Car Spotlight>> Integra Brothers

These two cars share a lot of components but are also very different. On the left we have a European version of the Honda Integra and on the right is the JDM version. I saw both of these cars when I visited the Rising Sun Performance shop on Monday. Luckily for me the guys at the shop had cleared out the garage so it gave me the perfect opportunity to roll both the cars inside the garage to shoot them together.

This European 1998 model wears some exterior upgrades that include the sideskirts and the rear valance made by Honda Modulo.

The big difference between both the models is obviously the front end. After checking them both extensively I still couldn't pick a favorite. Both of them have a very strong presence. Could you pick a favorite?

This JDM version got a set of ARC winglets that are placed underneath the front bumper. Both cars already look very good in standard guise. They don't need much to stand out because these cars are very special in their own right.

Here is a closer look at the front end of the JDM Integra.

The embossed Integra logo in the front bumper of the European Integra is a pretty cool touch.

These JDM 16" wheels can be found on the EUDM version. The car has been dropped using Tein lowering springs that brought the car 3cm closer to earth.

The JDM version got these cool Sprinthart CP-F's in 15" wrapped in Toyo R1 tires. This car is more circuit oriented so it has Project Mu discs and Ferrodo DS2500 pads. The brake fluid runs through Goodridge steel lines.

This car is lowered using Buddyclub Junior spec dampers.

This beating heart is the venerable B18C engine inside the JDM Integra. In stock form it is very potent but the owner enhanced the engine with a SPfab T*DA 4-2-1 header, APE Garage race cat converter and  2.5" catback.

The EUDM B18C engine is pretty stock except for a Spoon air fliter, Spoon N1 B-pipe and N1 muffler.

In the end it was a great day and very cool to see both of these cars together. Getting together with enthusiasts and talking about your hobby is what it's all about in our ‘scene'. I need to thank the guys at Rising Sun Performance for organizing this small meet with a bunch of cool cars. I'll have some more shots of some of the other cars present on Monday.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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great feature.. i'd have to run with the DC2 tho'!


I prefer the JDM version :)


i'd have both please jeroen. Even though the jdm front end is better looking imo.


I like the four-eyes actually. I can see the appeal of the JDM front in the US since it's different to ours, but the bumper opening on the US/EUDM from looks cleaner.


more pics/info on the rex please!


I'm surprised there hasn't been any hate/ angry remarks about Hondas.

All the fanboys can go watch their silly drift sessions so I can enjoy my Honda without it getting stolen.

Since we all know that the theft rate for drift cars higher than ever before. Lulz


Is that Giel Beelen in the last picture?


Good thing this place isn't in the US. Those cars might have been stolen already. It's statistically proven that the Integra is the most stolen car in the United States.

Those are some very clean cars though. Flawless.


I'm not a JDM fanyboy but I do prefer the heads of the jdm one, wouldn't mind an euro one though

sweet pics


Yeah impossible to pick a favorite pretty much but being in the US you kinda want the JDM look more. Even though it has become rather popular to do, but it still sets the car apart from it's brothers on the road not only being a Type R but the ones being used as straight DD's or people that don't know/get into cars.


Nice Integras :)

I prefer the JDM version. It's not because it's "JDM". It just looks better IMO, I always found the twin round headlamps of the EUDM a bit awkward


Now do a feature on the C-Rex in the back... I mean it is Honda month.... And tomorrow is my b-day. You've done features on incomplete cars before


Awesome feature Jeroen!


Ummm, Integra Type R's (ITR) have five lug hubs. Is the JDM ITR running adapter plates for those wheels? If not, why did they convert to four lug hubs? Could it not be a ITR at all?


What about the boosted one on the lift?


Nice pics and article. Even though I love my miata and crx, I miss my dc2. Damn theives!


My old car that JDM DC2.. still love it..


Got to be the JDM for me! If I wasn't working, i would have on my driveway now. In fact I would be driving it non-stop!


@ That_Suby Guy..

Dude '96 spec JDM ITR's have 4x114,3... Know your stuff.

No adapter plates. Just factory hubs.

No doubt this is a Type-R lol..


Now do an atricle on the C-Rex!!


This is what I like to see from time to time. Lightly modified cars, nothing exaggerated. Great stuff.

And I prefer the JDM Integra. The front has a more "classic" look compared to the EUDM one.


could you post a hi-res version of the opening shot?


@Speed Hunting -

First you say you're surprised there's no Honda hate around, then you go and take a shot at 'fanboys' and their 'silly drift sessions'? Are you trying to bring negative discussion here because there isn't any yet? Asshole.


Yeah, we have to see that CRX. Hell, it'll be interesting because I see a big turbine in front of the engine!


If i ever go back to FWD.... The Integra will be at the top of my list. I had the pleasure of driving a DC5 for a while...and while that was such a good package... I've heard the DC2's (when tuned properly) are even more manic.


@ That_Suby Guy

It's a Spec 96 Integra which has a 4*114,3 lug pattern


No interior pictures?


Really nice to see 2 fine examples of the Integra on speedhunters.

Also another good write-up by Jeroen at the RSP company.

I wish the drivers and company good luck in the future.


@That_Suby Guy: the JDM model is most likely a 96-97 model, they had the 4x114.3 lug pattern. only the 98+ models had 5 lugs.


i been in the scene since 98 and have owned 2 dc2's 1 of them had a jdm front end and 3 DA's i seen all he fads come and go..

the jdm look is cool but its super played out. the usdm/euro teggy does it for me, with type R lips its CLEAN

im not knocking the jdm itr front end but the frog eyes are my preference :)


gimme a 97 usdm itr!!!


@mike, i think thats an eg coupe man


i preffer both.. clean azz shit...


Krispy. CRX looks tight too.


JDM front is better, dont like the bug eyes tegs, wait let me rephrase that, I dont like the bug eye front end.


@anyone look at the lights. there is clearly a spot fot the turn signals to go. I owned 2 efs and I know what it looks like..

look what dylan said.... trained Honda eyes anyone.... gitche some


Great Feature. In my opinion I would prefer the JDM front Integra, those CPF's are also a nice touch.

@Speed Hunting

LOL! true. Still wouldn't park a Honda outside though.




I ran in the JDM version earlier this week when i was driving home from work ( in Malden), looked real nice


I like the JDM version more, it looks meaner and more agressive. Never been to RSP but I want to check it out soon!


I want to know about the car on the lift. I think i see a nice sized turbo on it too?


Looks like a scene from Fast and the Furious lol


i want to know about that EF on the lift!!!


Thats my buddy! :D EDM ITR :) Still in love with it :)