Car Spotlight>> 4-door R34 Gt-r

I thought I’d balance the Honda presence on the site this month with a bit of Nissan goodness. If you followed my Nagoya Exciting Car Showdown coverage you may remember seeing this particular 4-Door ER34 Skyline that I spotted in the parking lot. The owner was obviously disappointed that Autech never made an official 4-door version of the R34 GT-R, like they did for the BCNR33 to celebrate the Skyline’s 40th Anniversary

Not to worry however, he seems to have done quite an impressive job himself to his car, starting with dropping in a stock RB26 in place of the RB25 the 4-door GT-t came with.

The conversion continues in the interior with an airbag-equipped and lather clad version of the BNR34’s steering wheel.  The white instrumentation is courtesy of Nismo. Even the pedals are borrowed from a kouki BNR34 that came with metal pedal covers.

Seeing a transplanted MFD screen and stock DVD navigation module really emphasizes how seriously the conversion has been taken.  That must be a wiring nightmare to get in there! Notice the GT-R shifter and GT-R transmission tunnel trim.

M-spec front seats, with the rest of the interior trimmed in exactly the same black leather and red stitching combination.


The exterior wears GT-R xenon headlights, front bumper and diffuser not to mention the slightly wider front aluminum fenders. Nismo side skirts have been adapted as well as front and rear fender trims for a Z-tune look.

On top of the BNR34 rear spoiler an M-spec badge has also been thrown on. I’m pretty sure if Autech ever created a 4-door GT-R it would have looked very similar to this!

Stock GT-R 18-inch wheels are the final touch. The GT-R logos on the center caps have been replaced with custom made Autech emblems.

A truly well executed conversion!  What do you guys think?

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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How about the drivetain? I take it's still RWD?

A HICAS AWD conversion would have been the icing on the cake.


Awesome car. Dreaming about something like this=))


Crazy sticker!! ;-)


Lets clarify a few things. If this car is 4WD it would have started life as a ER34 GT-FOUR. A naturally aspriated RB25, not a Turbo RWD GT-t. It's pretty evident it was a naturally aspriated from the grey interior capet and door cards as opposed to black. But nice car anyway


they have nissan skyline GTS-4s you know...they're four wheel drive non turbo.


I agree with Samual, a gtr rep shod at least be 4WD, and you can push them harder without the HICAS so no need for that. "ENR34 GT-FOUR" you forgot the N, stil clean as tho nice to look at an im sure it sounds the part! least dznt jus have some GTR badges stuck to it see that way to often.


absolutely perfect


Buh buh bitchin!!!


looks wicked. wow - this is just about how the $ door version should've come anyway.. - is it still RWD?


That is simply amazing. I am speechless o.o


This is SUPERB!

It looks like a factory built car!


very well done car :)


what's up with the nagging "is it awd", "the door cards are grey opposed to black". This is a very well executed conversion with lots of eye towards the details, who gives a flying fuck if the door cards are grey or black. very sweet car and indeed to bad there arent more 4-door gtr's. sure its a sports car, but a 4-door would made a good family sports car. take the kids to school then race the other dads lol


sweet..!! i'll bet it'll look sweeter with a nice set of TE37's instead of that stock gtr wheels. :)


How about that, Autech 4 DOOR... Respect


Incredible conversition! Loving it! Hope I'll make something like that from my ER34 =)


Nice car


if im not wrong... this is a customer car from a shop called "strange-drive jp'' ...and if im not wrong again, this is a ENR34 not a ER


Can I buy it? ;D


if autech never touched the car then y is autech plastered all over it? if your gonna badge the crap out of it then do gtr badges

other than that great biuld, looks factory love it!

also i would rather keep it rwd than awd, much more fun to drive :D


It's so depressingly rare to see this done to ER34's, even in Japan. I built one myself since I'm here and it was a lot of fun, but this one just blows my mind. I don't agree with his overly aggressive AUTECH badging, but for sure it looks great! Thanks Dino for covering this one, I've been eagerly awaiting this cover since we saw that glimpse a week (or two) ago!


Very clean modifications, it really looks like an Autech version of a 4-door GT-R!

Like the other guys, I wonder if it has an AWD ATTESA-ETS drivetrain as well. That would be simply awesome.




I love it when aspies (seethirtythree) correct other aspies (Samual) when they make mistakes


That car is the secks ... except one thing.

It's not a GTR, so what is that badge doing there? It's a fantastic looking car aside from that, but unless it's running an ATTESA drivetrain, it's not a GTR.


Simply perfect


Pretty cool looking car! Although it would make it all that more special; personally I don't really care if it's RWD and not AWD, just owning such a car must be glorious!


simply u have any other r34 sedan feature?


Nothing is as it seems in Japan. You can never dismiss a car with a simple glance, especially one with


I think it would be more fun with RWD on a 4-door, RB26 powered machine


Can I contact with the owner for this GTR 34. I have some question about the car ?