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If you think about the world's great Honda S2000s, the ASM time attack car is one that certainly comes to mind. With all of its wind-tunnel tested aero, carbon fiber construction and a limitless budget – it represents the pinnacle of the S2000 as a tuning platform.

The yellow AP1 you see here though, is everything that the ASM car isn't.

Based out of Japan's Tochigi Prefecture, this S2000 is all about fun. In spirit it's really more AE86 than S2000. For example, check out the 16X9 RS Watanabes mounted on the car in this photo.

The owner makes his preference for 16" wheels very clear – he owns several different sets. Personally I love the look of an S2000 on 16's with big sidewalls. In fact I came very close to doing an S2000 on 16" Watanabes until I found out I was far too tall to be comfortable inside…

Another wheel selection – this time Work Equips. Besides the huge collection of wheels, the car also has KBEE coilovers, a Saito roll cage, Spoon engine mounts, a Cusco RS differential, and a 5Zigen exhaust among other things.

Being a Tochigi local, the car sees regular sideways action at Nikko Circuit.

9000 RPM open top drifting? Sounds like fun.

The drift car vibe is carried over to the interior as well.

With the early AP1 cars over a decade old now, we will be seeing more of these "care free" S2000s in the future?

If they are anything like this one, I don't think that will be a bad thing.

For more, check out the car on Minkara.

-Mike Garrett



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there are a good handful of S2000s down here in FL that dont give two shits about looks.

sucks being tall though, huh mike? same problem i have with the S2000. :\


An abused drift styled S2000? I think I want one.


I would never do that to an S2K, but to each his own.


nice one, you can have a lot fun in these very powerful little cars - and they handle "very balanced". in my experience!


this is pretty rad, but some things dont matchup. in some of the pics, the car has black fenders and fender mirror, in other pictures the body is complete untouched and in others its sporting black or silver bumpers as well. work equips are super dope on this chassis


Let's just get a perfectly AWESOME car and FUCK IT UP for FUN.... :(


Nice! personally, i think some of the aero on time-attack cars is a little over-done, and possibly just for aesthetic value, where something more conservatively styled would perform just as well. This is a car i can appreciate


Care free s2000. A car getting used, not just for show!


I hope we dont see more of these "care free" S2000's! I want to see track and caynon carving built cars only! I hate when people destroy what the S2000 was designed and built for :(

I currently am on my second S2000....


no way. fender mounted mirrors, mofo beat me to it.


diggin the ol skool fender mirrors


FUNction>form any day


looks good. atleast he beats the piss out of it!


That last shot: now thats what i call 100% flawless fitment. Form? Function? Nailed 'em both.


Damn, how tall are you people? I drive an 02 and I am 6'3" and I fit just fine with a lowered seat rail. Also I agree with DMANN, are these two different cars?


Pretty cool car! No doubt we will see similar in America, being the next spot with cheap S2Ks.

Another good thing is hopefully when the bodies of cars like this give up, the engine/trans packages will end up on yahoo for cheap.


great AP1, so tough.


love the idea of a honda drift car. always have. but i thought there were issues with the electronic steering system on the S2K that made it not worth trying to drift?


I'm all for drifting, but damn I feel like that's all this site covers. With that said, the car definitely has style.


I'd rather see a S2k such as this than one shod with that "Hella Flush" crap!


Pretty cool, nice to see that it gets driven but my S2K would be babied a lot more than this, not sure which is better/worse.


I'm surprised no one has screamed bloody murder about the bolt-in cage.


Yeah, drifting at 9000RPM sure sounds fun...


Fender mirrors FTW!


this s2k... is SO awesome... a beater drift car on 16's... a million times better than the stupid hard-parking "stanced out" crap.


Ha, damn cool car, its good to see someone take an S2000 and get it down low with 16" wheel setups and just enjoy the damn car as much as possible. There are enough S2000's around to find a few here and there on the cheap with high miles to rock out like this one. Even as a grip monster but low budget this is a great look and a lot of fun (16" tires are cheap! = more $ for track days). Cool feature, just another reason to love Speedhunters!


@some of the above, The pics are of different qualities, and with all of the different wheel setups, I would assume they have just been taken at different points in time... so same car but different setups with regards to the mirrors etc as it has evolved.


@ DMANN & Munky - changing bumpers and fenders on a drift car is usual.


watanabes look suprisingly good connected with that bitch S2000 :))


I personally like it a lot. It's a S2000 that's being used properly and it looks tough!


These are no doubt right next up to the affordable NA Roadsters. Can see the price coming down more and more making it a great option.