Gallery>>hondas At Tsukuba, Pt. 2

For the second of my Honda galleries from good old Tsukuba Circuit, I thought I'd pull a selection of S2000 shots out for you guys.

You have to love scenes of Honda's open top sports car winding around one of Japan's most well known circuits.

Red has got to be my favorite color for the S2000, but surprisingly you don't see a whole lot of red ones out there. This one was spotted tucking into the Dunlop corner during the I Heart Honda event in September '08.

There's nothing like the sound screaming VTEC on a crisp spring morning at Tsukuba. It's something that will always stick with me.

Mugen hosts regular track days on the small Tsukuba 1000 course and that's where I came across this orange AP2.

Along with this big-winged AP1 on Advan RGII's. Why oh why must I be too tall to fit in one of these….

Here's another one from "I Heart Honda", a Spoon-equipped AP1 with its aero hard top.

I'm not sure why Japanese car makers limit the color choices of exported cars, but the JDM S2000's were available in some very cool colors that never made it to US shores. Love this dark blue AP1 biting through the infield.

The same spot on the track from a different viewpoint. RPF1's on an S2000 are always a hit.

On my first visit to Tsukuba Circuit after moving to Japan I spotted this Amuse GT1 S2000 out for a day of tracking. Talk about a warm welcome.

Riding pretty low for a circuit car – this S2000 takes a ride on the rumble strips.

Back on the 1000 course, a white AP1 does its thing.

As I mentioned before, I'm a sucker for S2000's on 16's. Gotta dig the classic look of the Watanabes.

A view of NOB Taniguchi piloting the Top Fuel time attack S2000 –  a car capable of ripping 55 second lap times when needed.

The Spoon S2000 aero might take some getting used to, but it's 100% functional.

Even with the light mods seen here, an S2000 is a fine choice for motoring around Tsukuba – or any other racing circuit for that matter.

Another scene from the Mugen track day as this hard topped S2000 waits in the paddock alongside some of its FF Honda cousins.

Whether its the hardcore track look you are after…

…or something a little more subtle – the S2000 does it all well.

Looking back at old photos like this makes me quite anxious for my next trip to Japan. Not only am I craving the sights and sounds of Tsukuba Circuit, but the delicious taste of the curry rice served at the trackside snack bar…

One more Amuse GT1 S2000 rounding the corners, AKA another day at Tsukuba.

I'll wrap up with one more shot from the Mugen track day on the 1000 course.

For my next dip through the archive, I'm thinking about a selection of vintage Honda shots so keep an eye out for that!

-Mike Garrett



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This should have been titled s2000s at tsukuba.. hahah LOL.. Not much of a fan of hondas but I like em... Especially the silver ones


what kit is on that grey s2k in the 3rd pic?


whats with the tape on the headligths, sorry dont know alot about track cars


3rd pic looks awesome......


How can you be to tall? I'm six two with tons of room.


I got a red one in my driveway right now.... God I love that thing!!!!


Awesome post.

This is what S2000s should look like, and how they should be used, It's a shame to see them fall to the stupid fitment crowd, or even worse, the Sydney sex-spec crowd.

I also wish I could fit into one, not that I can afford one


55sec, that's an awesome time.


I'm 6'3 220 pounds and fit my s200 very well - a 600 set of f1 spec seats on buddy club type rails and a 310mm d shaped sparco steering wheel and you've got alll the room you need.


Yeah, S2k is one of best choices for Tsukuba


the s2000 is slowly but surely becoming one of my favorite cars. and being only 5'8 its perfect for me.


The Amuse GT1 is just too gorgeous, love it.


havent seen those 7-spoke mugen wheels 4 ages! thx 4 sharin mike!!! XD


No ASM S2000?


can anyone tell me why they put tape across the headlights?!


I hear you on the S2000 + 16" subject and you may be right! But the gray on RE30s is the one I want!!

Theses caras are great!! I can't believe Honda quit making it :(


You would be able to fit in one if you replaced the stock seat with a low-mounted sport seat. I know some very tall people that can fit into NA Miatas nicely after replacing the seat.


hardcore track look is hardcore


Dnt the knw the kit (3rd pic), but man is that car hot! Man I want to put crosses on my headlights.


I just jizzed after seeing hardtop S2000's on VOLKS!


@Ryan - it makes for easy cleanup if you have an accident. If the headlight housings shatter the tape holds it together..

love s2000s..


all hail the S2000 by Honda! - i like the look of the Top Fuel S2000, that would be just right for me.


the S2000. What a great sports car


we got s2ks on re30's, ce28's, watanabes...surprised theres no TE37s!


Love the Spoon and Amuse S2000s.


Any idea where I can get the front bumper from the red s2k (second picture).


6'4" S2000 driver here.



take another look at the picture. it says right the on the sticker



Great cars! Pure Fun. I have a 2008 in black, taking it to Yas Marina Circuit in a couple of weeks, I just can't wait!