clean swaps otherwise.


automatic seatbelt? wow


The guy who built these cressida's has a few tricks under his sleeve including a s13 lsx swap and a v8 toyota drift/work truck along with a few datsuns. All the work that comes out of their shop is top notch and they deserve the recognition. You could say the sleeper's a sleeper but it still sounds like an american v8 to those who know.


The modded one's fake GT-Cs not so cool, need to push them out another 50-60mm...

Auto seatbelts are gangsta!


Sleeper belongs to Corvette tech, Kyle and the drifyer belongs to Rich of Daft Innovations. The sleeper has a LS3 and the drifter is rocking an E85 tuned LS1. Both are shifted via T56 and both got the stock 3.90 G series 8" diffs with welded spider gears. We caravaned with them from Norcal to Socal and I can assure you guys, no GTO, Porsche, Merc SLS and other high powered exotics went without being molested. :)


Hey "THE NITZ", stop being an idiot and have an open mind. Anyways, awesome cars, I'd only thought about that swap a few times in my dreams but never looked into if anyone had done it yet, rock on DaftInnovations! Great work! Good feature on two unique setups, I'm sure the lowered car is in progress, I'd love to see one all VIP'd out with a 400hp LS3!


much rather my mark 2 any day.


I can personally say both cars are absolutely insane to ride in, and hard as hell to follow up the grapevine while they destroying unsuspecting victims hahahahahahaha. The ride down south with these guys was greuling but I can say it was well worth the money in gas and the sleep deprivation to make it to toyotafest in last minute style. We arrived in long beach around 2:am and screwed around trying to find rooms and parking till around 2:30. Woke up around 6:30am jumped in the shower and then took off to toyota fest.


sleeppppppeerrrrrrr.... duh.. who doesn't love smoking little unexpecting 4 bangers.. but it wouldn't that beast be loud?? i would instantly spot the sleeper, for that fact alone.... and my A32 would be cowering away with her tail between her legs lol


I love those cressida haters out there. Most of the cressida haters are s-chassis owners. It's great when People think there ugly. Let see another 4 door rwd car you can build now a day? I have a 1uz in a 89 Toyota pickup and its cool for a beater. When it comes to upgrading a Toyota v8 you better have deep pockets. Not to mention tuning capabilities on a Toyota motor is not as readily available as the lsx gm pcms. I think the sleeper is great and obviously hasn't got any money left to lower and put wheels on it after doing a swap of that magnitude.


Sleeper any day of the week, even if it does come with a horrible boat anchor swap. Seriously, enough with these crap swaps, low tech and easy they may be but pushrods are the work of the devil. There are so many amazing engines out there with the incredible technology of overhead camshafts. Dare to be different FFS!


Sleeper for sure. It kinda has a Police car vibe to it.


I don't really like any of the interiors or exteriors, but the engines look nice and clean at least. Yah for modern tech.


Both are great, but the sleeper is just better :)


The Nitz, you have no idea what either of these are capable of nor how amazing the swap was done. I've seen both of them and couple believe how clean and perfect these two cars from Daft innovations were. Great Job again Rich, you did amazing with 'em.


Why a lsx motor over a 2j or a 1j or 1uz well a number of reason's

hp on tape

way!!!!!!! more tuning capabilities and far more advance then a toyota computer now and then and better then a standalone so yeaa

hmmmm 28mpg sorry your 6 banger or little cute 4 liter v8 aint going to do that

ohh yea and torque witch no toyota motor has

6 speed i know you can get one for a 2j but you have to sell your house to get one

anyways the car was tuned and motor was put together at synergy motorsports in fremont ca by myself and Rick

it s a ls3 making 470hp 460tq the motor is all stock besides a small cam

has a t56 from a 2005 gto with a dAFT custom drive shaft and daft welded one tire fires here

all fab work and install work was done at DaFt innovations in modesto ca by myself and Rich

like its says under the pic the rest is STOCK


hey there's some room for a blower. next toyotafest? do a ls9! let haters hate.

coming from a dood with a 1j


Cressida. Meh...




Love to see this car grace the pages of speedhunters! Rich has been around for a long time, awesome to see Daft get some love. This car is animal on the track!


I would take both. Haters will hate the modded one, but that is why it is built....for the haters! In your face...Hate this! One for the drop jaw and one for the haters. In the end, they will both kick your butt...or most butt! Love the tach in the modded one...RATSUN.NET style!!!


i'll take the sleeper. and those are the ugliest SSR's i've ever seen. ugh!


sleeper all the way!