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Here in car-obsessed Southern California, there is NEVER a shortage of automotive things to do. Fords were the order of business last Sunday at Knott's Berry Farm, and this weekend it was time for the Mopar folks to step into the spotlight at Spring Fling XXV at Woodley Park in Van Nuys.

After seeing the positive response that my coverage of last year's show got, I decided to make the trip up the 405 again this year. Even with temps reaching near 90 degrees F in the San Fernando Valley, hundreds of Chrysler cars converged on the wide spaces of Woodley Park.

Upon entering the showgrounds, I was drawn to this NASCAR-spec Dodge Charger Daytona sitting on a trailer. It was bitchin', and needless to say I grabbed a few extra pics for an upcoming spotlight.

There's just something about the Mopar crowd that is different from the followers of other brands. This is the church of the Six Pack, the Sure Grip, the Shaker, and the TorqueFlite.

As with last year, there was an incredible assortment of Mopar history out on the grass. Some, like this '64 Plymouth Savoy Max Wedge car were looking pretty stock on the outside.

This Charger meanwhile was done in a more aggressive pro touring style.

Quite simply, the '68 – '70 Charger is part of the fabric of America. You can thank the Duke boys, the thugs from Bullitt, and even Mr. Vin Diesel for that one.

Speaking of the Duke boys, what do you think of this updated version of the General Lee?

There was plenty to be found in the swap meet area again this year, both parts and project cars. That early Barracuda could be built into something very cool with a little creativity!

Quite a lineup of reproduction Pistol Grip shift handles. It doesn't get any more Mopar than this.

The big Hemi and 440 engines are what gave the Mopar muscle machines their steet cred, but the small block offerings can be equally as potent in a lightweight chassis like this Duster 340.

The finned lines of the '57 and '58 Plymouths have to be some of the best of the 1950s. Movie buffs will also recognize this body style from the horror film "Christine" about a possessed '58 Fury. It's a great film, add it to your Netflix list.

In 1969 things in the muscle car war were getting out of hand, that's when Chrysler engineers decided to drop 440's with three Holley carbs into the Plymouth Road Runner and Dodge Superbee.  The Hemi cars might be more iconic, but the 440-6 cars packed about the same punch.

The 440-6 Road Runner and Super Bee were also known for their uncovered steel wheels and redline tires.

I asked my wife what she thought about the idea of going camping in this Dodge station wagon RV setup, and her response was not particularly positive…

The Butterscotch Gold and black combo with a white vinyl top – gotta love the '70s.

Thanks to Chrysler's buyout of the American Motors Corporation in the 1980's, cars like this AMC AMX are included in the Spring Fling festivities.

After seeing the Australian Fords last weekend, it was a cool follow up to see this Aussie market Slant Six Valiant on Sunday.

This 'Cuda was tuckling some serious rubber in the back!

I'll go ahead and wrap put part one right here, but I'll be back with another selection of Mopar greatness tomorrow for you guys.

-Mike Garrett



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love the first pic of the greyish Charger, plus i like how the Duster 340 is sitting - oohh i love Mopar!


EPIC cars! Well, apart from that camper


Mopar or No Car! I move to California in a week, I've never been there before so its good to see its not just all imports on the west coast.


The RHD Aussie Valiant actually has an Australian-only 245 "hemi" inline 6, not a slant.


That Aussie Valiant even has the Aussie number plates still on it!

Mike, do you know if there are any old Holden's in So-Cal, namely Monaro's or Torana's?


wow some muscle love!!! yes!!!


Charger Daytona/Superbird ftmfw

LOVE these cars


I'm digging the original general lee more ... big(ger) rims just don't fit old school muscle cars


Looks like fun in the sun with all those heroic Yanks tanks. That RV is sweet!


I love me some old mopars!


Isn't that Kenny Wayne Shepards Generl Lee? Sweet car! Great owner!


Thank goodness Speedhunters covers Mopar stuff! Give us more!



I've yet to see any Holdens in this area - unless you count newer Pontiac GTO's or G8's that is. Haha.


Gotta love the e-body. No car is cooler. No car is better styled than the cuda. Especially an aar with all the t/a fixins


I thought the straight hemi's where slanted?


Gotta love SoCal! No matter what kind of car you're into we have it all!

God! The things I would do for a '70 'Cuda or a Challenger!

Got anymore pics of that white cuda?


Nice to see some America muscle, I was getting bored with all the import stuff.


no Superbirds this year it seems.


If there's any Valiant Charger's around please show some on here.