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The internet, and how great it is” Something we hear on a regular basis, but do we take it for granted?

Before I begin this article I would like to take a second and explain to each and everyone of you how amazing the internet really is. Here I am in Australia searching the internet (mostly Japanese blogs) scattering through images and links that I can’t even read and I end up here, an archive full of Honda images taken in Japan.

One thing that shocked me when I was in Japan were the amount of people that pointed to my Pelican hard-case and said “SPEEDHUNTERS!” As I sift through hundreds of Honda related images, I stumbled upon this one in particular. Super-low with a set of 15″ Sportmax. If you can’t already notice the front number plate it is a Speedhunters item, which to me is pretty cool! Continuing on.

Meets, cruises and gatherings seem to be very over populated in Japan which is definitely a good thing. I mean imagine rocking up to a local parking lot and witnessing something like this white EG hatch. Stripped interior, 2 bucket seats, ridiculously loud exhaust and semi-slicks all around. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t know what to do with myself, but then it mightn’t be your cup of tea.

The amount of indescribable cars I witnessed on my trip in Japan on the street was mind blowing. Watching a slammed S14.5 roll past a full car of policeman inside a car outside the station and not getting pulled over was a really strange feeling. I know these guys most probably don’t drive their cars as dailies but it’s still awesome to see them being driven on the roads.

I mean, check out those rear wheels!

Just behind this gorgeous white EG there you’ll notice a lighter modified Civic, being an EF.

Speaking of EF’s this one happened to be in the same batch of photos so I take it that it was there also…

…Looking quite similar to the EK, modification wise. The model of the Civic and the paint job just screams out 80’s!

Not only late night meets but ones in the broad daylight, flicking through the galleries many of them are named Sunday SoCal Meetup, It’s quite funny how countries admire one another.

This EK looks to be very USDM inspireded. The owner goes by the name of Yuya Yasunari-san. The car has been resprayed a genuine Porsche a slay gray met. The discontinued Hayashi Racing Equipment wheels compliment the paint nicely…

…Just fitting under the guards. Putting aside the looks for just a moment this EK has some other interesting modifications, such as NSX front brakes.

A similar approach to modifying is this Integra rolling on red-centred SSR Mark II’s.

Stay tuned for Part 3, I have a surprise for you on a couple of cars in particular!

Honda Sighting Japan PT.1

-Casey Dhnaram.


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The white "EK" you refer to is an EG, and the lightly modified "EG" behind it is actually an E-AT chassis Civic. The next "EG" you refer to is an EF Civic owned by Rocket Bunny and TRA Kyoto founder Kei Miura. I hate to be a pedant, but I thought someone should correct you before the other Honda nerds like me that aren't quite as polite come in and throw a fit.


I think your getting your models a bit mixed up. the white race civic with TEMPLE down the side is an EG, and the one behind it an EF. c'mon man, im no honda fan but i know that much!


EK and EG? Really? Sweet pics anyway


eccrammer: I know all my honda auto designations

Dylan: I know designations much better than you

eccrammer: no you don't!

Dylan: yes I do!

eccramer: no you don't!

Dylan: yes I do!



Thats a sick cb7. makes me wanna start work on mine


fake wheels, ebay headlights, and a rusted trendy rising sun fender? sorry but a little bit dissapointing


Perhaps companies like Rota and XXR are using the opportunity now to flood the home market of Rays, Work, etc. with cheap knockoffs now, since many of the USDM enthusiasts will succumb to being "American". Anyway, I also wonder how the wheel companies are doing after the quake.


Great Post. However....

Yeah I have to agree with robert on this one. That Accord is just a stickered up lip and chrome fender trims from being the ultimate trend machine, yuck.

I love the aggressive tire fitment on the white EG, so much meat. If you know what the specs are on both the white EG and the orange/white EF feel free to share as I am really curious thanks.



That could be a possibility but there will always be a market for both real stuff and fakes.

On one side you have people that want the best parts money can get them and on the other end, you have people that would rather go cheap on parts and buy knockoffs.


What I find disturbing though is that Japan is copying some of the most questionable trends in America such as rusted body panels, cars lowered to the point where you can't drive it over a speed bump, etc. just far as safety is concerned.

I'll still be a fan of their circuit prepped/inspired cars though.


Actually, I take that back, that EF is not owned by Kei Miura. It does look like it's got a TRA Kyoto kit on it, and is generally in the same Kanjo racer style as his. I misremembered what Miura-sans' vinyls look like.


LOL rusty Rising Sun fender!


Is it just me or do the "EK's" look like EG's and the "EG's" look like EF's? Apart from the last hatch.


Okay, the white hatch in an EG. The older one's are EF's. The newer one is an EK, and thats a CDM front end.


if i ever owned a honda, that top one would be exactly how I would do it.


2nd pic is an EG, not an EK.

4th pic is an EG in the foreground and EF in the background, not EK/EG

5th pic is an EF, not EG

6th pic refers to an EK from pic 2,3 and 4 which is really an EG


You also had some typos... Inspired is just that. Not inspireded.


"Super-low with a set of 15" Sportmax."

In Japan?? I dont understand the honda crowd.


the porsche flat gray EK also has a canadian market acura EL front end on it which should be noted, as its not very common and very cool to see. did you happen to get a picture of the whole front of it in one shot?

looking forward to pt 3


the blue hatch behind the WHITE eg in pic 4 is NOT an EF. It's a 3rd gen "E-AT" or EA hatch depends who your asking.


@Robert , my bad baller, maybe you can buy him some $4000 rims. Sorry, not everyone is made of money.



Actually, me and Dylan are mostly agreeing, we're just disagreeing with the person that wrote the article. I'll admit that I may be wrong about mixing up the EF and the E-AT, but from the curved shape of the hatch I'm pretty sure it's the E-AT. Oh, and I was definitely wrong about that Kanjo style EF being Kei Miura's car. It's similar, and I'm pretty sure it's sporting TRA Kyoto aero, but it's not his car. No hard feelings though, I just didn't want it to look like Dylan and I were arguing :) The one thing that's for sure though, the author of this article doesn't know his Honda chassis designations very well. ;)


Dylan you are wrong, the one behind the eg is not and EF it is an E-A-series, as mentioned its the E-AT. I should know this as my first car was and E-AT civic. And i currently own an EF.

eccramer nice to see somone else finding these blatant mistakes


Where are the Preludes?


this red and white EF looks like one of the civics from the Kanjo Racers Video on youtube


haha wow Sunday SoCal meetup

thats cute :P


The light blue Civic is an EAT, 84-87 Civic, and I request more pics and details!


Temple Racing EG civic is rad as fuck, blue hatch parked behind it is an EA-T.


So if a Honda has a stripped interior, bucket seats, and a loud exhaust is not okay then why is it okay to see a Nissan 240sx that's slammed to the ground, rims that are bright neon color, exhaust pipes that are angled up towards the sky, and body panels that are mismatched colors? Basically a POS Nissan 240sx is seen as God's Chariot while a clean Honda is nothing.

So much hate against Hondas and too many fanboys for the drifting scene.

I'm glad the drift scene got popular so I can enjoy my Honda.


@JLall that isn't a CDM front it's from the Honda Domani in japan which essentially is the same as a CDM front but it's actually from japan


My god... how i love that Works CR 01!

Perfects for Honda/Toyota Hatchbacks of 90's


This is the best month ever.


@eccramer - Oh word. It seemed like friendly corrections regardless. I'm impressed at your guys' knowledge of this stuff. Keeping the SpeedHunter crew honest!

I'm digging that large sidewall as well. Need to see more of that this side of the pond.


nice coverage.. not sure of all the model codes - keep it coming tho' - top quality pics too!


In paragraph two the author says that he was "scattering through images" on the internet. How does one go about scattering through images exactly? Does he mean that he simply found these images somewhere else and posted them here?


@Speed Hunting

LOL! You took the words out of my mouth haha.

mAd TyTe Driftars paTROLLing yO...

I'll take two copies of Temple Racing's EG please.


The comments are pretty harsh, but I think you need to read what you write before publishing. Pictures look fine to me but it's a downer when you say that the car has NSX front brakes but show a rear tyre.




@Speed Hunting:

I don't get it either. I think what it comes down to is that historically, cars that are famous for their motorsport pedigree are RWD. I think that for most people a fast FWD car just does not compute. There's really not much hate for the S2000 (except for people who are ignorant and think it's "just another Honda") which I think comes mostly from the fact that it's RWD and is a proper sportscar. What people don't realize is that a properly sorted Honda Civic or Integra can really hold its own in motorsports, just like a VW GTI, Mini Cooper, Peugot 206 etc.

I'll give you an example from my personal experience. When I bought my EP3 Civic Si, my friend who owned a Lexus IS300 would not stop giving me shit about it. He called me a "Ricer C*nt" and a "Hondtard". So one day I got tired of it, gave him the keys, and told him to really drive it hard. Now that his IS300 is going to shit, he's seriously considering buying an EP3 to replace it. It's not as fast, but it handles almost as well (if not a little better), and it's very very fun, which is what really matters. Just because some kids slapped bad body kits, shitty picnic table spoilers, and fart cannons on Civics doesn't mean that it should ruin it for the rest of us.


Anyone know what the wheels are on the white EG??


@ Billyboy

Work CR-01