Random Snap>> Young Man Where Are Your Manners?

Those of you who used to read Speedhunters back in 2008, will remember Mike Garrett would occasionally shoot the popular Car Sightings stories in Japan. His old Car Sightings posts are the pure essence of Speedhunting in many ways: you arm yourself with a camera, head in to a city/town and shoot any interesting cars that happen to drive past.

Now I've never done this in Japan, but I thought I'd try my hand at bit of local Car Sighting during a recent extended vacation in Nelson, New Zealand. Of any place I frequent in the world, I find it's this little town of 40,000 on the South Island of NZ that seems to contain an disproportionate amount of modified and vintage JDM machinery. I'm told this is the case all across NZ, which must make it the ultimate location for JDM cars outside of Japan itself! More investigation will be necessary in the future :>

The above image is a result of a recent Nelson NZ, Car Sighting session… Hmmm, I think I need to develop more stealth speed hunting techniques as the owner of this R32 didn't seem to like me shooting his machine too much LOL!




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Haha I don't think he liked you taking that shot very much...but that R32 looks awesome!


what a dumbass...


I thought that R32 looked familiar. I live in Nelson


what a douche.


Clearly didn't get enough love as a child.


he doesn't deserve the car, take it away from him!!


my friends car super sexy car he didnt know why some random was taken a picture of him


so rude.. we've all been there.!


HAHA what up cole


He probably thought he would end up in the papers. NZ has a huge amount of modified JDM cars and there are little or no legal restrictions to modifications.


this is my boyfriend cole's car.. he doesnt like it wen ppl take photos of his car without asking. that is why he is pulling the fingers.


Probably thought you were taking a picture to get his number plate to report him to police. Happens alot here.


i was just in NZ as well a few weeks ago, and surely outside of japan it has the greatest per-capita ratio of modified jap cars and vintage goodness. i own a VR4 Legnum in australia and though it's rare here, i got bored of counting how many i saw in NZ along with all the other great japanese goodness.

NZ could possibly be one of the greatest countries in the world for so many reasons. this just adds to it...!!!


Nelson rep haha great to see something from nelson minus the sign.


Nice to see NZ staying classy........


Don't worry, we aren't all that rude! Haha


its what i would do, i wouldn't want some socal american site with my car whored across it!




i drive a 400hp turbo ITR in nelson, ya can see even a sick R100 in nelson driving on the streets






To be fair, it's a pretty shit photo...


Thats how I say hi to my mates... lol


@ dicko an braydon, we dont take to kindly to random pple taken pics of our cars over here as quite often a few days later they go missing.


i think that its is supposed to be a pose and not meant to be harmful


What an ass-hat...


This guy is probably not the friendliest of individuals, but I'm from New Zealand and to his defence you need to take in consideration that from recently all Parking Wardens (out-of-control nazis that work for the council to produce the biggest possible number of parking fines per work shift) have all been issued a camera. They work in close collaboration with Police and they basically blow any small infringement out of proportion and now take photographic proof and send it to the Police to back up the fine. This guy had probably travelled a few hundred metres down the bus lane, or parked in a loading zone moments earlier and probably thought you were one of those b******s and was reporting him to get fined by taking that shot. P.S Nelso is NOT the import capital of NZ guys!!! You need to explore the North Island aslo, there are some truly amazing cars especially rare old jap (and american) models....without talking about our very own copyright-styled oldschool ROTARY SCENE yeeea boi.


Get in touch with the New Zealand Performance Car Magazine guys before you shoot NZ mate, heaps of our meets and gatherings are obligated to be quite low-key due to a bad public image of the scene and unleniant Police.. but we have much more to offer than Nelson... In fact i think it's about time you guys to a SERIOUS feature on the NZ rotary scene because lets face it, its of extremely high quality, we built the toughest sounding and best looking rotary engines yet our style is unique...do it!!!


nice looking car, and just another try hard driver.


thats NZ! wat a pos! fkn boi racers with no maners, u can see these kind of crap anywhere in NZ


Rod, send me a 3000 dollar check and then I'll start shot for you.

Now we have to do the work for you? What a joke !


this would be my boyfriends car lol! he doesnt take well to anyone taking pictures of his car lol


Turn that frown upside down sir.


I hope hes a speedhunters reader and sees we are all calling him a douche bag dumbass. hahah anyway not to sound like a hippy, but why go for the finger when you can wave or throw a peace sign. Humans are funny.


lol typical NZ boy racer attitude :P We all do it at some point haha


Sammy, he shouldnt be doin that to a random person anyways, its rude and disrespectul. Some people would kick his ass for doing that. Lastly he should be flattered someone is taking pictures and admiring his ride. Nice car, jerk driver.


Typical R32 owner.... i joke i joke

thats what happens here in australia (and NZ i suppose). its not like america where skylines are UBER rare and only the most dedicated enthusiasts have them. Here every tom, richard and harry that saw the fast and the furious a few too many times gets one and gives the rest of us a bad name. (thats pretty much why every person driving a nice jap car gets called a "Hoon")


When you have nice things, people want them too...sometimes do anything stupid to get what they want, makes things easier if its a daily driver too since you leave your car street parked every so often. I wouldnt put the finger up cause that will just provoke someone, but try to ignore camera(or something positive) and keep tabs on the car for a few days. Quit bashing him for the finger, you guys act like shocker is any better.

Other than that great R32.


Why wouldn't you want someone taking a photo of your car?


Seems strange that someone in such a nice car would do that... normally its the "other side" of NZ car culture... the ceffys and the lorrys and the DX's with cut springs


if you dont want anyone appreciate/looking at your car leave it at you garage.


cough DOUCHE BAG cough

so did you throw one back Rod?


Seems the foreign photog got butthurt and didn't bother to ask any locals before trying to embarrass the guy on teh intarwebs. This would be like taking a picture of a Black Panther Party member in the 60's and having the headline, "He wouldn't smile for me!" Learn local before getting all high and mighty.


This is the real speedhunting...more pleasssssssssse...


look sorry about the bird, but i didnt know who it was snapping off a pix (if i knew it would grece the front page of speed hunters it would have been a wave)(very sorry to the dude who took the pix), and of all places lil old nelson i guess it was right place at the right time.. just so you know thats not how i am, just dont realy like randoms snapping off pix of my cars and it was very obvious with the huge cam he had lol...


Duccio: your right i didnt know who was snapping off the pix could have been any one or getting me for my heavy foot driving skills lol..

mistah mofri; mate cheers im not like what you see in this pix got me on a bad day lol,, and nissans are a big market for stolen cars in nz..

and rod must be the editor? sorry rod but like 77 said maby best to ask or know the sceen as nz has i high crack down on mod cars atm for all i knew you were a cop or had somthing against the car or way i drive to snap a shot of my plate b4 going to the cops to report me


I dont know whats gonna happen if he owns a Buggati


Whatta Wanker!!!


Lucky he didn't get out and punch you


Douche aside, awesome to see Speedhunters seeing the potential over in New Zealand finally. :)


Hahaha awesum pic cole be proud man!!!!! I would of done the same thing if there was a random tryna take photos of any of my cars to.


How can you people judge him when you dont even know him, and by da way hes a fuckn awesum person. Respect cole we woulda done the same bloody thing.


He's a mate of mine and normally people that take random photos of our cars are oldies that hate our cars lol if he knew it was speedhunters I'm sure he woulda stopped nice picture tho


All you people that have been offended by my nephew pulling the finger.... get over yourselves.... you have never done anything like this ever? I'm am proud that he has a car someone would like to take a random photo of, He puts a lot of time and money into making it look this good.


why does half the people commenting on this hate on him for flicking the bird? grow a backbone. nelson rep.


usually its somebody taken a photota get ya plates heaps of haters in nelson if ya know the driver you would know hez cool az should been chasing him in my silvia could have got on here to


Haha, That's a pose of beauty! Go Cole lol!!


It's not just Nelson dude it's all of NZ. We have the highest number of Jap cars outside Japan itself. Oh, and generalboozy, a VR4 Legnum is considered fast a family wagon over here, lol heaps of mums have them


"I don't like people taking pics of my car UGHHHHHH"

I WISH people would take pics of my S30 and put it online...what a punk...


RE TITLE..."young man where are your manners" His manners must be right along side the persons who never asked politely to photograph his car! Fair game if some one was snapping up piks of my ride and I wasnt to no what was going on, I'd flip em one too.


What is giving the photographer the finger going to do apart from get you in more shit?

I think you knew he wasn't from the authorities, i thought only kids in high school gave cameras the finger nowadays,


There's nothing 'douche' about that photo! I hear a lot of haters who only wish they has a GT-R.

Props to him, for a bada$$ car and attitude. Too many sheeple in the world already. Need more free thinkers.


Dont listen to the haters cole!

Hot ride dude, i've seen it before too, damn fine.

Cant say i wouldnt have had a similar re-action aye. Maybe not a bird, but definately a look of dissproval, :p


RE TITLE: "young man where are your manners"..... His manners must be along side the photographers who forgot to ask politely if he could photograph his car. Fair game, if I had some guy snapping piks of my ride i'd flip em one too. I'm sure if he knew what was going on he wouldn't have acted in such a manner, Nice ride tho Cole :)


mte not going to punch anyone.. and mate no need to take it out on me its a car web page dont forget


If you actually talked to the driver and asked if he could be photod and uploaded onto speedhunters, instead of jus takin photos of the guy, he wouldve been all good with it... I would be pissd off if some random person just decided to take photos of me in public.


To "wat" haha mate you are a girl, about time you wipe the tears away for a simple middle finger, oh and what s*** did this guy get into/could get into for this photo???.....we drive fast cars, we are unconventional, so since when do we all have to have a ghandi-like attitude? GROW UP or stick to videogames, you'll get no boobies that way either :)


Understandable as not every car enthusiast is gonna recognize or expect Rod to be snapping shots of THEIR ride as they cruise down Trafelgar in Nelly of all places.

@Victor: I think its safe to say Rod is in touch with NZPC since he writes a column for their magazine every month. And i think Cole would of done the same thing whether it was Peter Kelly or Rod Chong taking the shot.

Sick car, sick shot, sick attitude. Its the nature of our game.


EVERYBODY RELAAAX ALRIGHT?!?! New Zealand IS NOT like America, we are not obligated to conform with extreme political correctness, nor do we go completely manic depressive over a middle finger!!! Plus as I said coultures are different, the image of certain cars are certainly different in different countries also!! Over here, thanks to the media, any Skyline is the stereotype image of the ruthless youngster that kills his mates while drifting drunk, or something along those lines. As a result, A LOT of people will turn around to the sight of four round red lights or the sound of a blow off valve, and they WILL take a photo and try construct that you were doing something wrong to the Police. In NZ a Japanese modified car owner is automatically frowned upon to the point that people will toot or high beam you if you open your wastegate while driving past them, no matter how new and tastefull his car is. I got a phone-call from the Police regarding some skidmarks somebody witnessed me do, they took a photo of the road but my car wasn't even in it, still was enough for the Police to try and impount my car and take my licence of me..ofcourse without admitting they had no proof to carry this out, still a pain though,


It's a hilarious moment - nice ride Cole, and nice timing Rod. The salute makes a lot of sense now that the NZ scene has been explained a bit! Keep it planted broooo


Hi guys. Hey sorry I didn't mean to start an argument here. I thought it was quite fun that he owner of the Skyline flipped me the bird. Didn't take any offense at all and I thought it made for a great photo :>

No worries Cole! I thought your car looked very cool driving around Nelson and was glad I was able to take a photo of it.


hahah speedhunters fight !!! yer boy


Hahahaha nice! everyone's a critic, eh? i miss the car sightings, especially Mike's while he was in Japan. Even if they weren't necessarily wildly tuned machines, it was sort of fun to see what regular folk do in terms of car culture


its funny cause its what we do when we see our mates in cars its usually us rippen the fingers with a smile its just how we do it down here, i guess people who are not from here just dont understand how we do things


and dont worry rod you should take more pictures of nelson cars we got some bloody nice ones here its a wicked photo shows the new zealand sence perfect


Hahaha go rod is a very mean photo you got and to all you haters jealoucy dont get you no where in life!!!!!!


haha love the kid in the gtr


what a douche, whatever reason you people gave backing his rudeness, still! this guy is a pure a$$hole and a douche...nuff said


Sweet ride I salute you sirs! Both Rod and Cole.


its a gtst....


I'll let him off. Modifying scene in NZ is frowned upon big time, hard to get away with a cool car... I get my clean-cut, old-school Chaser pink stickered at the end of my driveway


This happens to me a lot.


Good on ya Cole Be for setting things straight! Context for the win. Nice car BTW. :)