Car Spotlight>> Trial S2000

Here is a lucky find. After covering the Exciting Car Showdown in Nagoya I spent most of last week down in Osaka for my usual yearly trip in search of cool shops and cars. Osaka is much like any big Japanese metropolis with one big difference, the people. Everyone is so chilled out, easy going and unstressed, it kind of reminds me of Italy. It’s a pleasure to spend time with people in the industry as they all welcome you with open arms and enjoy taking time off to talk cars. And boy do they like their cars down South! Better still, they love to tune them and couldn’t care less about the authorities…not that they would give you any trouble as they are equally chilled! One such shop is Trial, an impressively huge complex that has been catering to the tuning scene in Osaka for almost 30 years.

In the car park I spotted this yellow Amuse GT1 kitted S2000 customer car and knew it would be the perfect ride to spotlight for the Honda theme we have going on this month.

The owner has added to the beautifully sculpted wide body kit with lots of carbon bits like the trunk lid and adjustable rear spoiler.

While the engine remains stock…

…the enhanced sound is pure eardrum-piercing Honda with this Trial titanium exhaust system.

Wheels are forged monoblock Prodrive GC-07J…

…shod in Dunlop Direzza Sport Z1, 255/35R18 at all four corners.

Carbon fiber hard top goodness.

Only simple upgrades like the Recaro bucket seats and Momo Prototipo steering wheel are needed in the interior to give it a more track oriented feel.

Aside from the actual GT1 demo car I shot all those years back with Tanabe-san, this is the nicest Amuse kitted S2000 I’ve come across. Thanks to the guys at Trial for allowing me to grab a few quick shots!


-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Weak offsets can ruin a car so quickly.


stock engine?? cool


That S2K needs a 1JZ swap >:)


All that body kit and a stock engine?


Loving it!

Wallpapers please???


@ sabb: Weak offsets? Oh noe's, it's not heller flusher toilet!!!

The fenders are supposed to cover the wheels and tires....


@jerome correction,,.it needs LSx


Beautiful car!


hmmmm looks nice and 'track-ready'.. some functional mods - which i always like to see. love the simplistic rims.


oooo i love the Amuse GT1 kit, such as sick looking car! i want one!!!!!


Nice spotlight.

I like the kit, but perhaps some dishier (is that a word?) wheels would have suited it more. And i'm surprised the owner has extensively modified the exterior towards a track looking car, yet has left the engine untouched. Still a nice S2K anyway!


Not just any hardtop... an Authentic dry carbon Amuse hardtop! The things I would do for one...


@ saab - what you perceive as "good offset" can compromise the handling of an otherwise well balanced car. No one denies that flush wheels look good, they're just not very functional. Each to his own I guess.

I don't get why the owner went to such lengths in upgrading the looks while leaving the engine stock. I guess he opted for a sporty "feeling" rather than actual speed.


stock engine is better than your hella flush syle least its faster haa.stop hatin people


stock engine is better than your hella flush syle least its faster haa.stop hatin people


Beautiful kit!!


Weak offset? She's obviously meant for the track, as she should be. S2000's don't deserve the hard parking fate many get. With the aero upgrades I'm sure the engine does just fine stock too.

Lest anyone forget THIS is what flush fitment is.


offset?? you fellahush* guys are just bandwagon ricers. its a fad.


everyone with a negative comment is a fag haha!


God i love the amuse kit on an S2k. But it needs the spoon roof and some engine mods to go with the look. Right now it's very 90"s all fiberglass no HP


putting a1JZ in it will be like putting an LS in a drift car. Forget that noise


Weak offsets? Some cars are tuned to be driven aggressively and not just to look good in the parking lot.


i like the amuse hardtop i have yet to c one in person in the states


looks great, love to know what is planned for the engine


The car looks to be based on function rather than hella flush fashion, this ticks all my boxes.


So sexy..........


Damn, I can enjoy a nicely tuned car, but the first comment begs for more offset? And what's wrong with the untouched engine? The F20C is a great piece of machinery even in stock form.

Anyway, this S2000 looks great and I appreciate the coverage.


Trial is well knows for their Dedication to Toyota MRS and Celica why dont you cover some of thier Toyota line


as much of a honda fan i can be, this is a half done job, why so much body panels and upgraded stuff for a stock engine. really?


desktop must!!!! who cares about the engine...youre no driving the picture are u? XD


Beautiful car.

I'm glad Trial chose those Prodrive rims looks amazing with the concave face (7th picture).

Osaka has so many beautiful cars its ridiculous. I was surprised they left the engine stock, however it did remind me of when Amuse first unveiled their S2300 with the same wild kit and a mostly standard engine.

My guess is that it is still a car that they are developing parts for.


Looks prefect.

Whats wrong with the offset Saab? Dumb comment, considering its obviously built for track work...


How much does this car cost total, I was just about to do the same thing, but with differetnt wheels and paint color, what a beauty


I agree with JCS, wholeheartedly!

LOL at the typical comments from the internet import scene/car show/"hellaflush" crowd.


That rear wing looks a bit weak. If it is actually supposed to work (i.e. provide downforce), then it should be able to support around 100kg (maybe more, since thw car weighs over 1000kg). That means a big guy should be able to sit on that wing, which looks unlikely with the small tube struts that I can see.

About the engine: making the car lighter and increasing grip via slicks will increase handling more than power, esp. if the track is twisty.


car looks great,nothing bad at all.

crazy offset guys dont bother commenting , go beat off to some ridiculous offset volkswagens.


What most ricers and flushers don't realize, is that a stock motor is perfect for track cars. Less overheating, longer laps, more forgiving on missed shifts, more communicative, less snappy mid-corner... Etc. ad infinitum.

There's no point upgrading an engine (even in a miata) until the limits of the car are surpassed by driver skill. Unless you're from Finland, no average Joe will find those limits in this car for several seasons.

You can keep all your 500whp hard-parked never-tracked stupid-camber nonsense. This ride is the deal.



I'm missing some kind of full-rear-shot though!

Interesting choice as well to keep the engine stock with that bodykit :)

I think the rear wheels could do with a slight little tad more offset though.

No matter if trackcar, daily or show.

Lastly, I love the logo on the left frontpanel, especially the bit saying "tuning spirit" - nice detail! I think the logo on the bumper though could go...

Overall a fantastic car tho :)


Anyone know who makes that top?


Tyler it was mentioned earlier, Amuse makes it.