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I think Italy and Japan couldn’t have a more different car culture. No matter where you are in Japan, you could arm yourself with a camera, head out onto the streets and in a matter of minutes you would see something cool worth shooting, be it an old shakotan classic, a modified sports car or an exotic. In Italy, you really have to search for something cool, as the majority of cars on the roads are a little, how shall I put it, uninspiring.  But once you look in the right places you will be simply amazed, as passion for cars is very much alive and well. Forced by stringent laws and regulations to keep cars almost stock is something that has been hampering enthusiasts in Italy for decades now and it just doesn’t make any sense when you see the kind of tuning culture that exists in other countries that are part of the European Union. You aren’t even allowed to up the size of your wheels unless it’s specified in the car’s registration papers that your vehicle has been homologated to run wheels 1 or 2 inches bigger. It’s a true pity as the industry, not to mention the economy, could really flourish if tuning was allowed to become more mainstream. So when I was looking for something cool to shoot during my time in Italy last month I had to call in the help of local Speedhunters reader Matteo Vitale who let me know that the drift team he was part of was based a short 30 min drive from my house!

So the day before returning back to Tokyo I met up with the owner and driver of the orange GDB Impreza you see here, Emanuele Festival. The location, an abandoned factory, one of the coolest places I’ve ever had the pleasure of shooting in! So, armed with my borrowed 450D, I got to work and began to immortalize the Subaru…

…and chat to Emanuele about his passion for drifting and how his professional career has evolved since he got started back in late 2005. “It all happened by chance,” he says, discovering this innovative form of motorsport while heading down to Adria on a cold winter’s day to track his RX-8. He found the circuit closed for a private event where the guys from SCDT were out practicing their sideways antics. He was hooked there and then and by February 2006 he had already built a drift-spec BMW 3-series and entered his first Super Drift round finishing second behind Graziano Rossi, the father of a rather well known motorcycle rider that goes by the name of Valentino!

After a triplet of title wins, Emanuele decided to step his game up in 2009 by dropping his BMW for something a little more serious, the ex-Team Orange Impreza that was built in the UK by Zen Performance and used for drift events by Kumakubo during his time in Europe.

The spec is very similar to the D1 car that has been used in the Japan…

…running a JUN rebuilt EJ and a GReddy TD06-20G turbine for around 420 HP. 850 cc/min Sard injectors are fed by the externally mounted Bosh fuel pump…

…and collector tank that are neatly enclosed in the color matched cooler bag in the trunk! Here you can also see the 12L water tank for the intercooler spray.

Emanuele has had quite an adjustment going into the Impreza, mainly due to the fact that the car is right hand drive. Aesthetically the car wears the same M-sports widebody treatment as every Team Orange Impreza, personalized with some custom graphics that hint at the Japanese link.

Suspension are upgraded with fully adjustable DG-5 dampers and Cusco arms. The 17-inch Enkei RPF01s are shod in 245 section Advan Neova at the front while the rear usually runs slightly wider Federals.

Helping dose power at the rear is a Cusco 1.5way LSD.

On top having been spot-welded for optimal stiffness a chunky roll cage was also constructed.

GReddy Profec e-01 boost controller keeps the TD06 pinned at 1.8 bar during competition.

On top of the close ratio Subaru box an Ikeya Formula Sequen Shifter makes sure gears can be grabbed in a split second without the need for a prohibitively expensive sequential gearbox. The orange lever for the hydraulic handbrake is color matched to the Team Orange livery!

Emanuele posing for a shot.

It was great to see the whole team show up for the shoot! From the right Matteo Vitale who handles PR for Team Festival, Antonello Motta the Technical Director and Emanuel Lago of Seletron in charge of engine mapping.

Thanks again for your time guys, we wish you the best of luck for 2011! Grazie!

Emanuele Festival Official Website

-Dino Dalle Carbonare



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Would this car be illegal to drive on the road? Also to what extent do Italian's abide by the law? Great car none the less!


everything about this car is on point! i can't knock it.. it just looks so new and clean. i quite surprised its a drift car - thanks.


same like in Estonia no bigger wheels/brakes whatever


Grande Matteo! It's a pleasure to see Emanuele's car here!! Great pictures, as always, Dino!!


first!!!! great car!!! love the hand brake!


a special thank to Dino and Matteo!!!


I wonder what happened to the other Team Orange cars once they were done with them.


DAI KAZZO di traverso...anche se ancora non l'ho vista girare.....cmq è uno spettacolo di macchina...ciao ragazzi alla prossima ;)


LOL two of them are giving us all "The Shocker"


This is one of my favourite Subby!! Always sideway Emanueleee!!


Ho conosciuto di persona Emanuele, una persona molto simpatica e quel culo di Matteo Vitale (sky per gli amici..bella sky 2-1)


Amazing! Thank You Dino


Emanuele rulez! XD


Spettacolo! poi la foto del team con lo SHOKER non ha prezzo!


So Italian or just vacationing?


As an italian Speedhunters reader I'm very worried about my country.

I know that when I'll buy my first car, and I'm 22, I'll never have the possibility to build it to my own specifics.

Here ALL you modify in a car is illegal, from brakes to exhausts to roll cages to tire size.

It's a shame, because in Italy there's a lot of passion for motorsport.

This is the country where the first supercar was built, the Lamborghini Miura.

This is the home of the finest motors, like Giotto Bizzarrini's V12.

This is where you can see an Enzo cruising down your town.

But if a drift enthusiast like me and a lot of my friends wants to build his own daily driven S13 with simple 18 inch wheels, coilovers and all the rest, you can't, you're an outlaw.

And well, I prefer being an outlaw than not being free.


Very interesting fact about Rossi's dad... does this run a skyline rear end ? or just beefier axles/shafts ?


Awesome!! Hope to see more subaru coverage in the future


Awesome!! Hope to see more subaru coverage in the future


a special thanks to Dino Dalle Carbonare and Matteo Vitale!


Great shoots Dino you're right in Italy There are to much rules against tuning and car modifications...

It'a a honor that the Emanuele's car got a feature on speedhunters!! Italy is present!!

ps: grande sky!!


Cavolooo bellissimaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! SBAVVVVVV :O___


Way to sneak the Shocker in there in the last picture, Matteo :)


No turbo, no party


vai manu!!! il subby è fantastico...





Grazie Dino...

Absolutely surprised about Italian laws regarding tuning!!!! You'd think those STUPID and DRACONIAN fascist laws are something that would happen in stricter countries like Germany or England....but in easy-going, car-loving Italy??? What an absolute shame


I love Subie drifters! Definitely a great article. Especially nice to read something pertaining to rwd and sideways amongst Honda stuff on the site lately


Thank's You guy's!!! Follow Up and your video on our you tube channel

Subby Forever


l'auto è una bomba come sempre e la location veramente spettacolare e adatta.... :-D


Here you can see this car in action:


two in the pink, one in the stink?!


Make some of these desktops! Great shots!


Great report Dino!!!! I hope to meet you soon: I'm Matteo's girlfriend and Emanuele's fan. Thank You for the chance you gave us. And good luck for everything in Japan!!!


Nice car, would love to drive such a beast.
Oh and about the in North Italy, Brescia to be exact we found ways to fool the law...and if the cops are smart (witch is very rare) just hit the gas pedal and wave bye bye with your midle finger (wearing fake plates)
I use to own a heavly moded Audi from the 80's(just mecanicaly and kept it almost stock on the exterior), got in alot of trouble and always ended up on the local police's wanted list but that diden't stop me from driving my car on the roads and tracks around here...
I fight for my right of tuning and evryone else should too. It's stupid how the laws don't realy make any snse if you read them...


Best car for best drifter..Go Emanuele!


It's a beatiful car.. It's perfectly maintained by the loving attentions of Antonello.. And it's a driftcar for professional drifters: fast, furious, has a very precise driving and it requires very skilled drivers.. Great report Dino, great pics (as always), hope to see you soon.. Go Emanuele!