Car Spotlight>> Bee*r Skyline R33 Part 2

I have been following this Bee*R R33 for a while now. It started life at the Bee*R workshop and then it was sold to a guy in the UK. When it arrived in the UK I kept following it but it disappeared from the radar for a while. Then all of a sudden I got an email from a friend who told me the car had been bought by a Dutch guy named Pepijn Warnars. After I got in contact with him he told me he would be present at the recent Automaxx Streetpower event. The perfect time for a meet and greet with one of my favorite cars.

I'm the first to admit that I don't like the R33 in stock form. But Bee*R has done a great job with this bodykit and carbon extras.

It is all about the extras and in this instance the carbon Bee*R bumper gained a carbon diffusor.

The original Bee*R kit doesn't come with the carbon lips underneath the rear bumper and side skirts but they are definitely a nice touch.

The wheels are Bee*R items and come in 18"x9.5j wrapped with Falken tires. The car is slowed down using Brembo F50 calipers with 355mm discs.

The original R33 spoiler has been ditched in favor of this larger carbon item.

The interior has been completely stripped including the dashboard. Instead we see a roll cage with door bars and a dash bar. Attached to the dash bar is the new center console with a Stack dash and Defi meters. The steering wheel and the bucket seats are OMP items.

The shiny gearknob is attached to an OS Giken gearbox with a Nismo flywheel and OS Giken triple plate clutch.

I was so glad to see all these marks on the front bumper because it was a sure sign Pepijn uses this car in anger. When Pepijn returned from the track it was the perfect time to have a look under the hood while the car cooled down.

After Pepijn bought the car he found some faults inside the engine and decided he needed something new. He turned to the guys at Sky Engineering and let them build a new engine. Now it runs with HKS pistons, Tomei oil pan and two Garrett GT2860-5 turbos.

It seems to be popular amongst the Dutch Time Attackers to run their cars on E85 Ethanol. So Pepijn went with the same route and added a new ECU that enables him to run the car on both ‘normal' fuel and E85. This results in an engine that is capable of pushing 750bhp and 773.2Nm

I spotted this remembrance sticker on the biggest carbon strut brace I have ever seen. Tweenie Rob should sound familiar to everybody that loves the Skyline and the RB26 engine.

Leaving the carbon fenders unpainted is a nice touch…

…especially in combination with the carbon hood.

Just before leaving for another track session Pepijn made sure the tire pressure was correct.

A shot from the pit lane just before Pepijn went for a few hot laps but it wasn't meant to be because after two laps warming up the engine something terrible happened …

I'll let Pepijn explain what happened.

"After two laps warming up the car I decided it was time for a real hotlap. I set the car on high boost and transferred some of the power to the rear wheels to generate some oversteer. The lap went perfect but just before the long straight is a chicane and after I exited the chicane it went wrong. I took it in second gear and wanted to change to third gear halfway so I could exit the chicane full throttle. The boost came in so hard I lost control of the car and I veered off towards the concrete on the right side of the long straight. I tried to steer away from it and got the car almost straight but unfortunately it was too late."

I talked to Pepijn yesterday and he told me that car was already being repaired. It was terrible to see the car in such condition but at the same time it was great news that Pepijn is able to get the car ready for the next round.

-Jeroen Willemsen



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seen this beast in a Czech tuning magazine


this one is a monster.. shame about the damage, but we learn from our mistakes.. thoughtful tuning.


That'll buff right out.


Ouch, that sucks! Nice car though and to be honest the R33 is also my least favourite (although that is relatively of course) Skyline, but I don't know why really, there's something about the design.


750 hp ain't easy to tame. So much power and a young wannabe ! What a n00b.

People should learn how to drive fast with slow cars first, not the other way around.


damn! this cars look hench!

shame about the little 'bump'!


MY MOST FAVORITE OF ALL R33s, its ok shit happens. It can be fixed


driver learning the car, great mix.


The bloke who used to own it looked after it ,but did chat :)


I'm glad this owner is using the car as it was designed for - sadly the previous UK owner was known for abusing it and car forums.


*reads article*

*Searches "Tweenie Rob" on Google*

*Sheds a manly tear*

The car is beautiful.


Unpainted fenders is more a of a lazy touch.


JDM machines like this dont deserve to be in places in Europe.... for this exact reason! people are too acustomed to driving their super european high powered sports cars, and like Alex said above "People should learn how to drive fast with slow cars first, not the other way around" - WHAT HE SAID. the guy had too much money, Id rather would have wanted to see him buy a Porsche or BMW and wreck it rather than this car. HEH.


MY MOST FAVORITE OF ALL R33s, its ok shit happens. It can be fixed


A car's bodywork should be either all or none naked carbon fiber. Anything else just looks tacky.

My opinion on R33's is that, while the worst performance-wise of the R32-R34 era, it was the best looking.


Maybe before you track an amazing car full of history you should learn to drive first in something that doesnt matter. This dude is a moron, what a waste.


12th picture down, DOUCHE BAG who ruined the car


I've seen and heard this car e few times and yes it is as nice as you think!


so you make a mistake and you are a noob?

every driver makes a mistake!


What's up with the guys saying Pepijn can't drive, do you even know what his previous cars were? Shit happens to the best of us. Anyways, i freaking love this car, it's so bad ass!


What a load of BS. Don't think this beast deserves to be put in a glass box just for display. Pep had the chance to get his hands on it and uses it to it's full potential. This beast belongs on track. Just a little scratch, pep will fix it, no worries. And for his driving skills, do you guys know what he's been driving before the BEE-R??


go easy on him. He didn't mean to crash thats why its an accident...

Dont be jealous of someone who has more money than you do.

everyone makes mistakes-


Oh dear, wrong type of car to run out of talent in. Love the car though, its one of the more iconic tuner cars.


And a word of advice for 'Pep'.

No car ever crashed itself. Neither torque split nor boost will on their own turn a car around into the wall. No car understeers or oversteers innately. Everything the car does is controlled by your inputs; you should shelve the idea that 'the boost coming in too strong' put you into the barrier or it will happen again and again.


"I'm the first to admit that I don't like the R33 in stock form"



What an interesting people with there big pc typing fingers over here. Very easy to type things when you don't now the owner en when you don't know what's happened. But thank you for the compliments.


What the....

Wow, we got some great internet hero's on Speedhunters all right. Guys, there are top notch racingcar drivers with years of experience out there that have little mess-ups like this. But when an unknown guy does it, he's immediatly labeled a noob? Wow, some real hero's indeed.


Didn't the UK owner lose his licence a few years ago because of this car? Nice to see it getting used properly, spend a bit of money and it will be good as new.


Henry(2); worst performance wise? you on crack?


Anyone else notice the needle on the gauge cluster was broken? Apparently that is a common problem with those, lol. Nice car though.


Don't know why everyone is so uppity, it's not like he wrote it off it's just a little bit of damage. It sucks but it happens. The way the story reads makes it sound like he was being a bit stupid about it ("maximum power!! oh no I've crashed!!") but it's pretty obvious that isn't the full story. Lay off the guy.


I saw the video, but if he couldn't drive, it would go face first in the concrete!


First of all, that's no serious damage if that's all that happened. It's sad for such a car, somewhat but nothing serious. Seccond nothing "went wrong" it was his missjudgement to go on full boost without at least 1 test lap on full boost; But that's how it is we all make mistakes, including myself and it's important that we learn from them.

Other than that, great car and even better that the guy is using it properly and not parking it hard to say "look, I got a Skyline in the parking lot". Props to him for doing it right! :)


That strut bar is HUGE!


why do people always feel the need to mention they aren't a fan of the R33 before commenting on it... that's the 2nd article on speedhunters I've read today where the author mentions it... nobody cares about your opinion, just write the damn article... my GTR33 is stock on the outside bar some BBS LM's and I reckon it looks great:)

also people commenting on his driving who haven't driven a 750hp car in anger can GTFO... and video games don't count