Car Feature>> Fumihiko Ogita’s Levin Coupe

During my recent visit to Suzuka Motorland in Japan, one of the cars I came across was this beige Toyota AE86 Levin coupe. Owner Fumihiko Ogita was more than happy to give Speedhunters some time to shoot his cool hachi.

I have to say that the majority of Japanese drivers are easy going, and even after an exhausting day at the track they’re always willing to give us a couple of hours to shoot their cars. Straight away you’ll notice the car is sporting a mismatched set of wheels, on the rear are a pair of 9-inch SSR Formula Mesh, while the classic Longchamp XR4s are fitted at the front.

The standard grill has been removed, and in its place are a pair of small driving lights.

The standard hood had been replaced with this carbon fibre Origin item which helps vent some of the hot air out of the engine bay.

These aftermarket mirrors are definitely a nice touch.

Taking a look in the interior a pair of aftermarket racing seats have been fitted as this little Hachi Roku gets a regular work out on the track. NA drivers really do push their cars!

This Omori tachometer is mounted on teh steering column for maximum visibility. On the temperature side of things a full set of gauges are used to monitor how everything is travelling in the heart of the Sprinter.

The standard shifter remains only with a small aftermarket knob attached to the top. The handbrake has had a few changes such as a drift button and padding around the shaft for added comfort.

In the rear there isn’t a great deal to look at besides the stripped out rear seats, which make way for a half roll-cage.

Underneath the hood is a big port 4-AGE which is pushing out just under 190ps. You’ll just about spot the Redline front swaybar which has been fitted along with a full set of Tociko HDS coilovers, 6kg/mm fronts and 5.1kg/mm rears.

Being all motor the car sounds unbelievably good in the higher range. Trumpets have been added to the throttle bodies to improve airflow.

Aftermarket cooling plays a big part in this car to keep temperatures to a minimum.

A bit of DIY ducting…

…Leads into the engine bay to feed the motor with cool air.

The Origin aero really compliments the lines of this AE86. I’ve always been a fan of the beige and black Sprinters. How about you? 

Fumihiko was more than happy to place a Speedhunters sticker on each 1/4 window of his car.

Who would’ve thought a construction worker in Japan would have a little drift car as groovy as this? It just goes to show you can never tell how good a book is by its cover!

The AE86 boys posing just before they left the circuit.

-Casey Dhnaram

K-Tours 2011



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3 words....PURE JDM FROTHNESS!!!!!


4agze Cam covers :) ?


i see a bride ae86 ;)


Thats a Cusco Strut bar....Redline makes oil dude.


Very nice article! Loving the beige AE86!!


You won't find T-VIS there


looking guuuud


arhhhhh i wanna work wit u!!!!!!!


i think it's tokico not tokiko coilovers....


Damn this Hachi is hot. I've started liking the Levin coupe more than the Trueno hatch more and more every time i see one. Good write up Casey!


looks ready for action!.. he doesn't even look like a construction worker, but his car is serious business.


Great pictures and post! I want one of those trucks they use.... I wonder if I can find one around here in Europe.


He still has TVIS? Don't think so.

Who's the familiar looking guy on the left in the last picture?


last photo.. Takumi's father?? P_P


Small note, this not Sprinter, Levin coupe.

Also I would say there is no more T-VIS in this car, since it has ITBs.

Other then that awesome car and pics.

I like.


TVIS and ITBs? I don't think so. o.O


Is there the possibility that that's a redline oil sticker on someone elses strut bar (cuzco?)

18 is there tvis with the itbs? o.O


Great stuff bar the fact the gauges aren't Defis.. Auto Gauge cheapies only..


im no expert and correct me if im wrong but isnt the tvis eliminated for the itb? also the strut bar obviously just a red line sticker on maybe a cusco strut bar? not hating nor trying to be a know it all just getting the fact straight.. :)

ps, nice car!!!!


Nice feature and Levin! :)

BTW1: The small driving lights you are referring to are actually the optional kouki Levin foglights. They are a popular upgrade and due to being scarce they go for quite some money nowadays.

BTW2: T-VIS and ITBs? AFAIK you don't actually need a T-Vis with ITBs since adding them would actually be like you have two throttle bodies stacked on each other...


very nice indeeed!!


I might just be an idiot, But since its a Levin doesn't that mean its a Corolla not a Sprinter?


I demand a spostlight on that Bride 86!!!


im sorry but WHY do you photographers always slap on speed hunters stickers onto everything? you say oh "he was happy to" but you know that any japanese people are to polite to say no. All that stupid speed hunters sticker shows is that yet another part of the east has been infected with Western culture which is terrible in its own right and should really stay in the west, and when i mean west i mean America. That sticker itself has just turned that car into another JAY DEE EM tyte yo american LHD 240 fanboys dream car, STICK TO YOUR POS 240s ,.5 MPH BUMPER GTS "ROLLA" 8 VALVES and crown vics!.


hds coil overs?? you mean hts short stroke shock inserts.. its a strut bar not a sway bar.. half roll-cage?? you mean a roll bar.. sprinter??its a levin not a sprinter and those "small driving lights" are the oem fog lights just no grill peice.. enough of me being a dick/a corolla nerd becaue this write up is still awsome! keep the 86 stuff coming!

and yes there is no tvis with the ae101 itb set up


Nice! awesome pics! I miss my 86. :/


those "driving lights" are oem kouki levin fog lights. all he did was take the grill off.

love this 86


"Thats a Cusco Strut bar....Redline makes oil dude." lol qft. Nice catch.


190 hp out of a 1.6l.. Nice


Hey have you got the uncropped version of the last photo?




BTW1: The small driving lights you are referring to are actually the optional kouki Levin foglights. They are a popular upgrade and due to being scarce they go for quite some money nowadays.

Was gonna say that... just grille/cover is removed.


1. Great photos, desktops please!

2. It's 4A-GE, not 4-AGE.

3. I kinda agree with michael about the stickers.


Very nice car! So good


@JCS thank you that car doesn't deserve speed hunters stickers. Its not western it really doesn't fit.


The pics are definitely sharp. Thanks!


For the past decade, I've been an avid follower of Japanese media, in particular coverage of their