Car Spotlight>> Flip’s Ek9 Civic Type R

This will be somewhat of a blast from the past for a couple of readers out there. You see this is one of those cars that I often revisit in my mind that I'd love to shoot again. Back in 2007, I was just a college bum (as opposed to being a regular bum now I hear you say) who dreamt of a career in automotive journalism. My best mate was running a rather successful Irish motoring forum, Driver, who I would often try and help out with photographs and articles etc. It was through members of this community that I met a guy called 'Flip' who had this rather respectable EK9 Civic Type R …

Even today, tasteful styling within Irish car culture is still only evolving, so this particular car was a breath of fresh air in a sea of Wings West inspired EK Civics.

Lots of carbon fibre pieces from the J's Racing and Spoon Sports catalog including bonnet, splitter, eyebrows …

… spoiler and rear hatch were all wrapped in the black weave.

A set of genuine Volk TE37s replaced the original Type R wheels. A wise choise considering how well respected the original light weight items are.

Modifications weren't just limited to the exterior. If memory serves me correctly the car made a respectable 195BHP (up around 15-20BHP on original power on Irish fuel)

When we met for this brief photoshoot, the interior was mostly stock except for the usual oil temperature and pressure gauges. As the car evolved, it got lighter and more powerful.

I mentioned this in the feature of the DA6 Integra that we never really appreciate what we have until it's gone. Hopefully I'll get a second chance at a car like this when Flip starts evolving his newly acquired DC2 Type R …


Paddy McGrath



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Meh... Car doesn't look really clean to me. Grill should have been left white imo. The headlight thingies. I don't know how you call them... are kinda rice to be honest. Frontlip looks also odd on there. Better get a real Mugen lip or carbon Spoon lip. A few cm's lower would make it a lot better to look at. i must say the Volk Magnesium TE's look awsome on it! It' s aight, but not really my taste.


what's up with the gauges just thrown in there? looks unfinished


great write up paddy, people on about "oh, it looks rice, better get a mugen or spoon lip, blah blah blah" they dont because why get a spoon or mugen lip that cost double the price of a fake one but just as good looking, plus, in Ireland, Monies is tyte yo!!!


wassup with the hating man!!! the ek9 is winning in every single way stock interior plus fab exterior subtle modifications. perfecte little car


Not feeling the front lip. A real Type R deserves better than knockoff parts like that fake mugen lip IMO. Also cancel the eye lids. The interior is clean and functional and wheels are are nice touch. This is poor car spotlight for Honda week.


RESAN what do you drive? Not hatin' like you, just wonderin'.. "HATER" ....The firt EK on my brothers old team in 99 in Reno would ball on you homie, so keep it closed, you almost said somethin' nice? but you couldnt do it... AND YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY.. Only Players Should Judge The Game FOOL...


Haters will always hate. Even though it's not their ride. We're car nuts here, not haters. If you're gonna hate on someone's ride, look at yours first, and see how it'd feel like if your hard work was hate on also. It's their budget, why must you rant and bash on it? Love it, respect it, let the community grow in respect upon this idea, not hate! BTW nice car, nothing needs to be done. Keep doing what you must!


EK9 will always hold a special place in my heart, next to inline 6 turbos. Especially with no shitty ass body kit. I dig the white on it. Respect.


if you can afford real wheels you can afford real lip, 2nd knockoff in 2 days post fogs and lip kill it for me


i saw the lovely EK9 civic the other day in town, was silver on coilovers, a subtle bodykit and some old school JDM wheels in red. Was SICCKKK!!!!! was probably better than this i would say! wish i took a picture of but no thanks to a friggin bus :@!!!


Looks like rice junk with a fart can.


like the look of it.. is it work in progress?!


best model civic, hate the eyebrows though. looks good.


Nice type R its ill as any hatch out there i will put in my picture collection under JDM BADASS...


Purists need to chill, IS IT TRUE JDM MONTH? NO! Chill out Aside from the all out ricers, A HONDA ENTHUSIAST IS A HONDA ENTHUSIAST WHERE IS YOUR BAD ASS WEBSITE, I wanna punch all you "armchair tuners", by the way thats what you are IMO... IDIOTS


I don't really get some of you. Lower ride height? I think the car looks great already with that setup, plus, lowering it may cause troubles to the owner if he has to cope with rough roads. Other details like the eyelids or the front lip are just items the guy installed because it's his car, it reflects his tastes. Why would it need to be rice? Do you know what rice/ricers really is/are? And if the gauges look unfinished maybe it was because he couldn't find a more subtle gauge pod, or he simply likes it that way.

It's a properly modified car, and not some "hellaflush" car with rusty panels and stickered roof racks.


Spark said:

Looks like rice junk with a fart can.

AHAHAHAHA pathetic comment.




ISH you are the man and you are very right...

I like the EK ,even if its not "pure JDM" .


ITS HONDA WEEK NOT PURE JDM WEEK or month or whatever



No rice here, homo.

Civic IS clean.


I would've kept all the exterior EK9 parts as is.... but each to their own.


Spark said:

Don't worry I'm from the internets, I know all.


Little mods here and there...the result is ultra clean and proper to a honda enthusiast.

The car seems to be somekind of track oriented, so ride height is perfect to me...




Now thats a sweet EK9R




i love it like white on rice. I think the haters would have preferred something like this instead

thanks for the great feature paddy.


That's a nice car, even if it weren't the way I'd do it.

The typical conformist response, is to quickly look for a flaw, and point it out as a reason to dismiss the value entirely. If no flaw is found, the conformist flips into a "worship stance", bowing and drooling. Gods and Clods, right kids? Status quo. What an asinine way to live.


Its a nice car and alot have been done but maintaining the original perfomance and handling of the car. This brings memory to me when i have only one car to drive/mod/sleep/eat/track/drag.


Paddy, there are FAR better ek9's in Ireland. Represent!