Car Spotlight>> Dusty’s Sr20 Corolla

For some reason, you tend to find some fantastic cars hidden in the corner of garages. While Rod and I were at ForceFed, we stumbled across one such car: a little SR20DET-powered Corolla tucked away beneath another car on a hoist.

This Corolla is owned by 'Dusty', one of ForceFed's fabricators. This is his personal street car and drifter. 

Powering the diminuitive Corolla is a Nissan SR20DET from an S13, along with a GT2871 turbo and a Microtech LT10 ECU. The coolers have been arranged in a V-mount.

The hood has received some DIY louvres…

…While the fenders have been 'massaged' with a baseball bat.

On the driver's side you'll notice that the doors are currently blue… 

…Which is because the Corolla had an encounter with a rather solid object while sliding around the track. 

For Dusty, it was the perfect opportunity to fabricate a roll-cage for the Corolla. 

The rear wheels are some tasty old school Yokohama ADVAN A3As. 

Rod and I really dug the truncated bumper! 

Here's a better look at the work-in-progress interior. It's hard to miss the new E-brake lever! We can't wait to see the little 'Rolla in action, and with 350hp at the rear wheels I'm sure this would be an absolute ball to drive.

- Charles Kha

Photos by Rod Chong and Charles Kha