Car Spotlight>> Dusty’s Sr20 Corolla

For some reason, you tend to find some fantastic cars hidden in the corner of garages. While Rod and I were at ForceFed, we stumbled across one such car: a little SR20DET-powered Corolla tucked away beneath another car on a hoist.

This Corolla is owned by 'Dusty', one of ForceFed's fabricators. This is his personal street car and drifter. 

Powering the diminuitive Corolla is a Nissan SR20DET from an S13, along with a GT2871 turbo and a Microtech LT10 ECU. The coolers have been arranged in a V-mount.

The hood has received some DIY louvres…

…While the fenders have been 'massaged' with a baseball bat.

On the driver's side you'll notice that the doors are currently blue… 

…Which is because the Corolla had an encounter with a rather solid object while sliding around the track. 

For Dusty, it was the perfect opportunity to fabricate a roll-cage for the Corolla. 

The rear wheels are some tasty old school Yokohama ADVAN A3As. 

Rod and I really dug the truncated bumper! 

Here's a better look at the work-in-progress interior. It's hard to miss the new E-brake lever! We can't wait to see the little 'Rolla in action, and with 350hp at the rear wheels I'm sure this would be an absolute ball to drive.

- Charles Kha

Photos by Rod Chong and Charles Kha




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very sad when this got raped around a pole. glad to see its back


This car screams "DEATHTRAP!!!!" but daaaamn I wanna drive it


what year carolla?


I am loving this ! wish I had room in the 510 for a v mount set up.....


looks cool.. want that steering wheel. the roll cage looks like a good DIY attempt. [seriously] - when i think of how many of my friends who drove these, wish i had bought one way-back when! - thanks.


i love brick on wheels...just perfect


This was the same car that was caved in? Damn need videos.


Raped around a pole.. dont you mean wrapped?


Yeah this is the 'Rolla that was caved in. But Duster being the master of his own domain pulled it out with a welder, some chain and a 22RE 1-ton toyota P/U! Inginuity ftw!


This car was raped by a pole ...?


Beautiful work of art!


That roll cage isn't going to stop much! Look at the 8th picture, it only looks like it's been tack-welded instead of welded all the way around. That's not the kind of work you expect to see from a fabricator!

Nice car overall, though.


Yea this corolla slid into a pole over at evergreen speedwat a while back.wrapped it self up pretty good but I guess it wasn't anything that couldn't be fixed


Is it just me or is that rollcage only tack-welded together?


Link to cole chalmers big foot bash 2010 day one post. A pic of the damage is in that post.


The cage was still in mock-up form at the point these pics were taken. More bars and a complete weld job have been added since then


The Corolla was still being worked on at ForceFed, which explains why the cage is only tack welded.



This is clearly a work in progress, so your comment about the cage is quite stupid. I'm sure it will be welded fully before driven.

Great feature, looks like it would be crazy to drive!