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On Friday I packed my camera and made the trip to Zandvoort for the Gran Turismo Events trackday. I was told there would be some special cars including Ferraris and Lamborghinis. On my way there I already saw some cars on the highway so I knew I wouldn't be disappointed.

After arriving at the circuit I made my way towards the pit lane and I was greeted by this gorgeous couple. The GT3 RS is perfectly suited for trackdays like these.

This F430 Scuderia had a very nice color that I had never seen before. The owner wasn't afraid of letting all those 500 horses go on the circuit.

These are the biggest carbon ceramic rotors I have ever seen! 398mm X 36mm to be precise.

The F430 Scuderia in action and braking hard just before it enters the Tarzan corner after the long straight.

A lot of my friends are BMW enthusiasts and we have been checking the BMW dealerships constantly for the BMW 1M. We haven't found one, so it was a big surprise to see this example in the pit lane.

I absolutely love this car. The owner told me he bought it a week ago and already he conquered the Spa Franchorchamps and Nürburgring circuits within that week. So on Friday it was time for Zandvoort, talking about dedication.

Here it is on track with a ‘standard' F430 chasing him around the Hugenholtzbocht.

This car belongs to Sasha, one of the people responsible for the Dutch Autoblog website. It's a Mercedes CLK AMG Black Series. In the opening picture you can see a red version.

The car sounded great on track, here it is exiting the Hugenholtz corner.

Another personal favorite was this black and white GT3 RS with Techart wheels.

The KTM X-Bow is a car you don't see very often. It isn't very practical and the people who buy these kinds of cars probably have more than one car inside their garage.

The Lotus Exige is your perfect trackday weapon.

The only Lamborghini was this flat black Murcielago. No matter where you see a car like this it will always leave a lasting impression.

Several 2012 Nissan GT-R's made an appearance. I really like the new design of the wheels.

The loudest car present was this Porsche 911.

This 997 GT3 RS was real photogenic with its red accents and red centre lock wheels.

Here we see the GT3 RS exiting the Hugenholtzbocht towards the Hunserug being chased by a ‘killer' 911 Turbo.

A stripped out M3 braking hard before it enters the S turn.

Because the circuit is situated in the dunes, sand can sometimes be a problem. This was the case on the S turn but the drivers didn't seem to mind and didn't hold back.

While I was on my way home I spotted the same GT2 I saw earlier in the S turn. There is nothing better than showing up in your Porsche GT2 at a circuit, race a few laps and return home in the same car.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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nice blog - some real powerful machines being put throught their paces.. any chance of a Video Roll for these types of posts in the future?? - i think that there is nothing better than showing up in your car at any circuit, race a few laps and return home in the same car. now that's Speedhunting! - thanks


those carbon discs really look bigger with the skinny wheels!


Strange wheel size on that lambo..


I didn't even know Sasha owned a CLK AMG Black Series, business must be going well or did he steal it lol?


really nice report


Haha ... .. look at the first picture .. .. . all the way to the right.....


I want to see the picture he was taking ... . . I hope he has a good zoom on that camera . .. lolz


Zandvoort is awesome! We raced there last weekend with our MX5 Cup.

If you want to see a video roll that shows the Zandvoort track then check the short film I made with the MX5's. Sorry no GT's but still awesome fun :-)


Now that is one nice line up of cars for a track day!

Love the 1 series M. That's the first non-camouflaged version I've seen, thanks for posting.


that Murcielago looks stunning, even tho it is an earlier model.


Wow, that's a very nice event with a very nice collection of cars. All cars here looked great and looked fast! Thanks for the great post!


Yeah , but i seriously doubt that that red GT2 was driving home :D 'cause he has a long way to go ;) That car is wearing Estonian license plates , which is about 2000 km away :D

But a cool post :P And also loved seeing some exotica from my homecountry ;) The GT-R and the flat black Lambo also wore Estonian plates btw. But since our roads suck pretty bad , those cars probably reside somewhere else in Europe


Nice story, but sorry... the pictures are HORRIBLE...


Desktop of first pic please :)