Car Spotlight>> Jb-tuning Nissan Stagea

When looking at all the celebrities on the TV with all those nose jobs I always think they looked better before the operation. I had the total opposite feeling when I saw this Nissan Stagea. The R34 nose transplant on this Stagea is one of the most successful nose jobs I have seen in the metal.

The guys at JB-Tuning sure know what they are doing. After building one of the most spectacular S15's on Dutch roads they are also responsible for this creation.

Fred the owner of the car already secured the frontbumper made by Eastbear in Holland. So to get the transformation complete he ordered the rest through Masa Motorsport. This Japanese tuner is famous for their Stagea kits and the only shop I know that delivers this transformation.

The rear bumper and the spoiler also bear the Masa Motorsport brand.

I love this side profile of the Stagea with the R34 front end.

These bright pink wheels measure 19"x9.5j in the front and 19"x10.5j in the rear with 265 width tires wrapped around them. Pink wouldn't be my first choice of color for rims but I must admit it looks really good in this application.

A cool aspect about the car was the black roof; it acts as a nice contrast with the rest of the car. I also love the fact it has two sunroofs.

I was able to leave this Speedhunters sticker on the Z-tune carbon hood just above genuine R34 GT-R xenon headlights.

I'm going to visit the guys at JB-tuning this month for a closer look at some of the other car they have at their garage.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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The pink wheels are, obviously, intended to keep zombie Heath Ledger from stopping the owner and inquiring, "Why so serious?"

Fun cars are fun.


What the hell is up with all the Varrstoen wheels? Is suddently knockoffs ok as long as theyre "USA made"?......

Lovely car and photos tho :)


^ perfectly said.


Nice car, but IBF the Rays Engineering laws......oh wait


Awesome minus barbie vomit (coloured) rims..


Anyone knows the brand of the wheels? Never seen these before.


Just Perfect!


Are those real TE-37's or some kind of fake options like on the S15?


Guess Ill Be the A-hole to ask:

Are you "Purposely" not mentioning the wheel name/brand because their Varrstoen?

Cause thats the 2nd time its happened... lol




very cool, bright and with style!


awesome another "cool" car with "replica" wheels


If the JB Tuning logo matched the pink of the wheels I would love it even more.


wow it is perfect


@ 77

I lol'd


Yet another nice car, ruined by fake TE37's reps. Surely they could afford the real thing? Sigh.


Fake wheels are fake.


Yucky copies. Good luck on the reliability of those.....


Loving the VarSTOLEN wheels. Truely brillient how such poorly engineered knock offs can't attract any recognition from Speed Hunters. Pink certainly is a befitting color choice. I wonder: Is this any indication as to the quality and short cuts taken toward the rest of the vehicle's build?


so now no company can try to start making a generally liked wheel? their are only so many possible designs. let alone ones that look good. just a lame arguement


Why start with two beautiful cars and then deface them with shitty knockoff parts?......u can pony up for a digital cluster and a "sequential" shifter but not enough for a set of quality wheels and brakes?..seriously your skimping on safety items.....your logic is bass ackwards.....


Beautiful car. Does anyone know where i can get a speedhunters sticker?


Pink wheels FTW!


Love the car. 1 of 2 in NL. Just like me hahah.

Looks really nice in real life. Met the car before.


The editors mention "Rotiform" enough in the VAG threads. Odd to happily feature cars with Varrstoen wheels but not mention them by name.


Everything else but the FAKE S*** rims are good! the hell is up with that varrstoen company advertising un-original designs of ray's to our scene?! GTFO! D:<


Who the fck cares. Car looks boss. Thats what matters. FUCK ELITIST BS.


What a joke. A potentially beautiful car that is ruined by knock-off parts. It amuses me that Jeroen seemingly intentionally neglects to mention that they're knock-off wheels, despite the huge Varrstoen stickers on the sides...ridiculous.

I wonder if that Nismo R-Tune hood is even real...if the wheels are any indication, then probably not.


Varrstoen - The perfect wheel....should read 'The perfect copy'! Great copies, but that's all they'll ever be, copies!

@Mustard, of course a wheel company can start up and make wheels, but do a direct copy of a top quality Jap rim and you'll cop it. Try doing something original and make a wheel design unique to your new brand and try to get your name off the ground with your own designs, not someone elses.

Also, the reason for non-mention is probably because the brand is plastered up the side of the car......nice Stagea none-the-less!


Everything is cool about the car besides the "VarSTOLEN" rims.


@ttknf I don't think Jeroen wants to mention irrelevant info, and waste internet space. Yes I just said that.

Why are people so offended by something so stupid?




looks the part, if you can stomach the choice of colour for the wheels(?).. whats happening under the bonnet tho'? - [seems to be getting a lot of stick about the wheels being copies?] does it matter?


Chalk up another hater for the wheels. WHY O WHY would you build a promo car and throw some direct knock off wheels on it then add the PERFECT WHEEL sticker?!!! Bad decision in my books.

And for those saying who cares? The timeless designs that Rays Engineering have given us would not exist if it wasnt for them. We wouldnt have TE37s or CE28Ns to drool over so just think about that when you're buying these flagrant knock off wheels trying to fake the funk.


@ RiceFed whats "fake the funk"?




I always love visiting shops and car builders. You see customer cars, cars that are being built and cars