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While interesting from a technical standpoint, the Nissan Leaf electric car isn’t quite Speedhunters material. It looks like that might be changing as Nissan has developed a racing version of the EV known as the Leaf Nismo RC that will be shown at the New York Auto Show this week.

Developed with the help of engineers from Nismo’s Super GT and GT1 programs, the RC Leaf features a two-door carbon fiber body, a relocated and tweaked electric motor that makes 107hp and 207 ft lbs of torque. Looks-wise, you can’t certainly see the Nismo DNA in this thing!

With a goal of introducing its EV technology to the motorsport world, I’d say Nissan has taken a step in the right direction.

-Mike Garrett



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Wow, that has the same relationship with the production Leaf as the tube frame, carburetted monstrosities they race on Sundays as Camrys, Impalas, Fusion, and Chargers have to do with their namesakes, Nothing.




Even as a race car it looks hideous. Look at the front lights, they are so close to the A-pillar... and the proportions are strange.

Nissan, invest R&D money in creating a light weight, RWD, durable and cheap car.


can't see the Nismo DNA? That front decal is enough to know that this car can be mean! hahahaha


I don't care what any petrol head says this car is bad ass


It's a good thing that R&D is being implemented towards electric sports cars. I'll say it again, i LOVE 4 stroke engines...but the design is redundant, old as time and dirty as hell. As much as we like to slide our cars...the bigger picture is keeping the planet inhabitable and sustaining what we have.Sadly we only know we make mistakes when it actually happens, like BP and the gulf, the aftermath of warfare etc.


@Seriously - oh come on bro everyone does that. I guess the similarities in this case is that both vehicles are EV which is good.

Lets just chill and enjoy the looks of that, which I find really really sexy.

On the other hand, let some people drive the EVs so we can enjoy petrol/gas.


I'm as bigger "petrol-head" as anyone, but this really is the future.

We need more electric race car series so these things get developed...

And they become more interesting/cool.


haha rad.

also god forbid nissan do something to try and increase profits instead of cater to the needs of teenagers and the 25 and under crowd. You guys act like, even if nissan did restart the s chassis, or something like it, you could afford it.


Aw come on! Im sick of green cars! Firebreathing race monsters for the win!


usually gt cars are developed off the main chassis of the car. so im guessing its the real thing it just has factory backed styling. thats what real race cars look like not slammed stretch tire flash mobiles


Looks similar to the Renault Megane Trophy


Looks pretty damn good !

Having a race series happen would just boost R&D over electric vehicles.

Getting them better and better !

an to seriously: for the appearance its much more similar to what they do for gt500 skylines : widening lowering the car and body, so then whats left is pretty much the roof, head and tails lights


@ Killua, Did i just read that right? Light, rwd, durable and cheap? how the hell does that work? the only way that'll happen if you find a 370Z on the cheap and we all know that wont be happening any time soon.

Back to the car, i think this the beginning of something new in designs, c'mon its a nissan leaf people, i think nissan did a great job on this. Dont knock it till you drive it, it may actually handle well on the track.


Those are totally Juke headlights.


i like it.


Going green is the way.



"light weight, RWD, durable and cheap car"

Pick 3.


I still fail to see the viablility for the tuning community. The battery alone is about $10,000! And has to be leased, not purchased. (The battery folks).


Aw come on! fire breathing race cars for the win!


fifty-fifty.. in some respects its quite 'nice' looking - not the most traditional Nismo effort i've ever seen! - good job its not April the 1st


I like it and if it for real that they gona race that i will be glad


I like it! Electric cars can kick ass, i'd love to see more developed for racing. The torque you get from an electric motor is phenomenal and instantaneous - it's all available as soon as you hit the pedal. We just haven't seen anyone build one to please anyone but the grocery-getters (except for the Tesla).


Is it any faster than the production road legal leaf? Or does it just look cool? lol


i think it bears mentioning that the torque curve is perfectly flat at starts at 0rpm.


That Leaf is bangin' design an Electric car thats cooler and backed by such prominence as NISMO, Then talk CRAP... ARMCHAIR QUATERBACKS G F YOURSELF...

Nice work SPEEDHUNTERS Thank You...



I'm not sure if i like the way it looks.. But I am in total agreeance of all the pro electric car guys in here. It's the future! It's twice as efficient as internal combustion and is the only way we can become independent of foreign oil.

I would love to have an electric car, Especially one with a bit of FAST mixed in.