Desktops>> California Dreamin’ Da6

I finally got around to uploading a desktop of Darren's DA Integra from the California Dreamin' story. Head over to the desktops section to grab this image in both regular and widescreen formats.


Paddy McGrath



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WOW. Junior High back in 94' (Diamond Bar, CA) waiting to get picked up; in rolls Edgar's older brother who's in high school with his lowered DA and every kid in the lot is drooling. This car is way doper but it brings me back.


Can we please stop with the Hondas now it's not the 90s..... Since when have these cars become cool again?


wicked.. thanks for this one..



Where did the owner get his Facebook "Like" sticker? I must have one!


Stop with the honda coverage....seriously. Im 1 honda post away from taking speedhunters out of my bookmarks.


ya dude da for life


@Doug: I didn't know there was a time for certain cars to be cool. Enthusiasts will like any car as long as they have something attractive, and judging by the way you wrote that it makes me think you like to follow trends, just because it's something cool in the moment.

I assume you like Nissan S chassis vehicles from a little while ago, but that's just a guess.

Ah, nevermind, just felt like writing that.


@Albert: I'm sorry but why are u reading speedhunters if u dont like the cars have been posted here...


Doug the Douchebag, so 30's 40's 50's 60's 70's 80's etc etc cars aren't cool anymore? Must everyone own a post 2000 model car for it to be cool to you? Baaaaaaaahhhh!


Poor Doug. If it wasn't for Hondas creating an "import scene" in southern California, we probably wouldn't be here on this wonderful web site bashing your lack of car knowledge/respect. All scenes are valid no matter what time period they represent. At least this honda is doing it right because if homie was rocking a Wings West kit... I guess it wouldn't be on this site.




speed h u guys kick ass


Lmao actually I love all chassis and I own a Nissan s14.5 and I've owned a 350z, I have huge respect for all cars and personally I don't care what Cali started cuz it all came from japan so no one started anything except them. Soooooo yea...... Also you all are just excited cuz they just started posting what your rattle can shit boxes wished they could be so look into shit before you write anything. Enjoy feeling tough behind a computer screen go jack off to a article in import tuner and stop wasting my time.


Don't know about you, but I sit in front of my computer screen, not behind it....hehe!


Mad tyte Driftars paTROLLing the area.

Because rattle canned, beat up fenders, lime green rims are cooler than a clean Honda.


Doug, you're a tool. No on is trying to look tough. Just admit you called on your Nissan driving trendy ass and move on.


sadly yea.....thats the example that the "tuner scene" put on themselves...... hondas are great cars especially when the vtec kicks in bwwwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i know all of yous dont like what im saying, but really theres no way to win this, mainly due to the wonderful owners of the cars you love and there "examples" of the "tuner scene". this is the last time im replying to anyone to flame on.......


Thanks (Speedhunters) for making a Honda themed month.

This will expose more people to Honda and the motorsports that is synonymous with the brand.

As for the Honda Haters please grow up. Can we all get along?

Speedhunters is a place that features different types of cars from different makes and models, there is no need to discriminate between makes just because of its country of origin, drive train (lol), etc..

However I do agree that the Riveted bodied EG methods of chassis reinforcement was a poor attempt at stiffening the chassis, but not every Honda resorts to ghetto measures as the Riveted EG.

Most serious road race Civic's in fact have proper weld-on roll cages that increases safety and stiffness better than rivets do.

Despite the fact that people will still post opinionated "facts" about Honda and its stereotypes, I'm still looking forward to seeing great month while learning more about the brand.