News>>scion Version Of Ft-86 Coming To New York

A week from today at the New York Auto Show, the Scion version of the FT-86 concept will debuted for the first time.

Scion has released a quick teaser video for the new car, and it seems to be similar to the FT-86 II concept shown last month. The car will also be debuted live on April 20th at 1:40 pm Eastern on

Here’s hoping we also get some info on when the production version will be ready!

-Mike Garrett



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judging by the teaser video and the IQ that they did, i think that this should look pretty darn good, hopefully!


Needs a Toyota heart transplant


rwd. rwd. plz we need some better affordable cars in the U.S


Damn I'm good. I actually said that they would probably make it a Scion when they came out with the first concept. It makes sense since Scion is their performance/younger market audience


Debut on 4/20!!! Get stoned and check out the FT86?? Awesome!!!!


Waiting for the Subaru.


Really?! Scion?! now that really changes the image of the car itself. heart of the subaru, and now going to be the new face of the scion. they really never intended to revive the AE86. : (


Why does it have to be Scion?


2011 season of Formula Drift will have the FT-86???

Lets hope so. The TC is cool but the FT-86 is cooler and already RWD.


i knew aasbso car was a mule car :p


dear toyota, you are dead to me.




Hopefully this means they'll stop racing tc's and get into something more realistic!


Look, it's the never ending concept car!

They don't even wait for the next year to add more roman numerals any more, they go through successive generations of PR development in a matter of months. Easy to do when they never actually intend to produce the car, just more PR.

So is this the FT-86III or the FT-86IV?


NOOOOOO Scion :( Toyota! Toyota! Toyota! Toyota!


I told you that this converting of the scion had a bigger picture since it was not RWD, why else would a production company go through all that work for it to just end there.


Affordable cars in the US? pfft you guys can get cars 1/8th of the cost we do in Aus.. This would be for sale for about 55k in Aus...

boned :(

and yes def needs a 2jz transplant :D


But TRD in the majority of the world.


It may be badged as a scion, but underneath its 2.0L subaru boxer engine poppin 200hp+ with RWD, a brand does not define the enthusiat, the car does, and i think it should be judged equally whether its a scion, a toyota, or a subaru.


still ought to be a Toyota, like the Supra, Celica, MR2, AE86, etc. before it...but as long as the car delivers, hope will not be all lost.


goin to be a scion - with a subaru boxer engine - thiss is becoming less and less of a toyota sports car =/


hmmm.. needs to be true to the Toyota ethos tho' - not a bad looker at first glance!


Booo Scion! Oh well, I wanted the Subaru version more anyways


I dont know but doesnt this look like a Hyundai Genesis


They ever gonna actually make this piece of shit??? Been hearing about it and its release for seems like 10 years. Wtf. Make the fuckin thing already.


Why Toyota!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!! Toyota is dead to me


Why A scion? I wonder how the scion kids are going to rice this car out now


here we go again......................


I hope this thing is rwd. There has been one company to get it right so far and that hyundai with the Genesis. The car is RWD and is very affordable. Why are the other companies not catching on to this.


This is hilarious!! Toyota thinks that straight guys are willing to run out and buy their Subaru powered Scion that will likely be marketed at over $25k?.. I still don't think Toyota knows what they're doing...

This car would've been more interesting to me if Toyota would've done business with Mitsubishi rather then Subaru. An Evolution 4B11 (I'd like to say 4G63 but since Mitsubishi no longer uses it...) with a Supra Getrag 6 speed mated to it on a production car would've made somebodies day. Eitherway, though, doesn't matter if its business with Mitsubishi or Subaru... you put a Scion badge on it and I hate to say but it immediately becomes a joke... especially if the vehicle takes years to hit the market.


Why you guys are crying over this car being a Scion? It's still a fat coupe powered by a Subaru engine, and a badge won't automatically make it completely different.

Plus, this isn't a successor to the AE86 chassis. It's too heavy and big to fall in that compact car class.


it's ok. sooner or later, they're going to realize they made a mistake like how Nissan made mistake by calling the G35 the "new" skyline.

-needs a bulletproof engine transplant


We remember this, TOYOTA Toyota toyota ...

Surprised they wouldn't just 2ar or 1zz the damn thing? Fredric Aasbo's new Drift TC is 2ar ... no?


Regardless of badges release this RWD Subaru! now!


big deal scion toyota what ever. who cares . i thought we are looking at cars and not brands. what big difference is it weather it have scion or toyota emblem. as long it delivers all is good. common now.


Toyota has a great reputable selling name.. I will gladly buy a toyota.. Im not ready to buy into the Scion name yet.. please toyota reconsider this. Toyota is a selling name with heritage behind it to back it up and support the car. You already messed up when converting the celica and corolla to front wheel drive, dont mess this one up!


I bet the first project on this site of the FT-86 will be a engine swap to a 2JZ or a 3S-GTE

but the real hardcore Toyota fans (like me) prefer the 4AGE


we also wait for the nissan version, the suzuki version, and oh, almost forgot about the honda version. what's the sense??


does toyota ever read what people are saying??? and are they at all willing to make adjustments? because 1 they changed the rear (ok nvm the rear) but...2 they made it a scion 3 put in an engine from a subie?? WTF?! this is fading away from the ae86....and everywhere it said "AE86 is back to life and then its like they did that shit on purpose...I think car companies need to read online what the whole world wants and make the car "for the people" and not just "ehhh what the hell lets just keep on leaning away form what the people truly want...


no one cried BS when saab stole the wrx and marked it a 92x aero. its still gonna have the heart of a subaru who cares what badge is on the front


I'm over it. I just don't care about this car anymore. It lost any design and platform excitement to me almost a year ago.


My boss and a co-worker just got back from Willow Springs. Look for an article in Modified Magazine but I hear from both of them that the car is progressing very well and it may even have the production body on it!! I've got to get the first one available to US staff!


Look, Toyota resurrected the Hyundai Tiburon. And yes, this too will be FWD, with the drivetrain right out of a Subaru Justy!


It's the 25th trimester, this car is not going into production, it's a miscarriage.


I bet they make is a toyota in Japan and then everyone can do a JDM face transplant if they really care that much. Cant wait till this thing comes out and we can start seeing it sideways.


haha you guys and your speculation is funny. "itll never come out!" Considering it was always scheduled for a 2012 release, theyre still on time.

needs a toyota heart? what part of lower center of gravity dont you get? They went after performance instead of purity. In my book, thats a plus.

AFAIK, this thing weighs under 2500lbs, has 200hp, comes standard with LSD and 6 speed, and suspension tuned on the nurburgring. At a very competitive price. No other will even come near it.


You know what they call Scions in Japan? Toyotas.

Not sure why anybody's crying, take the badges off, or get some Toyota/Subaru badges if that makes ya happy.


Chill out Troll. The car is too far along in development to change to FWD. Honestly it's so far along, they won't even cancel it because of the money invested in it.


Somebody call the doctor and fill out the death certificate, this story died at 8:32 PM, October 3rd, 2008. Call the undertaker and bury it, it's starting to stink bad.


i dont care if is scion or toyota, it can't beat my ITR.


April Fools Day was two weeks ago, this story is late. Now get back to real news about real cars that actually exist,


I would buy a genesis coupe or mustang, if they weren't so stupidly heavy. Ford and Hyundai simply don't get it. Weight feels great on the street, but at the track it eats up tires and brakes, and overworks the motor.

If this car weighed 2600lbs or less and was under 25k, I'd be interested.

If it's another 3000lb bloat-mobile for $28k & change - I'll stick to E30's and miatas.


Oh lol it's going to be a Scion? I just lost all my interest in this car.