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If there’s one thing to be said about the internet, it is the fact that it has made the world, no, the universe a smaller place –a much, much smaller place. With the simple click of a mouse, you can be instantly teleported to China, England, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea or to our neighboring star system, Alpha Centauri. When talking about the automotive world, that too has shrunk because of the binary web of input and outputs. It’s brought together enthusiasts from all walks of the vast automotive umbrella and exposed them to disciplines which they would normally not frequented delve in. Road racers become exposed to drag racing, drag racers become exposed to drifting, drifters become exposed to the hot rod and rat rod scenes, hot rodders start to take notes from the import show scene and the list goes on. Each day, we’re witnessing this crossover influence happen over and over throughout the digital universe.

This 1970 Ford Maverick, which was designed build by Lance Peltier for Spectre Performance, is a shining example of this crossover of automotive worlds.

Many, many moons ago, crossover engine swaps of any kind were a taboo. But today we see hybrid swaps becoming more and more accepted. The original, American made, Ford Maverick motor was ripped out and replaced with a Japanese built 2JZ-GTE inline six from a 1995 Toyota Aristo. Some may look at this car, its engine choice and think of it as utter blasphemy to anything and everything Detroit muscle represented.

Lance decided that the original turbocharger wasn’t producing the power he wanted. So a Drift Effects 67MM Turbocharger, with Toyota 550CC injectors was installed. A custom made liquid-to-air intercooler, heat exchanger, pump and tank from Performance

Fabrication was also added to the turbo setup. Performance

Fabrication also crafted a 3″ oval exhaust system.

On the drive train side of things, Lance employed a Toyota R-154 5-speed coupled with a Toyota 1JZ bell housing and a six puck ACT Extreme pressure plate. The rear end was beefed up with a Ford 9″ rear-end from Performance


A while back, we posted a video, on our Facebook page, of this car hauling all sorts of rear end down the main straight of the Streets of Willow race track at Willow Springs. Check it out here. Hearing the signature sound of a turbocharged 2JZ coming from a Ford Maverick is something to truly behold.

Not only did the engine see a total make-over but so did the interior. The major interior change was the custom aluminum work all over, including the dashboard, from Performance Fabrication which houses a set of Autometer Ultra Lite II gauges. Performance Fabrication also made the roll cage. The original steering wheel and seats were ripped out in favor of a Momo “Competition” steering wheel and a Momo Street Racer GT bucket with seat belts from Crow.

If you think this thing is all performance based with no creature comforts, you’d be wrong. You’d be surprised to hear that this car actually has air conditioning and a AM/FM radio with iPod link! How’s that for modernizing?

The recent trend in the muscle car world seems to be making these old brutes handle a corner better than they normally would have. Lance and his team gutted the suspension and added a Rod and Custom Motorsports Mustang II front end, with tubular A arms, and QA1 double adjustable coil overs.

Far from being any sort of flush, the car fills up the wheel wells the best it can with a set of Forgeline SO3 18×11″ in the front…

…and 18×12.5″ in the rear.

A set of Toyo Proxes R88 was the choice set of tires for the car. It rocks a massive 295/30/18 tire in the front…

… and an even more massive 335/30/18 int the rear. Check out that ominous stance!

On the exterior side of things, a custom made aluminum splitter sits in the front and a custom Big Wig Race Cars aluminum rear spoiler sits in the back.

The internet has brought every single person on the planet a bit closer to each other. Each one of our culture now intertwine within the very fabric of the web. And with all that exposure to so many different things, it’s hard not to notice that certain new ideas, subjects, and thought processes are making changes to your everyday thought. A Japanese motor in an American car? Not blasphemous, but rather, it’s amazing.

At the end of the day, it never really matters what brand of motor is under the hood of a car, but instead what matters is how a car like this makes you feel. When you look at a car like this, find out what sort of motor is in it, hear it expel satanic demons, down the main straight of a racetrack, and makes you scream like kid getting a brand new video game system on Christmas morning, you know instantly that this car is doing something right.


Spectre Performance

Complete spec list:

1970 Ford Maverick by Lance 


- 1995 Toyota 2JZ-GT
– Drift Effects 67MM Turbocharger
– custom Performance 

Fabrication liquid to air intercooler, heat exchanger,pump and tank.
– custom 3″ oval exhaust system by Performance

– ron davis custom aluminum radiator and fans
– Aeromotive A1000 fuel pump
– Aeromotive A1000-6 regulator
– Toyota 550CC Injectors
– XRP ull braided hoses and fittings
– 15 GALLON aluminum fuel cell


- Toyota R-154 5-speed
– Toyota 1JZ bell housing
– ACT Extreme PP with 6 puck disk
– Wilwood clutch master cylinder
– Toyota 7M-GTE slave cylinder


- Performance 

Fabrication 9″ Ford rear-end
– 31 spline Mark Williams axles
– Nodual Iron 3rd member
– 3.89:1 positraction
– 1350 pinion yoke
– Rod and Custom Motorsports Mustang II front end
– QA1 double adjustable coil overs on

Performance Fabrication adjustable mounts front and rear
– Performance

Fabrication custom 3 link/4 link rear suspension
– Baer track plus 13″ brakes front and rear
– Wilwood brake/clutch pedal assy


- Maverickman Carbon Fiber hood
– Custom aluminum air splitter

– Big Wig Race Cars custom aluminum rear spoiler
– Forgeline SO3 18X11f and 18X12.5r
– Toyo Proxes R88 295/30/18f and 335/30/18r


- Momo “Competition” steering wheel

– Performance Fabrication custom aluminum dashboard
– Autometer Ultra Lite II gauges
– Momo Street Racer GT seats

– Performance Fabrication custom roll cage and frame work by

– Performance Fabrication custom aluminum interior
– Crow seat belts
– Vintage air air conditioning
– Alpine AM/FM with iPod link



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First Nice Car


Yes, love it! More Pro-touring content please.


YES! More of this kind of stuff!


Ok I liked it until I saw the dashboard......I mean seriously talk bout gauge over kill?!


Exceptional looking car. Very well put together.


Vuury Vuury Naaaice! /borat


looks like a classic small American Muscle Car.. never seen one of these before. i like the gauge set-up up front. very clean interior. - would be nice to see how it handles a 1/4 mile track throw down via a Video Roll. - quality photos and write up, thanks.


A very well put together car nice. Got to see it in the B&M 4th Annual Car show.


I want one!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree, blog needs more pro-touring content. It would definitely make it more well rounded as I initially started following you guys because of the RTR-X posts a few months back.


This is probly the best feature to date <333....JDM USDM hybrids are the greatest from of art there is. period


This is blasphemy, this is madness! This is JDM!


WTF!?!?!?!?!?....seriously that's the ugliest dash I've ever seen.....other than that beautiful car.......


is it just me or can i not find anything about these "drift effect" turbos?


OMG, what a loser.. 2JZ swap?? and that dashboard.. i have some spare gauges, want them??


Thanks for such a great story on the Spectre Maverick, also known as "The Mavinator", it really is a stunning car. That is my story on the Big Wig Race Cars site.

"The Mavinator" just keeps getting better and better over time and a really huge part of the credit should go to Steve Schmalz and his crew at Performance Fabrication in San Carlos, CA. They have basically turned it into a full on Road Racer that's street legal. Also, it is currently getting more performance upgrades at DriftMotion in Pomona, CA. including bigger fuel injectors and an AEM standalone computer. Check it out on the Hot Rod Power Tour this June.

Here's a great story on how it got it's name:


The JZ is the new SBC.


But a maverick never represented american muscle.... it was always a 70s crapcan. :\


This maverick is killer, anything with a 2j pretty much is.


i thought the mustang nismo was blasphemous but i guess times are changing. i think he should have put a vvt-i badge instead of just leavin it fuel injected! great coverage tho and interesting find indeed!


This car is very famous on brazil. It was THE FORD.


this is just badd ass!!!


GREAT CAR ! I love it.


It's all supply and demand,,,have you ever seen a japanese car or an american car with a ferrari engine ??? or perhaps a Z car with a viper engine ?? well the answer is no,simple they are expensive,,,,on the other hand a 2jz or Rb engine with plenty of power are fairly easy to pick up for couple 3 thousand dollars,,,no to mention the emisions laws in Japan no wonder you see all this hibrids in southamerica,,,here in the states and Australia,,,, here you can also find corvette engines in Z cars reason been,vettes here are dime a dozen,,if you purchase a wreck salvage vette for 10k,,,you get the engine sell the rest of the car and still get some of your money back,,,heck I've seen vippers gts go for 20k,,,,like I said supply and demand,,,who cares about blasphemy,,,,,the name of the game is PERFORMANCE!!!!!


As a ford guy a I love it. Time to shake things up. Time for something different.


Heya that is one serious Ford, the Toyota swap is nice, but I prefer a small block. I have to say, put any year mustang against any year Maverick, tuned identically and the Maverick will out perform. Mavericks are lighter and have a better weight distribution. The earliest Mavericks weighed in at only 2650 lbs. The heaviest, in 1977 was 3550 lbs. Yeahhh boy!


Dig it, straight 6's are always muscle.


gauge overkill ? hah these folks havent seen gauge overkill if they think this is bad.




this is beautiful... must be a nice surprise to see a muscle car pull up and sound blow offs as it passes by...

btw i have soo many (dozens) speedhunters tabs open right now! many very interesting posts lately!


I have a 72 macerick grabber but this car is fuckin sexy with that engine!!!




My first car when I graduated High School, was a 1969 First year made Ford Maverick. I swapped the six with a Hipo 289 and did a lot of mods myself. I ran 12.9's at a 1/4 mile and blew the heads off any Chevy, and or Mopar Guys that got next to the Maverick on my way to LACR  wich my friends and I called the Crazymav. Outstnading job!! This sure brings back those fine memories...I wish Ford would bring the Maverick back as the Grabber. That would be awesome...


I will post some pictures so that you Guys, can see how bitching my Maverick not only looked, but ran...Not bad for a small block 289 running 12.90's in a 1/4 mile at LACR that sadly no longer exist so I heard...We need a new track out here in Southern Cali. I hate the 1/8 mile track at Irwindale, lets all vote to get a new track and maybe Pomona could open it's doors to street racers on the weekends and or weekdays.


BUt what are the 0-60 speed, 0-100mph, and mpg?