Random Snap>>ek9 On The Ring

It's been less than 24 hours since our call out for you guys to share your Hondas and there's already been a massive response. I'm truly impressed with the quality of the cars that have filled the inbox already and I'm sure there's plenty more to come.

I thought I'd kick things off with this shot of Tim Mabin's Civic Type R on the Nurburgring. Tim lives in the United Kingdom but takes the CTR over to the 'Ring yearly.

There can't be many places where a Civic Type R would feel more at home…

Thanks for the photo Tim!

-Mike Garrett



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wow! on the 'Ring with a classic!


More pics of the green.... evo? please!


it's so sad the center of all things automobile has no ring equivalent and for legal reasons never will sigh I miss freedom :(


Maybe it's just me, but this looks like a photo from Gran Turismo 5.


What is this shitbox doing on a track? Why isn't it full of groceries? I am confused.


Cool post! I'm loving Honda month! From street to show, touring car to GT, F1 to Formula Nippon I'm loving this Honda coverage!


It's an EK4 based on the bumpers


Ek9 with pre face lift bumpers numpty


This is cool shot.

A Type R would feel at home in my garage if someone wants do donate one, I'll gladly take it.


Why do the ignorant think that fwd cars are "shitboxes"? A properly set up fwd can be just as competitive and fun to drive as a rwd. Fwdlol probably drives a 240sx. Lol! Talk about a shitbox. Struts FTL!


Nice car. Doing us ek9 heads proud



I've seen a license plate in the NFS socal meet on a 240 that fwdlol. I thought it was funny.

mAdTyTe driftars paTROLLing the area.

Go Honda


Green Evo VII ftw!


fwdlol said:

I am confused.

^ Yes you are.


fwdlol said:

I haz no pubes.


Balong, its deffinatly a ek9 based on the bumpers.


such a perfect car in white!!!


Yeah, it's an early model EK9 for sure. EK4 denotes an SI-R hatch which includes the extra black bumper moldings.


Knowing your machine is the first step to becoming a high level driver. (Or one who can beat more powerful machines simply with technique). The ring is the ultimate practice & lapping day track.



Gotta love a stiff, grippy and sorted fwd on the world's most gruelling track.


If it weren't for the little vortex generators on the front bumper, I'd swear it was a GT5 photo.


nice car, and pic.Just can't believe the shear number of arseholes that read speedhunters! shitbox?!? its a legend of a car!


honda month is dope so far!


Nice and clean...shame on Honda for not bringing the EK9 here. You can build your own, but there's something special about it coming straight from the factory.


there is alot of these types of civic buzzing around the uk but only a few are done right. well done sir


No way, rumour has it there exists an EK9 is Sydney.


To Mr. FWDLOL, you sir obviously know nothing about cars, probably think drifting is the end all be all of automotive competition and live at home in your mothers basement. If Honda's are such garbage explain how fwd na Hondas are running one minute and under lap times at Tsukuba, are featured in magazines, video games, online blogs, forums and have such a huge following. Much larger following than any other car company in the world, especially where most followers of other makes only have two or three from a company to even be worth modifying. I am not a Honda fanboi, if it has an engine and wheels and something can be done to it I am a fan. I have owned RWD, FWD, MR and FF designed cars and I gotta tell you when it comes to racing FF might have the bigest dissadvantage of them all however building and racing a FF Honda is far cheaper and goes together like a lego, parts are abundant and reasonably priced unlike parts for Nissans and Mazda's. To awnser your question yes I do own a Honda, its purpose is racing with light street use and my beater is a Honda that gets great MPG's.

Also most Honda owners don't remove spring perch mounts on coilovers to get low, don't wreck their car trying to be Initial D in a warehouse district, have far less multi-colored broken body parted pieces of garbage on their way to the junk yard. At my age and time building and driving and racing cars I look at the younger generation moving in with their girl pants, trend following, and Iphone lives and I hope that the car hobby doesn't crumble and fall apart. In the end it doesn't matter what your choice of car to modify is, its about enthusiasts banding together because they are ENTHUSIASTS and just love the car hobby(yes I said hobby because it is NOT A GAME) Its time to band together and keep the hobby alive, not bash on peoples choices in car, we are all human beings in the end, and in the end the hobby is about the people and less about the cars. We all share things in common and should embrace it instead of bashing because of choice of car. I am sorry for the long rant however if no one else is going to say it I felt I needed to. Keep up the great coverage SpeedHunters!



Thank you.

This is exactly why I don't go to site much anymore is because of fanboys crying constantly.

A properly setup Civic with an engine swap is loads of fun and cheap too.

If people are tired of Hondas online why not step outside and get some fresh air, there is a reason why a proper Honda is featured in all sorts of publications worldwide.

A great car is a great car no what matter where its from.