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As part of my contributions for Honda Month, I thought it would be fitting to take a look back through my archives and post some Honda-related photos from Japan.

During my numerous trips to nearby Tsukuba Circuit, I caught countless Hondas doing their thing on the track. For this first selection, I've assembled a group of front-drive Honda shots for your viewing pleasure.

Civics and Integras are fairly rare on the street in Japan – in fact neither of those models are even offered in Japan anymore. If you go to the track though, its a different story. The paddock at a typical Japanese circuit event will usually have more than its fair share of Hondas. The timeless EG6 is still a fine choice for those looking for circuit fun on a budget.

They can also be built to be very competitive. Here's the Yellow Factory EG6 back in early 2008. The Yellow Factory EG got quite a bit of attention at this year's Tokyo Auto Salon, though I'm unsure if that's the same car seen here or a new build.

Here's a rare Integra Type R sedan. As you'll see, mismatched wheels are quite common among the Honda circuit crowd.

Speaking of mismatched wheels, check out the front rollers on this EK9. Yep, those are R32 Skyline GTR factory wheels. 16×8 +30, forged, and dirt cheap. You can't go wrong.

This DC2 Integra is pretty standard fare – wheels, cage, suspension, tires. All that's left is to drive the hell out of it.

The smaller Tsukuba 1000 course is perfect for cars like this EF9, seen at a track day hosted by Honda specialists Garage FK.

This DC5 Type R was spotted at the same event.

Factory stock FD2 Civic Type R on the brakes heading into the first corner. Even stock, the FD2 car is a car you can track with confidence – that's what that little red "R" signifies.

The sound of roaring VTEC fills the air as this EG6 comes down the Tsukuba 2000's back straight and towards the final corner.

The J's Racing crew brought their K-powered Fit all the way from Kansai to run at one of the Power House Amuse track days.

You know Honda did something right when cars like the EG6 are still so popular 20 years after their debut.

The somewhat forgotten member of the Civic Type R family – the UK-built EP3.

A lightly modified EK9 leads an EG6 through the apex.

Another four-door Integra Type R. For an American, it's strange to imagine that you can drive around Japan in a Type R without having a single worry about car theft. Sigh…

Love this yellow EK9. From the mismatched wheels and vented hood to the Spoon brakes – it's aggressive and functional.

The FD2 Type R was less than a year old when I shot this photo. Hard to believe it's already been discontinued…

Is the EF chassis really 23 years old now? Where has the time gone?

Speaking of the classics, check out the Hell Fire CRX. Except for the SS Works car, this has to be one of the wildest CRX's in Japan.

I'll finish with this view of the Garage FK EG6 navigating the tight corners of the Tsukuba 1000 course.

More great Hondas from Japan to come!

-Mike Garrett



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gotta love these Honda's.. miss my Twin-Carb CRX - Hon. mention:- to the AE86's in the 1st & 2nd pics..


that car in the 7th pic down is clearly an ef


The Civics in the 3rd and 5th pic are my favorites.


7th car is not an EK9, but an EF.


Just a heads up, you put "The smaller Tsukuba 1000 course is perfect for cars like this EK9, seen at a track day hosted by Honda specialists Garage FK." That's an EF, not an EK9.


awesome post mike. And to ask where the time as gone for the ef i can't answer but what i can say is it has been good to it.


Wow. Great post!

I love the Civic Type R with the R32 rims, not only does it look amazing it comes in a great size too! Is the Civic Running spacers to clear the brakes since the rims have a +30 offset?

Mike, I do agree with you, on car thefts in America. The mere thought of pouring money into expensive parts only to have the car taken the next day is enough to sway most people away from Hondas.

From a personal experience, I've seen my fair share stolen stuff from wheels to entire cars.

Car thefts ruin the industry.

To dedicated few that see Hondas as more than a car that gets you from point a to point b I salute you! They are great beginner cars to learn from.

Unlike trendy showcars, a Civic or Integra setup for going fast will never go out of style. Let's keep the industry moving forward!

Those AE86's makes me miss my old Corolla though : ( Would be nice to own both a Corolla Gts and a Civic.


my honda goes:



That´s not an EK9 but an EF9, great pictures! That CRX Hell Fire deserve a special review :D


Pics of the AEs please.....


Definitely an EF9,not EK9 :)


S2K anyone?


7th one's not an EF9 its an EKF

lol. just kidding. relax


Very sweet cars, I always liked FWD Hondas.

There's a little mistake, the white Garage FK Civic is not an EK9, it is an EF3 or EF9 (not sure which).


Thats interesting to see that j's racing is back on their feet after their incident..... I wonder who's driving their cars and maintaining their shop???


I love the FD2 Type-R!! I with Honda start to sell these Type-Rs world wide... I would seel my WRX in a blink!


Love this post! Wish this is how Hondas were used in the United States. If I see another "flush" EG6 I think I will blow my brains out.

Can't wait for more posts like this! Would love this type of post to be a series. Honda's at Tsukuba, Motegi, Suzuka...

Nissan's in the mountains...

So on and so forth :D


Do cars actually get stolen?

Car thieves really do exist ?? i thought it was only in movies like gone in 60seconds or something...


7th picture is an EF9 haha. Honda's are fun!


fwd = fail :(


though the whole set of pics i was trying to see if i could spot some more corollas....i was dissapointed


I like the coverage so far, where are all the DC2's at??


great pix, horrible writing


it sounds like you've got some s2k and nsx action to come, but I'm loving the honda month so far if this is how it's going to go! I'd love to see a special on the EF chassis.. it really is becoming a classic.


No thefts there, because there aren't any mexicans in Japan...


Dammit, i just went on Kijiji to look for nice Honda's... This month's feature got me thinking of going back to where I started...


"No thefts there, because there aren't any mexicans in Japan..." LOL!!

I love Honda month. Even though i only have one as a daily beater now, they will always have a place in my heart. I miss my 10k RPM monster :(


VTEC kicked in, yo



Drifting for the Mad tyte fAnBoi cool points yo.


LOL! time for a rebuild.

Joking aside, I've noticed that the 92-95 Civics are a popular platform for budget racing because their lightweight chassis. Would this be an ideal chassis over the ITR's?

The First picture of the Type R with R32 Gtr rims has some meaty tires.

Do you have a wallpaper of the EK9 in AE86 together?


This is going to be a great month!!!!


Being a proud owner of an 00 AP1 I dont appreciate there being no S2k love...


^^ - "For this FIRST SELECTION, I've assembled a group of FRONT-DRIVE Honda shots for your viewing pleasure."


"You know Honda did something right when cars like the EG6 are still so popular 20 years after their debut."

More like EVERYTHING right…'90s Hondas are still considered the best FF platform ever made.